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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]


I think that’s part of the design challenge though. Finding the right compound for the mixed surfaces, and then trying to keep costs low, while also adding as much grip as possible. Having a standard quality would take a way a major part of the design process IMO


What he said ^^

Also, 1952. A bit too early to start with tire regulations.


Roger that, how did you feel about Navigators, or is that not going to be a thing? (your reference pictures contain them :slight_smile: )


That’s something I considered and did for the Great Trek. Let me add a compromise to the OP.

Reliability will play a roll as each of the stage times will be subject to three random rolls based on your reliability to simulate mechanical breakdowns. These add time to your stage time. Here it might also play a role if you remove all seats except one. The car might be lighter, but you cannot take a navigator. That navigator might be useful to help in case of negative breakdowns. Cars without place for navigator will take twice as long to repair.


Any recommended BeamNG maps for testing?


I won’t give my choices yet, but anything with small bendy roads and some mixed surfaces.


The Shitbox Rubbish Vehicle Siblings will be making an appearance in this wonderful rally of yours!



Below is a photo of Edward Hampden preparing himself for his first test of the newly revised Brooklands Roadster.

“My roadster feels magnificent! It’s running better than it ever has and I couldn’t be happier of the developments I’ve made to the car. Hopefully this leads to great things for the upcoming race”

Below is a Photo of Edward during last years Mille Miglia. The fog gathered half way through the race, allowing Edward to make time.

His co-driver Michael Evanham will return for both the Corso Di Fruinia and the Mille Miglia later in the year.
“I’ve worked with Edward for a fair while now and I have learned that he is a wonderfully adept driver. He can find time in places other people are scared to, and I have no idea how he does it.”


It’s Gordinish time!


LLA Press Release - 9th December 1951

Subject 1

After considerable testing of 4 wheel drive systems in modified LLA 150’s the board are convinced the technology ma be ready for consumer automobiles. In addition it has proven to increase grip in less than ideal conditions when paired with a locking differential. More testing is required in dry conditions and therefore it has been decided to participate in the Corso di Fruinia Rally to supplement this requirement for testing. Driver and Navigator will be released at a further date as research will continue in the Scottish Highlands throughout the rest of this winter and into early spring.

Subject 2

The usage of monocoque chassis paired with independent suspension has proven to be a more than adequate solution to the the flexing found in older LLA 150 models. Repairs to older vehicles will continue to be provided until the release of the newer model to be showcased at the Corso di Fruinia Rally in September next year.

One Final Note

After a public survey showing great interest in up-spec models with race tuned engines and suspension, LLA will be setting up the Prior Tuning division commemorating LLA mechanic Edward Prior who sadly passed away in the fire at our North East Lincolnshire facility last year. His tuning skills were luckily passed on to his 18 year old son Martyn Prior who will be running the division. Automobiles sold with the Prior Tuning package will receive a PT emblem the dictate it’s type.


Them, or their parent/s?


Industrial area, rallycross track. Made my car entirely around this track.


(This gives me an excuse to use Pulsar motors again, also gives me the excuse to spend time working on a body before I even know if it will work out.)

The Pulsar 3200


What fuel types will be available to the entrants?


Use GIMP 2.8. It’s free and really good. All the edits I’ve made have been on that program.


Ok, i’ll try it out.


Lore correct is encouraged. Super Leaded may be used.


Two characters we all know and love (in some cases to hate) will make a surprising arrival in the 1952 Corso di Fruinia. Their chariot of choice? A 1952 Bricksley Chieftain. This FWD pickup is known today as “The little truck that couldn’t.” Back then, it was a decent little runabout that often blistered backsides and couldn’t haul as much as the box and chassis could hold.

The team, however, is anything but what you’d expect. Will our daring duo be able to make it home, or will they be forever lost to time? Stay tuned for our Team Introduction after this regularly scheduled commercial break!

I’ll hold off on the full team introduction until others are ready to do theirs. Let’s just say that this team is loosely inspired by Back to the Future, except with characters I’ve introduced on the forum before, and that this truck isn’t the time machine. Someone’s digging into Luke’s past and future just taught him a bit of a lesson.


You’ll see :smirk:


Actually I should elaborate a bit on this:

I am not improsing any strict regulations in terms of cars, because:

  1. My TREK competition has thought me to not want to simulate every aspect, such as fuel availability if I want to hold multiple rounds.

  2. Regulations were rare at that time in such open racing events anyway.

  3. I highly encourage registration of both special edition cars as well as simple stock road cars.

  4. They will be driven by a person who is not a bad driver and has experience on games like Dirt Rally and Asseto Corsa and Project Cars (2), but also will not try to crash your cars the best he can on tight, narrow roads and possibily loose surfaces. If in those conditions you put a heavy 5 liter V8 or V12 with 200 horsepower up against a light 1000cc car with 50 horsepower using regular unleaded fuel, I wouldn’t necessarily bet on the big car to win it. The light car will be better on the dirt and on the brakes, and being able to floor it half the time might just be more comfortable to drive, than having the car-equivalent of competing the 110m hurdles competition without breaking a raw egg clenched between your butt cheeks.