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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]


Not bad at all!
The Žnopresk Z1452 was the fastest sedan, right after 3 coupes. I’m very happy.


I love rally competitions! Just when you think you’ve min-maxed every ounce of performance from your car, it turns out to be a gigantic pile of crap! :joy:

I also found Penrose Customs #99 to be undrivable in BeamNG, but I assumed that was just because I’m a terrible driver LOL :smile:


Min-maxing only works in Automation, BeamNG is much more complex. Which is really good, because there is no “always best” car.


This is true. Also take into account what works on pavement is different to what works on dirt or ice!

The Epoch 10-2A was never tested offroad, and it shows!


at Juggernaut automotive offices


A small man appears in the office of the company owner

-“I’ve just head about Familyman. it didnt do very well, I’m not mad about it, afterall the base of it is prewar design, and therefore I can understand that it wasn’t the most competetive platform. We both know that it might be bit tricky when driven fast.
That driver thuogh, He managed to hold it at least half decently, but I heard that on second stage he got cocky and started throwin the car more than necessary which resulted in a spin. what’s up with that?”

-“Well, The driver was decen’t In fact I was thikning of putting him driving the Hurja in the first place, afterall that’s the car we really expect to do well in here. how ever he is young and had tendency to start to show off his skills, that’s why we placed him in to Familyman. Now when I tink about it, I should have probably put him in Runabout as he is strong as ox. the problem was that he was clearly faster in cars that were rear driven.”

-"I’ve also heard that there was some private party using a familyman in there. They had some reliabilty issues?
Even with that they somehow were faster and used less fuel, Can you explane that? as to my knowledge there isnt anyone producing performance parts to our cars.

-“As I understand it, they told why they wanted the car, and they had some form of connection to one of our engineers, The engineer has most likely ben working in the tuning setup, and sold them the pototype performance parts to the engine, which we made, but didnt use. As what I gathered they never got the carburator from us, they must have taken a carburator from some other car. That could explane the reliability issue, How they managed to be faster could be the driver himself, or they managed to get better suspension setup, or they use different tires possibly. Afterall we only have two companys here producing tires, and the car went overseas, so maybe there is better tires overseas. I can start investigating on that.”

-“Hhrmmph… Yes you can investigate that, As I understand the we still have some problems with the Kulkuri special as that thing is so powerful that it’s almost intimidating to drive, if we can get better tires from somewhere that might solve the issue.”

couple moments of silence

-“What the hell you are still doing here, GET TO IT!”



that’s enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

(i really suck at making setups for transmissions.)


Suzume Motor Manufacturing Industries

End of Stage Report, Shiso Hyu

It wasn’t long after Hideki and his team had finished cleaning their work paddock and meticulously resetting their tools that the white Shiso Hyu van made its way to them after it’s day’s run. Having been satisfied with the results garnered from the Ebi Kei, the team went to work disassembling the 1400cc boxer motor in their other entry.

Precise calculations were made as the main components were removed, cleaned, inspected, and replaced. Once the car was back together and on its way to be parked for the night, Hideki noted the time placement for the day.

He paused, and his eyebrows arched. “This cannot be?”

Hideki walked over to the officials’ table, his translator at his side.

“Can you please confirm these results for the Shiso Hyu and the Z1452?” Hideki asked.

His translator quickly jabbered off something in relatively fluent Italian. The official looked at his papers and replied.

“Yes, Mr. Akiyama. He has confirmed that the numbers are correct.”

Hideki smiled. Under his recording of the day’s time, he wrote in bold calligraphy (and underlined twice): “Results better than expected. Car has a chance of contending with major Italian manufacturer.”

OOC: About the first time ever in a race competition I’ve been on even-ish footing with @NormanVauxhall … pardon me if I’m a little excited. :slight_smile:


Yes!!! The gamble paid off!!!, thanks to the decision not pushing too much emphasize on power during the design despite the need for power. Designing a balanced car is so tricky, but it showed me the result of careful design.

As BAF (for short) are celebrating in small party at Royal Thai Embassy of Fruinia, the journalists rushed to writing the news article regarding to “Romulus”, as BAF’s Romulus is the most exotic of this contest, came from such small country growing from the ashes of the war, and Executive Manager and HRP Bira appeared to the scene from more than 6 hours urgent flight from Thailand to celebrating together with all members of BAF who participating in Corso di Fruinia.


