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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]


New water pump… and hoses and a radiator fucked up by rocks in stage 1 … Yeah that did trick on Lil Lollypop 1100 :smiley:


Stage 2 - 1400cc-2199cc Class - Report Sector 1

Sector 1 - Fienna - Orta 

The Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus has been repaired from its adventurous first stage run. You can see the test driver not being fully at ease with the twisty roads ahead, it was in such an environment that the rear broke loose and rolled the car. A small brake test on the outskirts of Fienna seems to confirm the fickleness of the rear brakes. You can see the rest of the run towards Orta is not driven while pushing the car to its utmost limits. Still it’s a pace.

Decent start out of Fienna from Hampden and Evanham in the Brooklands Roadster. At higher speeds the bumpy roads to seem to cause some issues for the #744 car.

A nice rumble to the engine of the factory-backed Barricada V-8 2000. The car with #850 knows a good start out of Fienna, but on the smaller, twistier roads close to Orta it runs into trouble. Something is off with either the steering or the brake balance, and after a few hairy spins, the car stops to make repairs. The entrance into Orta is delayed.

Slow and steady was the mantra of the Ardent Midnight 342 last stage. Staying out of trouble the car set a good time, despite lacking in power. And as expected also on the twisty roads outside Fienna the car drives well.

It is amazing how far ahead of its time the Montes Sport GT was, handling like that, with such a performant engine, for a pre-war car. Reliability and old age does remain a worry for the #39 car and regular stops to check the engine and tyres and let everything cool down are needed.

A lack of manoeuvrability on the narrow twisty roads seems to handicap the Epoch Model 20 Race. This factory backed touring car is again having some issues with sharp turns and goes round more than once at low speeds. It can always continue, but this might be yet another frustrating run for the #75 car.

The Leeroy tuned Boqliq Mutineer has already proven to be one of the smoothest running cars, and the Leeroy brothers are making good speed here in their #86 car as well. A small stop replace a tyre, and one corner taken a bit too wide, but luckily into the run-off, where the only incidents of note.

The LLA URS150 Mk2 had some issues on the way to Fienna, and it will be interesting to see how this experimental family car on a military-spec 4x4 platform deals with mostly flowing road, rather than bumpy gravel tracks.

Some technical issues relatively early on out of Fienna for the Juggernaut Hurja, who seem to have damaged a gear in the twisty streets out of the city center. Depsite being not the biggest car, it becomes obvious that the car suffers some understeer and is not particularly nimble. This limits the corner speed on these narrow roads.

Nervous Greenwood brothers at the start, as without a clock in their car, they have no way of telling if they might be running out of time to set down a time that counts should something go wrong. It appears to be a relevant worry as the Bramble Envoy spins out at the very first corner it needs to take. That ritual is repeated a couple times more and some additional time is lost as one of those spins wedges the #96 car briefly stuck on a rock.

The #123 modified Epoch Model 20 barely made the last stage within time limits. A lot of pressure on this stage for the privateers. And it will be difficult to make up time because this car is simply one of the slowest in this class. Amazingly, despite that, they almost suffer a huge crash due to not being able to stop in time in a hairpin. Luckily there is enough run-off to get away with getting off the road, and after replacing a shredded tyre they can continue. Sturdy car though.

The Bowen brothers had some suspension issues on the previous stage, but the performance on the winding roads towards the Via Fruinia was encouraging. Expectations are that the #28 Bowen mk1 2200 will do well on the road towards Orta. And certainly looks enjoyable on the slower speed sections, but again once the car comes up to speed, the suspension makes it unstable. This leads to a loss of control on a fast and sweeping descent, and whole the elder Bowen manages to keep some control over the car, they hit a tree. Luckily the damage is repairable and they can continue.

After a disastrous first stage run, the LSV Mark “Milf” will hope to improve, but the first turn in Fienna doesn’t give much reason to hope. The car outbrakes itself and runs into the sidewalk, bursting a tyre. The rest of the run to Orta is plagued as well by the bad brakes, the lack of steering and the sudden low speed oversteer.

A good start for the WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer, although about halfway to Orta, there are some issues the Boxer engine again.

The fastastic sounding ASC 2000SS with Sirignano and Perone behind the wheel knows a good start from Fienna. The early twisty roads provide no obstacle for the grand tourer and the drivers seem to be enjoying themselves. It is later on a high speed downhill section that Sirignano either makes a steering error or the car becomes light and unstable in high engine revs. In any case, in an effort to keep the car from tumbling down the valley, Sirignano pulls the wheel towards the banking. The car manages to miss the biggest boulders, but does get flipped for an impressive number of rolls. Luckily landing the car on its wheels, no real damage is suffered, and after some time for the drivers to recover, they can continue.

The #620 car will look to set down a better time than last stage. However, things start out badly for the BAM Paginza 620 CS as the car spins out and suffers issues with the clutch early on. Closer to Orta, the team gets into a more competitive tempo.

The Eagle 202 is plagued by technical issues this first section between Fienna and Orta. Both the engine as well as the drive system require maintenance.

Not likely to break any speed records, the Birmingham 2000 lowlight proves nonetheless to be capable on these B-roads. However, the brakes of the this rather heavy truck are put onder heavy stress, and close to Orta, they give out. The truck ends up among rocks and bushes, but the four-wheel drive system can drag it back out, with only minimal damage.

The military truck is off for its second stage. The Noda Type A2 relies on strength rather than speed in this Corso, but its reliability is letting it down. Twice the truck needs to stop for roadside repairs.

Underpowered but brave, the Tannberg Apollon R with Zöching and Gruber sets off. It’s a normal run, until close to Orta, where at high speed, the little #24 car becomes unstable and hits the dirt. The car is flung onto its side and screeches over the asphalt, bouncing back up to its wheels, dangerous close to the edge of the steep drop next to the roadside. Zöching and Gruber are shaken and suffer minor bruiser and cuts. Some repairs, also to the car, and they can nonetheless continue.


Stage 2 - 1400cc-2199cc Class - Report Sector 2

Sector 2 - Orta - Coma 

Carefully out of Orta, the Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus passes the dusty gravel roads around the Timeru without issues. Here the roads open up and you can see the driver gaining confidence. No real incidents in controlling the prototype, also no technical issues so far – if you don’t count a shredded tyre in the first stage.

Regardless of how careful Hampden drives in the Brooklands Roadster, the car is unhappy on the gravel. Even at very low speed, it loses control and the #744 is sent into the bushes and undergrowth next to Timero river. In try to get out back on the track, the car hits a boulder and the driveline snaps. Only after lengthy repairs from Evanham they can rejoin the track and move towards Coma.

The road out of Orta keeps claiming victims. Unbelievable luck among bad luck for the Barricada V-8 2000 as it swerves out of control on the loose gravel and catapults itself into series of spectacular rolls. Rather than ending over the edge, the #850 stays on the path, and ends up back on its wheels. The car is battered and dented, but mechanically in order.


Even on the bumpy roads past Orta, the Ardent Midnight 342 has no issue to keep up tempo. It is once the broader roads are reached that some issues appear. The car is not built for high speed cruising, and forcing the issue only leads to an overheated engine, which then leads to an oil leak. Luckily there is a service station on the bigger roads towards Coma and the #342 car spends time repairing the car there.

Speeds in excess of 170 km/h from a car more than 10 years old. The Montes Sport GT is truly an amazing feat of engineering. But driving it so hard also takes its toll, and once again, the #39 car needs to stop and cool down. Also on the roads outside of Orta before coming back on the open road, the team took it slow, not wanting to risk this unique car.

The open road is the habitat of the Epoch Model 20 Race, but to get there, it needs to pass the dangerous gravel roads between Orta and Giruvina, a small village along the Timeru through which the main road towards Coma runs, which then widens into the new highway.

Maybe all the Leeroy brothers would have done differently was to tune the Boqliq Mutineer to get higher top speed. The run on the highway takes a while, but the rest of the route form Orta onwards was fluent, and yet again: pretty uneventful, but that’s a positive thing.

The backroads out of Orta are no match for the LLA URS150 Mk2, but the experimental car is slow on the open road. Add to that a stop to fix engine trouble and the route to Coma becomes a long one. Still, apart from top speed, the run goes smooth for the #11 car.

Just turning on the gravel road out of Orta already almost turns the Juggernaut Hurja around. The rest of that section is completed slowly and carefully. Ironically then that it is the return on the paved roads and the over-confident application of the throttle that finally sends the car off the road. A thorough technical check-up reveal nothing wrong and the car can continue towards Coma.

Arrived in Orta, the Greenwood brothers stop for food and toilet breakes, and it must have done wonders for their concentration. Despite the rougher roads, the next part of the trip and the last stretch over the Coma-highway is completed by the Bramble Envoy without any issues.

Brake-failure due to overheated brakes on the slowest car of the lot. The decent into the Timero valley from Orta is unpleasant for the Epoch Model 20. A butt-clenching endeavour later though the car makes it to the open road. Not that the Coma-highway brings much joy in a middle-group car that has issues going over 110 km/h.

Despite the damage sustained, the Bowen mk1 2200 manages well on the gravel. The highway does not form a problem either, the smoother surface mitigating the suspension issues earlier high speed sections caused.

It was not hard to predict that the rough gravel roads outside or Orta would be a hindrance for the LSV Mark “Milf”, and the inability to turn lead to clipping a dirt mound and flipping the car over. It took a while to get the car back on its wheels, but then it could continue. The real weak point of the car however turned out to be the open roads. At high speeds, the “Milf” starts becoming unstable and lurching left and right, until it hits the rocks and bushes on the side of the road. Going over 150 km/h, this is disastrous and it basically rips the underside of the car apart beyond repair.

Entering the dirt roads outside Orta, the WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer is suffering from some issues with the 4x4 system, and it takes a while to get the front driveshaft under power. However, once that issue is out of the way, the rest of the course goes smoothly.

Minor issues for Sirignano and Perone in the ASC 2000SS past Orta, with the car struggling to find grip. Once on paved surfaces again, the car can make progress. It is clear that Sirignano is now short-shifting the car to prevent sudden wheelspin at high speed.

Outside of Orta all goes wrong for the #620 team as they simply get lost in their BAM Paginza 620 CS. Even a good run on the open roads and the Coma highway does not make up for the detours taken.

Over the whole stage, the Eagle 202 has issues with understeer on power and on breaking, but generally the car moves fast enough. Reliability is proving the real issue though, as just like between Fienna and Orta, the engine acts up on the way to Coma.

Of the beaten track, the Birmingham 2000 lowlight shines, and yet again, you can see locals look at the utility truck with interest. Progress on the highway is, unsurprisingly, slow.

With not a lot of weight on the rear wheels, the rear of the Noda Type A2 is remarkably lively through the corners. This is good, as at least the drivers have some excitement to make up for the endless tedium of the highway driving in this pre-war truck.

Not build for the dirt, Zöching does a good job keeping the damaged Tannberg Apollon R under control. The run on the open roads and highway later is a nervous affair, keeping in mind the high speed events from earlier. But after a while, Zöching and Gruber reach Coma safely with the #24 car.


Stage 2 - 1400cc-2199cc Class - Results

TIME STANDINGS (1400cc-2199cc Class)

Position Car Time
1 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer '52 4h53
2 Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus '52 4h54
3 Eagle 202 '52 4h59
4 Birmingham 2000 lowlight 5h03
5 ASC 2000SS '52 5h03
6 Bogliq Mutineer Engage by Leeroy '51 5h03
7 Montes Sport GT '39 5h10
8 Juggernaut Automotive Hurja '52 5h19
9 Ardent Midnight 342 Motorsport '52 5h19
10 LLA URS150 Mk2 '52 5h21
11 Bramble Envoy '52 5h27
12 Tannberg Apollon R '48 5h38
13 Epoch Model 20 Race '51 5h40
14 Bowen mk1 2200 Prototype '52 5h41
15 Barricada V-8 2000 Berlinetta MM '52 5h53
16 Noda Type A2 Mil Spec '46 5h54
17 BAM Paginza 620 CS '48 6h02
18 Epoch Model 20 – Modified '50 6h11
19 Brooklands Roadster (A212) Corso '51 7h00
20 LSV - Mark Milf '52 DNF

OVERALL STANDINGS STAGE 2 (1400cc-2199cc Class)

Position Car Points Time Points Coff Total Points
1 Eagle 202 '52 14 20 34
2 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer '52 20 8 28
3 Bogliq Mutineer Engage by Leeroy '51 9 16 25
4 Birmingham 2000 lowlight 12 10 22
5 Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus '52 16 4 20
6 Ardent Midnight 342 Motorsport '52 6 12 18
7 Noda Type A2 Mil Spec '46 0 14 14
8 LLA URS150 Mk2 '52 5 7 12
9 Tannberg Apollon R '48 3 9 12
10 ASC 2000SS '52 10 0 10
11 Juggernaut Automotive Hurja '52 7 3 10
12 Bramble Envoy '52 4 6 10
13 Montes Sport GT '39 8 0 8
14 Epoch Model 20 – Modified '50 0 5 5
15 Epoch Model 20 Race '51 2 2 4
16 Bowen mk1 2200 Prototype '52 1 1 2
17 Barricada V-8 2000 Berlinetta MM '52 0 0 0
18 BAM Paginza 620 CS '48 0 0 0
19 Brooklands Roadster (A212) Corso '51 0 0 0
20 LSV - Mark Milf '52 0 0 0

OVERALL STANDINGS TOTAL (1400cc-2199cc Class)

Position Car Overall Points
1 Bogliq Mutineer Engage by Leeroy '51 61
2 Eagle 202 '52 60
3 Ardent Midnight 342 Motorsport '52 48
4 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer '52 42
5 ASC 2000SS '52 36
5 Birmingham 2000 lowlight 36
6 Noda Type A2 Mil Spec '46 30
7 Juggernaut Automotive Hurja '52 26
8 Tannberg Apollon R '48 24
9 Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus '52 21
9 Montes Sport GT '39 21
10 LLA URS150 Mk2 '52 17
11 BAM Paginza 620 CS '48 11
12 Brooklands Roadster (A212) Corso '51 10
12 Bramble Envoy '52 10
13 Bowen mk1 2200 Prototype '52 6
14 Epoch Model 20 – Modified '50 5
15 Epoch Model 20 Race '51 4
16 Barricada V-8 2000 Berlinetta MM '52 0
17 LSV - Mark Milf '52 0 (DNF)
17 JHW SR220 '52 0 (DNF)
17 Aeros Wombat '51 0 (DNF)


Now putting this out there: Any CEOs of companies that would have been interested in buying Townsend Coachworks and/or Toledo Ironworks in 1952 (American, Canadian, or British) and want to have a little fun in lore RP, please hit me up in PM. I have some ideas.


Stage 2 - 2200cc-3299cc Class - Report Sector 1

Sector 1 - Fienna - Orta 

It’s actually one of the most silent vehicles in the Corso, despite the giant Boxer engine. The #13 Bricksley Chieftain just glides over the road when you see it from a distance. Up close not all is as well though as on the twisty roads, the heavy front-wheel driven truck wrestles Storm and Acorne hard in the corners with chronic understeer. One corner is missed and the car hits some rocks, shredding a tyre, which Acorne replaces.

Another long distance cruiser with its long gearing, MV Design’s Civetta “Testa Fresca” 3000 will be best at home on the open roads and highways closer to Coma. However, it is well behaved on these twisty Fruscanian roads.

The Frankhorn Washington of Marsh and Auburne remains one of the best sounding cars in the field, the small V8 rumbling through the streets of Fienna. The hefty racing truck with coupe body is fast and lively, but controllable. However, technical issues on the way to Orta baffle Auburne and multiple stops for attempted repairs are needed.

Encountering issues in putting down the power in the previous stage, we await how the pre-war Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta will deal with the twisty roads ahead. In the end it proves to be a faster, straighter section that gives the car issues. Almost losing control at high speed on bumpy roads, the drivers turn in for unscheduled stop in a small roadside village.

Much time to make up for the #362 Ardent Midnight with the Orion engine and at first that seems to work out. The car is very stable in both the tight and flowing corners. However, after a faster and more bumpy section the car needs to stop. There appears to be an issue with one of the shock absorbers. This could be lengthy repairs.

Mazzanti will want to confirm his good first stage time in his beautiful Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa. The #61 car draws a lot of attention locally in Fienna, though and in the hubbub Mazzanti takes a wrong turn and ends up on a piazza surrounded by admirers. When Zoccarato and him finally can convince everyone to let him go, some precious time has already been lost.

The Arpos Manta showed it was a great machine on the open road on the Via Fruinia. The question is if the #36 car can confirm this on the Coma highway, and manage to stay composed enough until the Timero valley has been traversed. The answer, sadly enough, is no. The Arpos fishtails dangerously on the twisty roads, spinning out a few times, but it is more South near to Orta that things really go… south. The car start fishtailing on a straight and veers of the roads, over a small hill and it rolls into a gully. The car is a total loss, but the driver can climb out.

The front-wheel converted Puttzalong Leeroy is enjoying the road to Orta. Driven by Betty Wilson and Phyllis Walker the #85 car makes great progess. Who’d would have tought this possible from the girls. Although, they did not set a bad time in the first stage either.

Anti-climatic start from the Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso as it stalls multiple times on the line, much to the frustration of Contadino and Greco. Once it finally gets going it is smooth driving in the #5 car.

The suspension set-up of the Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri makes it prone to lifting a drive wheel off the ground, which leads to spinning out. The only solution is to drive the car carefully, but even then they find themselves almost going down a hillside after an awkward corner.

It doesn’t get old to see the expression on the children of Fienna’s faces when they hear the rumble of a racing engine and expect an exotic looking supercar to come round the corner and then they see the LLA TRS200. It is impressive how the military truck derived chassis is coping with all this extra power. It will be a matter of keeping the power in check on the narrow streets towards Orta, certainly with the lack of braking power already reported.

It’s a slow start for the #955 Falcon Motors Sport GT, but that is to be expected with a first gear that goes to above 100 km/h. In fact, the driver can do most of the road to Orta without changing gears. The front-wheel drive sports car is a strange contraption, and it’s not free from technical issues. Additional time is lost when the car has issues getting going again after such a stop for tinkering under the hood. The front wheels are on an uneven surface, and so one wheel is spinning hopelessly and the other standing still, until the team find some by-standers to help push the car free.

The only remaining car of the brand, Jennings and Thomas feel the pressure to set down a good time in the JHW SR250. And that might just succeed as the British race car appears to be enjoyable to drive on the roads of Fruscany.

There roads are where the Caliban Type SC feels at home. The smooth running car has the speed and the grip to tackle the twisty hillside roads towards Orta, and the Gutierrez brothers appear to have a good time in their #3(.)14 car. Trouble near Orta though as the local police mistakes them for a famous local robbers duo. Gutierrez stops the car to not get it damaged in a chase, but they can not escape an escorted trip to the Orta police station.

The #7 Pfeil-Vogtland Corso is a fast car, but Graf von Hallbach and Squire Hemschler are paying the price for bringing a near untested prototype to the Corso. Between Fienna and Orta they struggle with multiple breakdowns. Another weak point of the car is high speed stability, and it is only through a miracle that a high speed loss of control from Hemschler does not end up in a horrible accident. The Pfeil hits a tree though, but at low speed. After some more repairs the car can continue.

Parks and Burke make haste in the Bramble Bismuth “Six”. Maybe even a bit too much speed from the Scottish duo, as the Bramble gets airborne on a bump and lands with a crushing sound, forcing the drivers to stop and check the car. No damage can be found, but it is with certain dread that Parks fires the car up again.

The large and heavy Boccaccino Silvanae needs serious brake distance to slow down for corners, but the drivers manage in the difficult hillside roads. Out of precaution they hold regular stops to let cool the brakes and check up on the car in general.

The milk van will try to deliver in this stage as well. The number 47 Aeros Jackrabbit has the same issue as before. It is impossible to use the full potential of the engine it carries, and needs to rely on low end torque to get around in high gear.

For a hand-built project car the Spanish Lutoza Prot. 02 is a stable and capable car. The #166 car known no issues with the bendy roads out of Fienna, and it cleaves through Fruscany in a more than competitive time. The car is also proving to be more reliable than some big manufacturer’s vehicles.

Giusseppe and Montoya will hope for a better run this stage in their Giusseppe G220 Roadster. I can imagine the reliability of the small V8 is causing worries for its creator so far, as does the lack of control at high speeds. Something that might cause serious worries on the Coma-highway. Progress is smooth enough along the Fruscanian roads, but the brakes give up while entering Orta and the car slams against a building.

A delegation of Fruinian war veterans sees off the special edition Luxor Privateer with a gun salvo. The stately car leaves Fienna with confident driving, and also on the roads through the hills, performance is stable.

Powerful and American, the WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 looks like a handful on narrow twisty roads. But the run up to Orta actually goes pretty smoothly, in part thanks to the capacity of the chassis to soak up all the bumps these B-roads throw at it.

The larger engined BAM Paginza 628 C has some reliability issues. Apart from taking a time to get ready to start, leading to an early penalty, it suffers issues with the fuel pump and the cooling on the way to Orta.

Good start from the #326 car, as the brothers Vincent charge their Hanson Halberd Mk1 out of Fienna. Just looking at the car going, you can tell it is fun to drive, and as such the first part of the sector goes very smoothly indeed. Closer to Orta, however, another moment of youthful impetuousness with the driver diving into a hairpin too fast. In an effort to slow the car down sufficiently to prevent falling off the edge, the Vincents steer the car against the rockface, flipping the car over on its roof. With some combined man power, the car can be recovered and the stage can be continued.

Certainly more at home on the asphalt than the dirt or ice, the Birmingham Brickham V8 race is an impressive but difficult to control machine. While the back gets loose a few times, no incidents take place between Fienna and Orta.


Stage 2 - 2200cc-3299cc Class - Report Sector 2

Sector 2 - Orta - Coma 

While troublesome on the twisty roads of the Fruscanian hills, the #13 Bricksley Chieftain proves its worth as a utility vehicle on the rough roads outside Orta and the highway cruising that follows. A confident high speed cruising performance for the car of Storm and Acorne.

The #772 car from MV Design is predictably slow on the gravel roads, but once the paved surface returns and the roads widens, the Civetta “Testa Fresca” 3000 is in its element. It’s a beautiful and stately car, and though slow accelerating, it cruises gently at mighty speeds.

Discussion between Marsh and Auburne during a lengthy stop in Orta, probably relating to the unsolved technical issues. When the Frankhorn Washington finally appears back on the route, things appear solved, the V8 can start tearing up the highway.

The gravel roads off Orta bringing back ugly memories of struggle in the Arpeninos, the Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta takes it slow, but manages without issues. It is further on though, on paved roads and a bridge over the Timero that a driver miscalculation damages the old car. Only aesthetic damage though, and it can continue.

Skittish out of Orta, there are no further issues for the #362 Ardent Midnight which does well gaining back time lost due to repairs.

On the road to Orta and on the gravel tracks beyond, Mazzanti is clearly short shifting the Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa, scared of unleashing the V12’s full power at an inopportune moment, perhaps. But once on the highway towards Coma, the loud screech of that 3.2 litre V12 reaching almost 7000 rpm reverberates on the hills, with the magnificent #61 reaching speeds up to 200 km/h.

Some issues in Orta for the Puttzalong Leeroy as Phyllis Walker has issues detecting what might be the problem that’s keeping their engine from putting full power to the front wheels. They have asked the locals for help, but communication between the Fruinians and the young American women is going troublesome.

Contadino is pushing the Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso through the dirt roads in an effort to gain time there; the highway is not where the car is in its element – we’ve heard Greco wonder out loud why does this car even have a fourth gear. However, a small miscalculation in a blind corner and the #5 car is in the bushes. No damage, but no time gained either.

The Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri is standing still on the highway with an overheated engine. A pity, because the car behaved stable on the dirt tracks outside Orta and then the highway. But with a long fourth gear, maybe the car spent too much time in third gear close to the redline. At least after cooling down the car can continue.

Slightly longer technical stop than expected in Orta for the LLA TRS200. The dirt roads are not an issue for the capable 4x4 drive system. On the highway, the #37 car runs into its limitations despite the powerful engine. Top speed is lacking and the top gear appears useless for anything but cruising.

The Timero valley and the gravel do not pose an issue for the Falcon Motors Sport GT, but the #955 car does need to make another stop for repairs. Not sure if much lost time can be gained back on the motorway.

Frustration for Jennings and Thomas as the engine suddenly gives up in the JHW SR250 just before reaching the Coma highway. It takes time before Thomas can identify and then fix the issue. Their faces, just as their hopes to set a good time, look grim as they get going again.

At length, the mistake from the Orta police department becomes clear and the Gutierrez siblings can continue towards Coma in the Caliban Type SC. They absolutely fly over the rest of the stage, determined to put down a good time despite their ill-fated encounter with the law.

Luckily the highway to Coma is relatively flat, so the Pfeil-Vogtland Corso does not suffer its issues that badly, allowing Graf von Hallbach and Hemschler to pick up speed. They are listening with worry to the sounds the engine of the #7 car is making, as the reliability of the engine appears to be troublesome.

That clonk that Parks and Burke heard on the way to Orta but left no discernible damage might have played a role in sudden swerve the Bramble Bismuth “Six” makes just out of the village on the Timero river valley. Luckily the damage to the number 95 car is limited to a dent on the front fender and there is not much time lost. No further issues between that and their arrival in Coma, but I can presume it were nervous kilometers.

A no-nonsense run for the Boccaccino Silvanae. The number 777 car is powerful and manages to set a good time, despite the brake issues.

And a drive train issue for the Aeros Jackrabbit as it enters Orta. While the repairs in a local repair shop don’t take long, some more time is lost in discussion with the owner of the local grocery store, who is extremely – one could even say quite aggressively – interesting in buying the car from the drivers there and then.

Maybe only the primitive refurbished 3-speed gearbox that is holding the Lutoza Prot. 02 back a bit, but otherwise this project car has been amazing this stage, managing the roads outside of Orta without any issues and cruising without breakdowns on the highways.

Repairs are needed before Giusseppe and Montoya can get going again in their Giusseppe G220 Roadster. Scary moment when the car at high speeds drags itself into the shoulder of the highway, but Giusseppe manages to keep the car under control.

A small hiccup for the Luxor Privateer past Orta due to engine trouble, but apart from that, the car reaches impressive speeds of the asphalt. The highway is smooth sailing again, and so the reception in Coma – by yet another military delegation – is one that takes place is high spirits.

Purpose-built for work like this, the WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 makes short work from the rough unpaved roads of the Timero valley. The powerful side-valve V8, reliable this time around, also allows the Baja car to climb up to speed on the highway.

Still rattling under the hood, the BAM Paginza 628 C reaches Orta, but soon after things get even worse, as the loose stones on the tracks hit and damage the steering column. It’s too late that the driver notices that he can no longer turn left, and the car drives off the embankment in the the Timero valley. The drivers are not hurt and damage is not too severe, but the locations simply makes the car unrecoverable. They are out.

The brothers Vincent are truly pushing their Hanson Halberd Mk1 on the dirt to make up for the time lost in that roll. The car manages well enough for a sports coupe on that terrain. Still, they are happy when back on asphalt roads. Here the #326 car proves very stable and fast.

Uncertain is a good way to describe the Birmingham Brickham V8 race outside of Orta. The large V8 takes it slow and careful down the dirt roads. But even then the large barge goes for a spin or two. Back on the open road, more comfortable driving for the #4 car, but the steering seems slightly damaged from the earlier spins. The top speed is also less than what you’d expect from the sound this car makes.


Stage 2 - 2200cc-3299cc Class - Results

TIME STANDINGS (2200cc-3299cc Class)

Position Car Time
1 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 '52 4h23
2 Lutoza Prot. 02 '51 4h34
3 Civetta Testa Fresca Gran Turismo '52 4h41
4 Luxor Privateer – In Memory Edition '52 4h41
5 Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa '47 4h45
6 Boccaccino Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo '48 4h45
7 LLA TRS200 '52 4h52
8 Giusseppe G220 Roadster 4h57
9 Caliban Type SC Rev. 1 '51 5h02
10 Bramble Bismuth 6 '52 5h02
11 Ardent Midnight 362 Motorsport '52 5h05
12 Hanson Halberd 3.2 '52 5h08
13 Aeros Jackrabbit '49 5h08
14 Birmingham Brickham V8 race '49 5h09
15 Bricksley Chieftain '52 5h11
16 Puttzalong 51 Inglese by Leeroy '51 5h16
17 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso '51 5h28
18 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri '52 5h29
19 Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta TA '39 5h33
20 JHW SR250 '52 5h35
21 Frankhorn Washington '52 5h36
22 Pfeil-Vogtland Corso 5h41
23 Falcon Motors Sport GT '51 5h45
24 BAM Paginza 628 C '48 DNF

OVERALL STANDINGS STAGE 2 (2200cc-3299cc Class)

Position Car Points Time Points Coff Total Points
1 Lutoza Prot. 02 '51 16 14 30
2 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 '52 20 0 20
3 Bricksley Chieftain '52 0 20 20
4 Aeros Jackrabbit '49 2 16 18
5 Giusseppe G220 Roadster 7 10 17
6 Boccaccino Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo '48 9 7 16
7 Ardent Midnight 362 Motorsport '52 4 12 16
8 Civetta Testa Fresca Gran Turismo '52 14 0 14
9 Luxor Privateer – In Memory Edition '52 12 0 12
10 Caliban Type SC Rev. 1 '51 6 6 12
11 Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa '47 10 0 10
12 Bramble Bismuth 6 '52 5 5 10
13 Frankhorn Washington '52 0 9 9
14 LLA TRS200 '52 8 0 8
15 Puttzalong 51 Inglese by Leeroy '51 0 8 8
16 Hanson Halberd 3.2 '52 3 2 5
17 Birmingham Brickham V8 race '49 1 4 5
18 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso '51 0 3 3
19 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri '52 0 1 1
20 Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta TA '39 0 0 0
21 JHW SR250 '52 0 0 0
22 Pfeil-Vogtland Corso 0 0 0
23 Falcon Motors Sport GT '51 0 0 0
24 BAM Paginza 628 C '48 0 0 0

OVERALL STANDINGS TOTAL (2200cc-3299cc Class)

Position Car Overall Points
1 Lutoza Prot. 02 '51 48
2 Bricksley Chieftain '52 44
3 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 '52 42
4 Aeros Jackrabbit '49 41
5 Frankhorn Washington '52 37
6 LLA TRS200 '52 28
7 Luxor Privateer – In Memory Edition '52 25
8 Hanson Halberd 3.2 '52 23
9 Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa '47 22
10 Ardent Midnight 362 Motorsport '52 21
11 Birmingham Brickham V8 race '49 19
12 Puttzalong 51 Inglese by Leeroy '51 17
12 Giusseppe G220 Roadster 17
13 Boccaccino Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo '48 16
13 BAM Paginza 628 C '48 16 (DNF)
14 Civetta Testa Fresca Gran Turismo '52 14
14 Bramble Bismuth 6 '52 14
15 Caliban Type SC Rev. 1 '51 12
16 Arpos Manta RS3.3 '52 5 (DNF)
17 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso '51 3
18 Falcon Motors Sport GT '51 2
19 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri '52 1
19 JHW SR250 '52 1
20 Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta TA '39 0
20 Pfeil-Vogtland Corso 0


Rubbish Vehicle Siblings

Vintage Shitbox Brothers!



Nani?! So it seems that wheels from '30 racing open wheel have a sense to be used on heavier asphalt stages. Still not sure if pure luck of no issues or just strategy helped. :smiley:


Stage 2 – 3300cc-… Class - Report Sector 1

Sector 1 - Fienna - Orta 

The Arkani T40 has been fixed from the battering it took to get to Fienna and is clear to take on the twist and bends of the hills of Fruscany. The beautiful sports car with #387 and its massive V12 engine is fast on the narrow roads, but the brakes (or lack thereof) and a very lively back keep the driver from really pushing it. No real incidents though apart from a minor spin in a very narrow hairpin.

Are you ready for a bombing raid? Because that’s how the #970 Hades V16 sounds like. Laporte and Knightbridge, the navigoater, have a calm ride towards Orta. The big V16 coupled to a languorous 2-speed gearbox means the car mostly drives like an automatic. Downside of the big engine is the extra fuel stop on the way.

Fredricks and Stallone have not even left Fienna before the Pomodoro 340 T spins out. Once on the narrow twisty roads towards Orta, it does not improve. Quite on the contrary, the cars proves to be nigh undrivable on the bumpy road surface. And it goes from bad to worse when the rear fishtails yet again, only a few dozen kilometers in, hitting a rock and sending the #59 car down a hill. Driver and co-driver are unharmed, but the car cannot continue.

The Toledo-engined Townsend Model 305 has set a good time in the first stage and will want to confirm. And the first part until Orta certainly is smooth sailing for the #305 car.

The Epoch RPE 001 and the massive inline six engine has impressed in the first stage, despite its issues on the unpaved roads in the mountains. Maybe the hills are more kind to its undoubted potential. The start of the #27 is promising, but it is not a given, as the prototype is not nimble and rather heavy. To make matters worse, the drivers get lost entering Orta in trying to find the checkpoint.

Such narrow roads and such wide a car; it’s not an easy quest ahead for Young and Dawson to guide the massive Sovereign 500 Luxe to Orta. First of all they need to get out of Fienna, which is not easy either as the exclusive car is absolutely swamped by admirers – although some claim the car reminds them of the war-time dictator of Fruinia. Once on the B-roads, the #83 car progresses well enough, though especially worries on having enough braking distance hold Young back from really pushing it.

Back to four wheels, the Puttzalong Rod and the Washingtons are ready to tackle the countryside of Fruscany. If you ever thought that Uncle Sam would be slow driver, you’d be mistaken. Much to the frustration of his sister these roads and an aggressive driving style do not form a great combination, and it does not take terribly long because the car is pointing the wrong way round. After that, the driving is more careful.

The Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri Special suffered damage and technical breakdown in the first stage and that horrible automatic gearbox made the car undrivable at times. But that was still more positive than how the special acts up today. It should have been at the start already, but it’s simply not there. It’s at the base camp in Fienna. The car has passed on; it is no more. The engine has ceased to be; expired and gone to meet its maker. Bereft of life, it kicked the bucket; run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible. This is an ex-car.

Anti-climactic start from the Falcon Motors Sparrow GT as it stalls on the start line. The engine needs some some serious coaxing to fire back on, but eventually, it can start the stage proper. The very long gearing stops it from being explosive, but it handles well enough for a high-powered front-wheel drive car. Sadly enough, it becomes highly unstable on breaking, and after two near misses, the car spins out and hits the rocks on the side of the road, damaging the chassis beyond repair.

The large and heavy Aeros Badger 388 Wagon twists admirably well around the Fruscanian roads. The brakes are holding up as well dealing with that much weight. The engine is quiet and relies mostly on torque to get the car around.

The beautifully powerful V12 in the Nugetti Neyron is marred a bit by the car’s lack of rear end grip and total lack of brakes. This causes the drivers to never really put the throttle to the metal, and even then, they manage to almost spin off the road, with an older lower level sand road the only thing protecting them from a dive off the mountain side.

Another chassis with an engine that is really a bit too powerful, the WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket is at least somewhat controllable while cruising, and the brakes are decent. The rear still has a habit to break loose on throttle, but no real issues on the way to Orta.

The BAM Regana 640 L stately moves around the corners and bents and uphills and downhills. It is not actually fast, but it sure looks regal.

Despite the mishmash of parts, the Eagle 802 has set a fantastic first stage time. Still, this is not a car I see fit for mass production. Despite that all, here again it takes the course fast and without issues.

Even the last stage, the Birmingham Nemesis V12 was unruly. But here on the dusty and bendy roads between Fienna and Orta, it is uncontrollable. The car is all over the place the moment the driver puts down the throttle. It manages to survive 3 spins, the last one, sendin it halfway down a cliff. Although after quite some time recovered back on the road, the car has no steering anymore, and about 10 meters further, it’s back down the same cliff. It is at that moment the drivers decide to throw the towel.


Stage 2 – 3300cc-… Class - Report Sector 2

Sector 2 - Orta - Coma 

Smart from the #387 car to take it slow on the dirt roads outside or Orta, but even so a tyre burts on the sharp rocks and pebbles. This causes the Arkani T40 to swerve towards the Timero river, only stopped by a ditch and some rocks from disappearing into the deep valley. Repairs and united effort from the drivers and by-standers to get the car out of the gully are needed. The highway, it goes without saying, is where the big V12 is at home, but that might not be enough to make up for lost time.

No bleating this time Knightbridge, as Laporte keeps the big Hades V16 under control on the dirt roads of the Timero valley. On the highway the #970 car isn’t fast to accelerate, but once it gets up to speed, it stays there, without – as the sound might lead you to believe – lifting off.

A service break for the Townsend Model 305 in Orta, just be safe, and before tackling the rough roads on the way to the highway. And that seems to have been useful work, as the #305 car is only the second, after the Scagliati to break the 200 km/h mark before entering Coma; incredible speeds that we are witnessing.

Not much to report really on the Epoch RPE 001 between Orta and Coma. It tackles the bumpy unpaved roads of the Timero valley and the more open roads towards the highway acceptably well. The speed on the highway is, as expected, awe-inspiring, though not at the level of some of the V12s – lack of acceleration and rmp is the reason here.

Awkward situation for Young and Dawson in Orta when they opulent Sovereign 500 Luxe is received by the major and a delegation of the village council. It’s unsure what exactly is said between them or how they communicate, but the duo agree to a quick lunch with the major. This might cost the #86 car a competitive time for this stage. Also of note is that probably many a dictator following the Corso will have noticed exactly how comfortable this car looks at 150 km/h on a highway.

That Blue Oval engine in the Puttzalong Rod remains an example of reliability so far in this Corso. And this time with other damage or issues plaguing the team, the Washingtons are overjoyed to finish with a competitive time.

The combination of the huge weight of the Aeros Badger 388 Wagon with the front-wheel drive system and the extremely rough roads outside of Orta wreck havoc on the front suspension. The team needs to stop and conduct lengthy repairs before being able to continue. This is a huge time loss. Even the exquisite high-speed cruising performance might not make up for that.

The sand and dirt of the roads outside Orta don’t particularly agree with the Nugetti Neyron, but steady and easy does it. You’d think open wide road might spell improvement, but even here the big V12 cannot be set loose, as the chassis simply cannot cope, beautifully styled though it may be.

Careful on the rocks, even with 4x4 engaged, as the power of the WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket would simply send the car straight ahead if fully applied. But the car makes without too much hassle. No issues as well on the highway, despite clearly not loving high-speed cornering, and they arrive in Coma without any incidents or technical issues.

As it nears Coma, the BAM Regana 640 L is held up by a police blockade. Turns out the president of Fruinia himself came to inspect the car. Although not on route for a winning time, this is some extra time lost. The drivers did however look flattered to shake the president’s hand, and the bosses at BAM will be welcoming the interest for their top of the line luxury car as well.

Gearbox trouble just out of Orta for the Eagle 802, maybe linked to the 4x4-system. On the highway, the issue of the truck gearbox pops up again, not allowing the large engine to transpose all that power into top speed.


Stage 2 - 3300cc-… Class - Results

TIME STANDINGS (3300cc-… Class)

Position Car Time
1 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket '52 4h19
2 Eagle 802 '52 4h38
3 Townsend Model 305 Toledo Works '52 4h41
4 Epoch RPE 001 '52 4h50
5 Hades V16 Touring '48 4h56
6 BAM Regana 640 L '49 5h07
7 Aeros Badger 388 Wagon '52 5h11
8 Nugetti Neyron '52 5h18
9 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Rod '51 5h27
10 Sovereign 500 Luxe '49 5h33
11 Arkani T40 V12 Race Spec '51 5h59
12 Pomodoro 340 T '52 DNF
12 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri Special '52 DNF
12 Falcon Motors Sparrow GT '51 DNF
12 Birmingham Nemesis V12 '52 DNF


Position Car Points Time Points Coff Total Points
1 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket '52 20 12 32
2 Eagle 802 '52 16 14 30
3 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Rod '51 6 20 26
4 Aeros Badger 388 Wagon '52 8 16 24
5 Townsend Model 305 Toledo Works '52 14 9 23
6 Epoch RPE 001 '52 12 10 22
7 Hades V16 Touring '48 10 7 17
8 BAM Regana 640 L '49 9 6 15
9 Nugetti Neyron '52 7 5 12
10 Arkani T40 V12 Race Spec '51 4 8 12
11 Sovereign 500 Luxe '49 5 4 9
12 Falcon Motors Sparrow GT '51 0 0 0
12 Birmingham Nemesis V12 '52 0 0 0
12 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri Special '52 0 0 0
12 Pomodoro 340 T '52 0 0 0


Position Car Overall Points
1 Eagle 802 '52 66
2 Aeros Badger 388 Wagon '52 58
3 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket '52 54
4 Townsend Model 305 Toledo Works '52 42
5 Falcon Motors Sparrow GT '51 30
6 Hades V16 Touring '48 29
7 Epoch RPE 001 '52 29
8 Nugetti Neyron '52 28
9 Arkani T40 V12 Race Spec '51 26
9 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Rod '51 26
10 BAM Regana 640 L '49 24
11 Sovereign 500 Luxe '49 23
12 Birmingham Nemesis V12 '52 14
13 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri Special '52 5
14 Pomodoro 340 T '52 2



Note: in case of points draw, fastest time wins.

Position Class Car Points
1 …-799 Znopresk Z849 '46 72
2 3300-… Eagle 802 '52 66
3 1400-2199 Bogliq Mutineer Engage by Leeroy '51 61
4 1400-2199 Eagle 202 '52 60
5 3300-… Aeros Badger 388 Wagon '52 58
6 …-799 WM RatonAereo 654 '52 55
7 3300-… WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket '52 54
8 800-1399 Eagle 112E '52 53
9 2200-3299 Lutoza Prot. 02 '51 48
10 1400-2199 Ardent Midnight 342 Motorsport '52 48
11 800-1399 Tannberg Gladius 1.3 R '52 46
12 2200-3299 Bricksley Chieftain '52 44
13 2200-3299 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 '52 42
14 800-1399 Znopresk Z1452 '52 42
15 3300-… Townsend Model 305 Toledo Works '52 42
16 1400-2199 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer '52 42
17 800-1399 Suzume Shiso Hyu Concept '52 41
18 2200-3299 Aeros Jackrabbit '49 41
19 800-1399 Corsa 1337 Sports '52 39
20 …-799 LSV - Mark Race Special '52 37
21 2200-3299 Frankhorn Washington '52 37
22 1400-2199 ASC 2000SS '52 36
23 1400-2199 Birmingham 2000 lowlight 36
24 …-799 Aeros Shrew FWD Prototype '52 35
25 …-799 Merciel Modele 1949 Modele 49 Course '49 31
26 800-1399 Cisalpina Tipo 50 Spyder '50 30
27 …-799 Juggernaut Automotive Runabout '50 30
28 1400-2199 Noda Type A2 Mil Spec '46 30
29 3300-… Falcon Motors Sparrow GT '51 30
30 3300-… Hades V16 Touring '48 29
31 3300-… Epoch RPE 001 '52 29
32 2200-3299 LLA TRS200 '52 28
33 …-799 Condo Sprint '51 28
34 3300-… Nugetti Neyron '52 28
35 800-1399 WM RatonAereo 657 '52 28
36 …-799 Barato Motors 800 Sport Race '52 27
37 …-799 Epoch Model 10C Modifica '49 27
38 800-1399 LSV Mark ‘‘Nuts’n’Bolts’’ '52 26
39 1400-2199 Juggernaut Automotive Hurja '52 26
40 …-799 Birmingham Snake Van Custom '50 26
41 3300-… Arkani T40 V12 Race Spec '51 26
42 800-1399 TMW Frieden RW '47 26
43 3300-… Puttzalong 51 Inglese Rod '51 26
44 2200-3299 Luxor Privateer – In Memory Edition '52 25
45 …-799 Ceder Abeille 760 '48 25
46 3300-… BAM Regana 640 L '49 24
47 1400-2199 Tannberg Apollon R '48 24
48 2200-3299 Hanson Halberd 3.2 '52 23
49 3300-… Sovereign 500 Luxe '49 23
50 2200-3299 Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa '47 22
51 1400-2199 Montes Sport GT '39 21
52 1400-2199 Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus '52 21
53 800-1399 Juggernaut Automotive Familyman 1300 '50 21
54 2200-3299 Ardent Midnight 362 Motorsport '52 21
55 800-1399 Aeros S Van '52 20
56 2200-3299 Birmingham Brickham V8 race '49 19
57 800-1399 LMC Spectre RS1400 '52 18
58 …-799 Suzume Kaikyu San Ebi Kei Concept '52 18
59 2200-3299 Puttzalong 51 Inglese by Leeroy '51 17
60 2200-3299 Giusseppe G220 Roadster 17
61 1400-2199 LLA URS150 Mk2 '52 17
62 2200-3299 Boccaccino Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo '48 16
63 2200-3299 BAM Paginza 628 C '48 16
64 800-1399 Meijer Azure '52 15
65 …-799 Marcello Tipo 300 '50 15
66 2200-3299 Civetta Testa Fresca Gran Turismo '52 14
67 2200-3299 Bramble Bismuth 6 '52 14
68 3300-… Birmingham Nemesis V12 '52 14
69 …-799 Penrose Customs 800 '52 13
70 …-799 Giusseppe G220 (Modified) 12
71 800-1399 Lutoza Prot. 01 '50 12
72 …-799 CMW S946 Bergmann Special '52 12
73 2200-3299 Caliban Type SC Rev. 1 '51 12
74 1400-2199 BAM Paginza 620 CS '48 11
75 1400-2199 Bramble Envoy '52 10
76 800-1399 Wentworth Womble '46 10
77 1400-2199 Brooklands Roadster (A212) Corso '51 10
78 800-1399 Birmingham Rumor R4 (concept) '52 9
79 800-1399 Barricada 1350MM Superaerodinamica '39 9
80 800-1399 FABEL Etoile 1400 Super '49 7
81 800-1399 Bangkok Aeronautic Factory Romulus '52 6
82 1400-2199 Bowen mk1 2200 Prototype '52 6
83 800-1399 Juggernaut Automotive Familyman CS '50 6
84 1400-2199 Epoch Model 20 – Modified '50 5
85 2200-3299 Arpos Manta RS3.3 '52 5
86 3300-… Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri Special '52 5
87 1400-2199 Epoch Model 20 Race '51 4
88 800-1399 Bramble Bismuth '52 3
89 2200-3299 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso '51 3
90 …-799 KMC 800 Roadster '52 3
91 2200-3299 Falcon Motors Sport GT '51 2
92 …-799 Cisalpina Superleggera 750 '52 2
93 3300-… Pomodoro 340 T '52 2
94 800-1399 Erin Motorsport SP-1 B '51 2
95 2200-3299 JHW SR250 '52 1
96 2200-3299 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri '52 1
97 2200-3299 Pfeil-Vogtland Corso 0
98 2200-3299 Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta TA '39 0
99 1400-2199 Barricada V-8 2000 Berlinetta MM '52 0
100 800-1399 F.A.O. Lollypop 1100 Monte Carlo '48 0
101 800-1399 Epoch Model 10-2A Race '51 0
102 …-799 Eagle 102 '52 0
103 1400-2199 JHW SR220 '52 0
104 1400-2199 Aeros Wombat '51 0
105 1400-2199 LSV - Mark Milf '52 0
106 800-1399 HTA Emperor MGF '52 0
107 800-1399 Penrose Customs 1400 '52 0
108 …-799 PMI Polloi Barudion Aero “Corso” '49 -


Position Class Car Time
1 800-1399 Tannberg Gladius 1.3 R '52 10h12
2 2200-3299 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 '52 10h44
3 800-1399 Cisalpina Tipo 50 Spyder '50 10h53
4 3300-… Eagle 802 '52 11h03
5 800-1399 Corsa 1337 Sports '52 11h04
6 3300-… WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket '52 11h07
7 2200-3299 LLA TRS200 '52 11h11
8 …-799 Znopresk Z849 '46 11h14
9 2200-3299 Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa '47 11h21
10 2200-3299 Luxor Privateer – In Memory Edition '52 11h23
11 2200-3299 Lutoza Prot. 02 '51 11h28
12 800-1399 Znopresk Z1452 '52 11h28
13 1400-2199 ASC 2000SS '52 11h29
14 800-1399 Suzume Shiso Hyu Concept '52 11h36
15 …-799 WM RatonAereo 654 '52 11h37
16 1400-2199 Bogliq Mutineer Engage by Leeroy '51 11h38
17 3300-… Townsend Model 305 Toledo Works '52 11h41
18 800-1399 LMC Spectre RS1400 '52 11h42
19 1400-2199 Eagle 202 '52 11h47
20 …-799 LSV - Mark Race Special '52 11h49
21 800-1399 LSV Mark ‘‘Nuts’n’Bolts’’ '52 11h54
22 2200-3299 Hanson Halberd 3.2 '52 11h54
23 2200-3299 Aeros Jackrabbit '49 11h56
24 3300-… Aeros Badger 388 Wagon '52 11h57
25 1400-2199 WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer '52 11h58
26 2200-3299 Frankhorn Washington '52 11h59
27 1400-2199 Ardent Midnight 342 Motorsport '52 12h00
28 800-1399 Eagle 112E '52 12h01
29 1400-2199 Montes Sport GT '39 12h03
30 2200-3299 Birmingham Brickham V8 race '49 12h03
31 …-799 Barato Motors 800 Sport Race '52 12h06
32 2200-3299 Boccaccino Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo '48 12h08
33 2200-3299 Bricksley Chieftain '52 12h09
34 1400-2199 Juggernaut Automotive Hurja '52 12h14
35 2200-3299 Civetta Testa Fresca Gran Turismo '52 12h15
36 2200-3299 Puttzalong 51 Inglese by Leeroy '51 12h16
37 1400-2199 Birmingham 2000 lowlight 12h18
38 1400-2199 Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus '52 12h19
39 …-799 Condo Sprint '51 12h20
40 3300-… Sovereign 500 Luxe '49 12h20
41 800-1399 Meijer Azure '52 12h20
42 3300-… Nugetti Neyron '52 12h23
43 2200-3299 Bramble Bismuth 6 '52 12h23
44 3300-… Hades V16 Touring '48 12h33
45 2200-3299 Falcon Motors Sport GT '51 12h45
46 800-1399 Bangkok Aeronautic Factory Romulus '52 12h47
47 800-1399 Juggernaut Automotive Familyman 1300 '50 12h49
48 2200-3299 Pfeil-Vogtland Corso 12h54
49 2200-3299 Ardent Midnight 362 Motorsport '52 12h56
50 1400-2199 BAM Paginza 620 CS '48 12h57
51 800-1399 Birmingham Rumor R4 (concept) '52 12h57
52 2200-3299 JHW SR250 '52 12h57
53 800-1399 FABEL Etoile 1400 Super '49 12h58
54 3300-… Epoch RPE 001 '52 12h59
55 3300-… BAM Regana 640 L '49 12h59
56 1400-2199 Bowen mk1 2200 Prototype '52 13h02
57 800-1399 Juggernaut Automotive Familyman CS '50 13h02
58 1400-2199 Tannberg Apollon R '48 13h04
59 800-1399 Aeros S Van '52 13h04
60 …-799 PMI Polloi Barudion Aero “Corso” '49 13h04
61 …-799 Juggernaut Automotive Runabout '50 13h08
62 …-799 Giusseppe G220 (Modified) 13h08
63 1400-2199 Noda Type A2 Mil Spec '46 13h13
64 2200-3299 Giusseppe G220 Roadster 13h14
65 1400-2199 LLA URS150 Mk2 '52 13h16
66 …-799 Ceder Abeille 760 '48 13h18
67 …-799 Aeros Shrew FWD Prototype '52 13h19
68 800-1399 Lutoza Prot. 01 '50 13h22
69 …-799 CMW S946 Bergmann Special '52 13h27
70 800-1399 Bramble Bismuth '52 13h29
71 …-799 Birmingham Snake Van Custom '50 13h32
72 2200-3299 Caliban Type SC Rev. 1 '51 13h33
73 3300-… Arkani T40 V12 Race Spec '51 13h37
74 2200-3299 Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta TA '39 13h38
75 800-1399 TMW Frieden RW '47 13h40
76 1400-2199 Bramble Envoy '52 13h40
77 …-799 Epoch Model 10C Modifica '49 13h44
78 1400-2199 Barricada V-8 2000 Berlinetta MM '52 13h44
79 2200-3299 Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri '52 13h45
80 …-799 Suzume Kaikyu San Ebi Kei Concept '52 13h59
81 …-799 Cisalpina Superleggera 750 '52 14h03
82 800-1399 Wentworth Womble '46 14h06
83 1400-2199 Brooklands Roadster (A212) Corso '51 14h13
84 2200-3299 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso '51 14h14
85 …-799 Merciel Modele 1949 Modele 49 Course '49 14h15
86 …-799 KMC 800 Roadster '52 14h31
87 800-1399 F.A.O. Lollypop 1100 Monte Carlo '48 14h40
88 1400-2199 Epoch Model 20 Race '51 14h46
89 800-1399 Epoch Model 10-2A Race '51 14h51
90 …-799 Marcello Tipo 300 '50 15h18
91 1400-2199 Epoch Model 20 – Modified '50 15h36
92 3300-… Puttzalong 51 Inglese Rod '51 DQF (time)
93 800-1399 Barricada 1350MM Superaerodinamica '39 DQF (time)
94 3300-… Falcon Motors Sparrow GT '51 DNF
95 800-1399 WM RatonAereo 657 '52 DNF
96 2200-3299 BAM Paginza 628 C '48 DNF
97 3300-… Birmingham Nemesis V12 '52 DNF
98 …-799 Penrose Customs 800 '52 DNF
99 2200-3299 Arpos Manta RS3.3 '52 DNF
100 3300-… Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri Special '52 DNF
101 3300-… Pomodoro 340 T '52 DNF
102 800-1399 Erin Motorsport SP-1 B '51 DNF
103 …-799 Eagle 102 '52 DNF
104 1400-2199 JHW SR220 '52 DNF
105 1400-2199 Aeros Wombat '51 DNF
106 1400-2199 LSV - Mark Milf '52 DNF
107 800-1399 HTA Emperor MGF '52 DNF
108 800-1399 Penrose Customs 1400 '52 DNF


Manufacturers Standings after Stage 2

Position Brand Points
1 Wisconsin Motors 221
2 Eagle 179
3 Aeros 154
4 Znopresk 114
5 Birmingham 104
6 Juggernaut 89
7 Tannberg 70
8 Ardent 69
9 Epoch 64
10 LSV 63
11 Bogliq 61
12 Lutoza 60
13 Suzume 59
14 BAM 51
15 Puttzalong 46
16 LLA 45
17 Bricksley 44
18 Townsend 42
19 Corsa 39
20 Frankhorn 37
21 ASC 36
22 Cisalpina 32
23 Falcon Motors 32
24 Merciel 31
25 Noda 30
26 Giusseppe 29
26 Hades 29
27 Condo 28
27 Nugetti 28
28 Barato Motors 27
28 Bramble 27
29 Arkani 26
29 TMW 26
30 Ceder 25
30 Luxor 25
31 Hanson 23
31 Sovereign 23
32 Scagliati 22
33 Franklin 21
33 Montes 21
34 LMC 18
35 Boccaccino 16
36 Marcello 15
36 Meijer 15
37 Civetta 14
38 Penrose 13
39 Caliban 12
39 CMW 12
40 Brooklands 10
40 Wentworth 10
41 Barricada 9
42 FABEL 7
43 BAF 6
43 Bowen 6
44 Arpos 5
45 KMC 3
46 Erin 2
46 Pomodoro 2
47 JHW 1


Team Outta Time

Stage 2, Sector 1.

Jake planted his foot to the floor again, the tires wailing as the nose-heavy front-wheel-drive Bricksley Chieftain shoved through the end of yet another corner, engine roaring quietly despite Jake trying his damned best to forget that the truck didn’t have a rev-limiter. Cody held on to just about everything he could find, cursing the lack of seat belts already as their sliding, squirming pickup battled understeer and a driver intent on causing oversteer to counter it.

A few corners later, and Jake decided enough was enough, this time going for the Scandinavian Flick, wrestling the weighty steering to the left, then the right, then back to the left. The tires shrieked with protest as the truck suddenly shot around faster than expected, leaving them pointing for another try in the next corner. Jake did it again, only this time, the Bricksley overshot and pounded through the rocky apex instead, bursting a tire and leaving him to limp the truck off to the side for Cody to fix it.

“Maybe next time, Jake, less throwing it around and more driving it, please? I know it’s hard to drive quickly, but we’re in a truck, we’re not supposed to win, and if we keep your aggressive style up, we’re going to make the bloody papers.” Cody grumbled as he climbed back into the bench seat. Jake nodded, turned the key on the dash, and took off like they’d been fired from a gun, making an aggressive shift to second when the engine protested the high revs with valve float. The gearbox gave a mighty crunch, though the Chieftain powered onward, their mighty 3.1 liter boxer 4 pounding away.

Stage 2, Sector 2.

“God, these bumps are going to kill us.” Jake said, as they squeaked and banged over every little bump, the uncomfortable bench seat transferring every miniscule bump, rock, or sinkhole straight into their backs. Cody nodded, then said, “Not much more of this to go, thankfully. Then it’s highway time.”

“Good, because I’d love to hear this thing at full pelt in third gear.” Jake said. They swung onto the highway, and Jake belted it. First gear disappeared in a raspy barking burble as they hit valve float, and second followed it shortly after. With a decisive slap, Jake dropped the three-on-the-tree into third, and planted his foot firmly on the accelerator. The 189 cubic inch boxer-four gave a muted roar and pulled them briskly along, and the pair looked at each other with a grin.

“I think we’ve got the quietest car in our class, or at least damn near to it if not. I can hear an engine behind us, and an engine in front of us, but they’re drowning mine out.” Jake said. Cody listened for a minute, then nodded. “Can barely hear the rattling patter of our four-banger. Hell, I can hear the gears in the transmission more than I hear the engine. Must be mighty close to straight-cut in third, or maybe I’m hearing the inner shaft running the differential. Either way, something up there makes a mighty whine. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was supercharged from that noise, but I know this engine at least enough to know there’s no blower on it.”

They hurtled across the line for a total time of 5 hours and 11 minutes in Stage 2, claiming 15th position before modifiers. Cody got the usual paperwork for their after-stage report, handing them over to Jake who looked at it, then smiled. “Third in our class for stage 2, all based on how cheap our car is compared to how fast we went. We’re tied, points-wise for this stage, with this ‘AeroMouse’ thing with a V8 in it. Overall, we’ve got 44 points and we’re… Holy shit, this can’t be right.”

“What? What’s wrong, Jake?”

“We’re second overall in our class. 44 points, leader’s got 48, third’s got 42. I guess someone thinks our little stolen-ish truck is a bit of a low-budget ringer. All classes combined, we’re holding 12th place. I should have listened earlier, at this rate, we’re gonna get found out!” Jake said.

“Relax, we need to do well enough to get noticed, but not enough to make waves. Little ripples in the pond. Who cares if Fruinia suddenly wants a shipment of Bricksley Chieftains for their farm work?” Cody replied, trying to calm his friend down.

“Look, in the '90’s or so, there’s a major car culture that springs up because of races like these in Fruinia. We know this from our time, Cody. People found and fixed up these old 50’s cars and raced them on the historic roads. How fucked up do you think it’d be if one of those old 50’s cars is a Bricksley Chieftain, a truck that was here by virtue only of loose regulations and a price bonus making it competitive. We’re not supposed to be placing, and if we win it, we’re really going to mess things up.” Jake said.

“How messed up could it get? It’s just a race.”

“Yes, and we’re up against prototype sports cars, early supercars, and one-off-specials. If a company suddenly decides not to get into the market… Picture our time without Erin or Ardent, because our car, our stolen truck, was fast enough to beat their car in a race. We could really fuck up our timeline because we’re doing too well in this race.”

“Doubtful. You worry too much. Worst we do is spawn off an early phase of the sport and muscle truck market.” Cody said. “Erin crashed or something in Stage 1, and Ardent isn’t sporty. We’re outpacing Townsend in the standings as it is, so I’m not worrying about it. Plus, if we were going to fuck up our timeline, don’t you think Old Man Sinistra would’ve done something about it already?”


“Please, boys, no questions!” said Gregory Durant, in a huff.

“But, Mr. Durant! Is it true you’re pulling out of the rally?” said a rookie reporter, Bill.

“What! Who said that?”

“A Mr. Ra-”

“Sir!” interrupted a burly reporter, “Can I ask a question?”

Well, what now?" replied Durant.

“Is it true you’re being funded by an underworld kingpin?” asked the big fellow.

“Wait, what… what in the world? Uh, no! Goodbye!”

“Ah! Mr. Durant! Wait!” said Bill.

“What, kid.” said Durant, finally.

“well, sir, to answer your question, a Mr. Ray Lemont said that you’re quitting. Well, he said that he’s quitting.”

“Oh, um, ok. I just realized I have to be somewhere!”


Meanwhile, at the Townsend Paddock…

The Townsend engineering team barely paid notice to the tall, rotund man in the suit as he walked toward their paddock. Neither the cigar hanging out of his mouth nor the Stetson hat on his head particularly piqued their interest. The chief engineer paused a moment to take a look at the man’s companion, a younger, short-and-slim gentleman with a cane, pronounced limp, and burn scarring on the side of his face. After all, they had much work to do in order to assure the Model 305 would be ready for the next day’s stage.

“Over two hundred kilometers per hour?” the older man asked.

“That’s right. I think it could go even faster. The conditions it’s facing here are less than ideal,” the scarred man responded.

“Impressive. That basic engine design is what, a decade old now?”

“Pushing fifteen years. It’s a redesign of an old pre-depression model. Gone over a bit by their engine company, but still, pretty long in the tooth.”

The older gentleman took a big puff from his cigar and nodded. “We’ll return later once the engineers are done, see if we can get a tour of the inside.”

“Of course, sir.”

The older one squinted his eyes and focused just beyond the paddock. There, on the other side, stood his old rival, Konstantin Bogliq.

“Well I’ll be damned. Looks like we’re not the only ones with the same idea, Stanton.” He grinned, took his hat off and fanned himself with it. “Showtime.”

@HighOctaneLove - your turn!


In the pits, Gregory Durant had found Ray. They conversed for a brief moment.

“Hey, look, Durant, I heard you talking with Jimmy.” said Ray Lemont, responding to what Durant had just said.

“But now people are getting the idea that we’re quitting!”

“I guess that reporter got the wrong idea.”

“But that’s beside the point. Ray, you’re quitting?” asked Durant.

Yep," replied Ray, “this rally’s been a disappointment. a big one.”


“This wasn’t what we were expecting. Yes, I know we weren’t planning on getting first, but we thought getting a top ten finish would be easy. But no, we’re in ninety-eighth!”

“Ninety-third, Ray.” corrected Durant.

“Well, anyway, I’m leaving, my bags are packed, and I’m off for the U.S.”

“Washington?” Durant asked with little hope.

“Nah, I was thinking Florida. Or Texas.”

“But, if you leave, we won’t be able to repair damage, we-”

“It’s ok. Jimmy and, Lisa, they know about–fixing cars, and such.”

It was clear to Durant that Ray knew the others weren’t prepared.

“J-just stay to the end, will ya? We’re goners without you, (even if you built a lousy car), c’mon.”

“Fine! Fine.”


Leeroy Racing Stage Pits

End of Stage 2
Team Bio

The first two stages had been going well for the Leeroy brothers. The race prepped Mutineer was handling perfectly, Team Leeroy was in first place in their class and the top brass at Bogliq USA were very happy with how things were panning out for their product. The CEO, Konstantin Bogliq, himself had decided to come visit the team and have a chat with the boys about a potential business venture…

K: "Jesse. James. nice to see you guys again and congrats on doing so well! You’ve repaid my faith in your abilities magnificently…

Je: “We’re having a ball on your dime so it’s nice that we’re placing well… We could be losing, hahaha

K: “True, true… But enough wool-gathering. Have you guys seen the Townsend Racing Team? What do you think of 'em?”

1952 Townsend Model 305 Toledo Works

Ja: “Good professional team. Their car is really fast but has some suspension tuning issues, but nothing that time couldn’t fix… Wait, your planning on buying Townsend Coachworks!”

Je: “Hey, not cool, by jove, we do that stuff for Bogliq… Wotcha need stuffy old Townsend for?”

K: “Simple really… I can use the Townsend nameplate to build all the Luxury versions of my Bogliq range, leaving the racing and racecars to Leeroy Racing. Townsend’s established Luxury, Leeroy and Bogliq aren’t. Simple.”

Ja: “Townsend’s worth the buy Konstantin. Townsend engineers are smart, innovative and, judging from the Model 305, they aren’t risk averse either. They’d be a great fit for Bogliq USA and we’re willing to step away from the non-performance coachbuilding and focus on racing.”

Je: “Hell yeah, luxury work is boring; we don’t turn it down but it isn’t satisfying at all!”

Just then, Konstantin noticed a familiar face coming towards him… Jack Chancellor, CEO of Ardent, Bogliq USA’s main rival for the heart of the US consumer!

K: “Talk to you later, we’ve got company… Look busy!”

As Jack reaches out his hand, Konstantin takes it in a firm but friendly grip and shakes Jacks hand… Once. Twice. Three times.

K: “Jack, long time no see, you’re looking good… Want something to drink?” gestures to the corporate tent

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