Could you please explain what “base number” means?


I upped it the points to 20 because the entries got doubled since then btw.

Base number in this case is 100000.

For a car finishing the track in Beam in 7:49.38, that costs $5050 in automation: (100000-74938)/5050.
So, they’ll score better than a $8650 car managing 6:03.50.

I figured early fifties Siam would be more recognisable to Europeans. It takes a while to get new names used in the ordinary population.


Yes, it is still recignized as “Siam” until ealy 60s it took quite a while.
FYI, Bangkok in during 40-70s is separated in another province, Phranakron (true capital, now only left the name as major district) and Thonburi for Thais before merging together in 80s.

Looking forward to the stage 2 result.
Actually I like rally so much, we need something more of this. (may be we shall have period compepition events)


I plan to mix a bit with 3 main competitions, the Great Archanian Trek (Baja/Daker style); The Corso di Frunia (mainly road rally); and the Gasmean Hillclimb (self-explanatory - name WIP).

I might change the Corso for later years (say, post 1970) into a proper mixed road and gravel rally championship.


That is quite a hint for naming as “Targa Fruinia” lol.
It will be exciting to see much powerful car participating in rally championship.


Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this event. I really enjoy following the cars and team adventures along the way. And making it based on BeamNG laptimes was really a good idea. So its not just numbers but actual driving.Keep it up!

I sign that aswell


The central comitate for sports in Toramania Est is Happy because one archanian’s car is in the top ten in a fruinian’s competition.

the propaganda ministry emphasizes the event


(englisch translate:the car of the people does not disfigure in the presence of capitalist means. It is among the first ten in rally Corso di Fruinia)

-Even more satisfied are the mechanics and pilots who have for the moment avoided the forced labor camp.

the pilot Lahm who breathes a sigh of relief in a photo taken secretly by a team mechanic

p.s. in the foto the real german driver Karl-Günther Bechem




All joking aside, the Familyman CS’s performance is… confusing, definitely. I haven’t fixed the handling shortcoming of the factory-spec model. The new carburettor has go, but also brought new reliability issues. And despite having more horsepower it somehow consumes less fuel. That’s not how speed works…! :confused:

I guess this will be an unremarkable midfield run. Consuming less than the Suzume is a pleasant surprise, but I’d rather have 10% of their pace. Knowing my luck (and what happened during the Great Automation Run 2) however, I’ll keep my mouth shut about future stages. Let the cars race their course…


Basically the extra horsepower allows the car to not go full throttle all the time, which limits sudden wheelspin / open div moments; and which causes less fuel to be used.

I shall check tonight or tomorrow night which one of the two uses the most fuel when simply cruising at 50 or 70 km/h.


Well, if there’s ever more of these, I’ll likely join with whatever lore car seems most appropriate. Means the next one will involve a Sinistra at some point, likely driven by a factory team.

And I have to admit, it’s fun reading through these race updates.


I really like this system (and the entire event), but maybe you could modify it a bit for future stages, or, If you don’t want to change rules now, events (I still stink you can change them in stage 2 and 3, because you didn’t specify this formula earlier, so it’s up to you and nobody will be upset).

If I understood correctly, you just remove dots from the time and get the time in… time points? So 5:59.99 is 55999, and 6:00.00 is 60000 (real difference is 1 hundredth of a second, “time points” difference is 4001), which seems unfair (unless you want to reward times just under full minutes [hours]).

I know it’s more work, but converting full minutes to 60 seconds, and then adding leftover seconds on top of that, seems like a better way to give time/value points.

So for example a time of 5:35:73 would be 300+35.73=335.73, not 53573.
6:01:11 would be 360+1.11=361.11, not 60111.
In your system, the second time is slower by ~11%. In reality, it’s ~7%
In this case, “base number” could be 1000, to get more reasonable results.

I realize that this is not something that can be easily changed mid-event, and I don’t know the progress of your testing, so this is just a suggestion. But I still encourage you to consider it.

TL;DR you should be converting minutes to 60 seconds, not 100.

Also, I just got up and can’t really think, so I could be totally wrong :expressionless: