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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]


My car on the podium?! (3rd stand for Prot 02). Thats actual victory for the Spain!
But… now i’m turbo embarrassed that event finished and i’m still didn’t even start making script for my company to make a topic.
I made some cars already, yet i can’t slam words together for it.
Procastination, damn you!


Team Outta Time

Stage 3

The tires screeched as Jake wrenched the wheel, trying to haul the Bricksley pickup around the fast corners, the truck struggling for both grip and speed as Jake tried to make up time, or what he thought was lost time, from previous stages. Despite his flat-out approach, and despite seeing the Puttzalong 51 Inglese in front of him for most of this stage, the Bricksley just couldn’t go fast enough to make the pass without losing all of that speed the instant they found a corner. Jake, as a result, was getting frustrated and took his anger out on the gas pedal, stomping it into the firewall every chance he got, the 3.1 liter boxer four giving muted roars and muffled growls like some distant caged beast.

Try as he might, Cody couldn’t get Jake to back off, even though he’d tried reminding him that they didn’t need to make up lost time, had no need to pass the faster race car, and that they were in a pickup truck, not a racing car. Despite this, Cody did still try to do his part as navigator, and he was still pleased when the Bricksley roared across the line merely 25 seconds behind the race-built Puttzalong.

“Well, Jake, you sure know how to drive a slow car fast.” Cody said, before they parked the now-slightly-overheating Bricksley Chieftain and waited for their results. One of the officials handed him the papers, and Jake took them from Cody to read them, as Cody still couldn’t deal with the Fruinian text on the pages.

“Fifth overall in stage 3. Completely, again, on our time-to-cost ratio. Gets us another 20 points on the board. We were in 16th place crossing the line, and I knew if we had one last good straight stretch, we would have passed the Puttzalong.” Jake said.

“So, how’s our overall, for the race?” Cody asked grimly, feeling worried.

“Well, in our class we were… Hold on, this can’t possibly be right. Gimme the results from the other two stages.” Cody quickly rifled through the glovebox, then handed Jake the other results pages. “24 in stage 1… 20 in stage 2… And 20 in stage 3. 64 points. We won the damn thing by being cheap and also not slow.” Jake said.

“So, what do you mean?” Cody asked.

“What I mean is we won our stage, Cody! Guess I’ve had plenty of experience with front-wheel-drive in my time, so once I figured out the gearbox, and the nervous handling, well… Experience can’t be beaten.” Jake said.

The two of them shook hands with the other drivers in their class, then took their place on the podium for the picture. They smiled as they headed back to America on the boat, along with their prize-winning Bricksley Chieftain. #13 on the door, first in its class, and 13th overall.

Somewhere in California, Just off of the Dock.

As the two of them got off the boat with their truck, they were stopped by a rather annoyed old man, leaning on his cane. “Bet the two of you think this is funny, don’t you?” he said, glaring at them. “Yeah, I know both of you. Stole a truck from the father of one of my employees, left a funny letter blaming the Martians. Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

Jake went to start the truck, only for the old man to say, “You turn that key, I turn you over to the police. Simple as that. No trip back home, you get to sit and waste 10 years or more of your lives in a Nevada State jail cell. Or, you leave that truck here, get in my car, and we have ourselves a nice chat in my office.” Jake looked to Cody, who shrugged and shoved open the door of the truck.

When Jake went to ask what he was doing, Cody said, “Look, you do what you wanna do, but I’m not going to jail. He’s offering to not call the cops, so I’m willing to listen to him.”

Jake sighed, then shoved the door open on the truck as well, before looking over the car the old man drove up. “1951 Sinistra Emperor, in Piano Black. Expensive, but a nice car, if a little unruly in the turns.” Jake said. He then noticed the license plate. “SIN 1”

“Holy shit, you’re Luke Sinistra!” Jake said.

“Guess the years did change me a bit, then, if you can’t recognize me from now and then.” Luke said, closing the door on his car and starting the big straight six. “And now you know why Luke Light was trying to tell you to drop the subject. Yes, we are the same, before you ask. Now, if it were purely up to me, you’d be staying here in 1952 as your punishment for messing around with the time machine, but… Luke wants the two of you back. So, my job, as much as I don’t want to be bothered with it, is to send the two of you back to 2018, 15 minutes after your departure. Know that I’ll also be making a phone call 5 minutes after you left from 2018, so Luke will have enough time to make it there, problems and all, for you to be found before you get any bright ideas.”

The trip back to Nevada was the most uncomfortable drive Cody and Jake had ever had, not because of the car, but thinking on what Luke Light might do to them for this little stunt, while Luke Sinistra spoke about how badly they could have screwed up history.

“Lucky for the two of you, by the way, that I figured out what happened. Had a bit of advance knowledge, yes, but someone had to stop Bricksley from entering in that competition. Otherwise, well, you would have screwed things up. But, kinda hard to show up to the docks with your race-car when someone’s locked you in your own trunk and tossed the keys in with you. Probably for the better, the Bricksley Knight they were going to enter was only good for a 7th place overall. Means for them, they’ve got a market to jump into, which means they quit trying to nibble at our markets. Good thing, too, because their engines started big and got bigger with time.” Luke said, glaring into the rear view mirror.

Nevada, Sinistra Motors HQ, Warehouse 2, Sublevel 12.

They’d walked past rows upon rows of engines before stepping into the elevator at the back, where Luke Sinistra opened a flap in the elevator control panel and stuck his cane into the socket, using it to turn a secret switch. “We’re going about a quarter mile below ground, where my time machine is. Only reason I built this was because I knew from my old memories that you two did this at some point, around the 1950’s. Otherwise, you’d be stuck here. Now, as I said, I’d much rather let the two of you grow old in a time you know nothing about, but coming from 2018, and with knowledge from then, that’s too much of a risk to take, which is why Luke Light wants the two of you back.” Luke Sinistra said.

The doors on the elevator opened, and the first thing that hit Cody and Jake was the raw heat in the room. “Why’s it so hot in here?” Jake asked.

“I built this shortly after I arrived and had a working car company. What you’re feeling is the heat dissipation of several thousand vacuum tubes, and a severe lack of air conditioning. I will be glad when I can shut this whole mess down and turn it into a project room. Yes, next time you go time-exploring, there won’t be a safety net. You’re lucky I had a safety net in place, or you’d get to enjoy the 1950’s.” Luke replied. He walked to the control panel and started flipping switches, occasionally looking up to the display of Nixie tubes to confirm his inputs.

“7 26 2018 0315”

“There. This one can only send you to an appropriate traveling pad, so you’ll show up in Luke’s traveling room. June 26, 2018, at 3:15 AM. Goodbye, and I hope you enjoy your race once you arrive.” Luke said, before pushing the button.

“Luke, Wait! That’s July…” Jake started to yell, though him and Cody rapidly vanished and reappeared 30 days and 15 minutes later, several thousand miles away.

“Oh, I know, but lessons must be taught.” Luke said, flipping the switches to off, then finally starting to power down the machinery. He headed back up the elevator and back to his office, giving a light smile to his employees, seeming in a much cheerier mood than usual.

July 26, 2018, Storm Automotive Basement, Sub-Level 5, 3:15 AM.

“… you idiot!” Jake finished yelling, before staggering and falling on the floor, with Cody landing not too far behind, both seeming rather dizzy.

“Yeah, they call it traveling sickness.” Luke said, standing in the doorway. “You think you two were the first? No, I built this from plans. Traveling back in time, rarely ever a problem. Go forward in time, it makes you ill. Lucky for the two of you, I got two phone calls, one five minutes after you left, telling me you’d be 30 days late, and the other 10 minutes ago. Jake, your mother knows now about my time machine, she’s understandably upset with me, but she’s more upset with you. Cody, I covered with your work as best as I could, but after 3 days, you’ve been fired. Lucky for you, I was hiring. How are you at selling cars, because that’s your job now.” Luke said.

“Not my fault he sent us forward a month late.” Cody said.

“No, he called me 5 minutes after you two disappeared from here and said he flipped three switches instead of two. Binary 7 instead of binary 6. An honest mistake.” Luke replied. “It’s why I covered for both of you, least as much as I could manage. Bills were paid, and as far as any of your friends were concerned, you were working a lot of overtime. However, there’s something the two of you are going to do for me, and that’s going to be that you’re staying in the main building only, and to ensure this, everyone here has employee key-cards. The two of you will only have authorization for floors 1 and up, no more basement clearance. And if either of you end up below those floors, I’ll know, and you’ll have something far more unpleasant to deal with than angry parents and friends wondering where the hell you went.”

August 1, 2018
To Be Continued…


Suzume Motor Manufacturing Industries

Hideki Akiyama’s Final Report

Esteemed Mr. Hiramoto -

It is with great pleasure that I report to you today. Our Shiso Hyu concept has taken second place in points standings for its engine class, beating out impressive competitors such as Znopresk. It further pleases me to report that the Shiso Hyu had no mechanical complications, and the final tear-down of the motor reveals no abnormal wear, nor any discernible weaknesses in part design.

With respect to the Ebi Kei, teardown after the final stage revealed some slight warping in the #2 cylinder wall. We cannot determine if this is related to the issues with the cooling system, but we believe it would be of utmost prudence for our design team to re-evaluate this part of the engine, as well as the tooling used to create the block. Furthermore, it is abundantly clear that the body and chassis are far too heavy for a motor this small. But despite the deficiencies, the vehicle did complete the competition without disqualification.

Hideki Akiyama

Suzume Motors Press Release, Osaka, January 1953

Last year, Suzume Motor Manufacturing Industries entered two concept vehicles into a cross-country race in Fruinia. Designated as a durability test by Suzume’s engineering department, the vehicles completed this challenge and provided valuable information to our engineers.

One of those two models proved to be exceptional, far exceeding all expectations set forth. As such, Suzume Motors is proud to announce that the concept vehicle known as “Shiso Hyu” will be developed into a production model. At this time a launch date has not been determined, but is expected to be in the near future.

Ardent Motors and Townsend Coachworks

Jack grinned as he read the headline on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer.


“Konstantin Bogliq is probably rearranging his office right about now,” he chucked. “Forcefully.”

Clarence gave a timid smile, while Stanton Glass folded his arms, beaming with pride.

“I assume that it’s worth every penny?” Stanton chirped.

“Oh, it will be. It will be. I need you and Eugene to get a head start on this. Clarence will make arrangements for you to visit Toledo as soon as possible. Desmond and… what’s that new kid’s name? Ray… Salducci. Desmond and Ray will go with you as well,” Jack rattled. “You and Eugene need to go over their design department with a fine-toothed comb. Find any good talent so that you can merge them into our team here. Townsend’s department will be shut down and merged shortly after the takeover.”

Stanton nodded. “And Desmond and Ray?”

“They’re going to the Ironworks plant. A little different instruction there. I was quite impressed with their motor, so they get to stay open and independent from a design standpoint. Clarence?”

“Yes, s-sir?”

“Get on it. Now.”

Clarence bowed curtly and slunk out of the room.

Jack took a sip of bourbon. “Hell of a find, there, Stanton. Hell of a find. Thank you for showing me that little Model 305 gem out there in Fruinia.”

OOC: Back to you, @HighOctaneLove :wink:


Bogliq USA HQ

Detroit, MI

CEO Konstantin Bogliq’s Office

Konstantin sighed and leant back into his leather bound office chair. It was official, Ardent had won the approval of the Townsend board for the takeover despite Bogliq USA offering more per share!

Konstantin fumed over the headlines then turned to the sports news; no good news their either. The Leeroy brothers superb efforts in placing a Mutineer highly was for naught. The US papers only wrote about the winners and the rest of the field simply didn’t exist as far as the average American was concerned. Despite the Mutineer placing 5th overall in the global rankings, the papers had time only for Winsconsin Motors plus some speculation that Znopresk may be putting out feelers for a possible invasion of the US market. Worse than that, Ardent, like salt in a wound, managed to out rank Bogliq in the constructors championship as well. Bogliq may as well have not entered in the first place…

Filled with an angry energy, Konstantin began pacing his office, stalking back and forth. More opportunities wasted, lost to the gods of chance, hubris and greed. There was only one thing Konstantin could do. He buzzed his secretary and cancelled his meetings for the day and headed down to the shooting range.

Once Konstantin arrived he set up his target; a life sized picture of Jack Chancellor. Once the target was moved out to 50 yards, Konstantin drew his Peacemaker and fired six rounds at Jacks silhouette. He then re-loaded and fired again, reloaded then fired. Re-loaded. Fired…

Once the target (and several others) were nothing but tatters, Konstantin cleaned up his mess and collected his brass. While he cleared his mind with these menial tasks, Konstantin overheard a couple of range hands discussing the fate of an obscure English builder of small sportscars; Wentworth Motors. They were saddened that the cheap roadsters weren’t coming to the USA because none of the locals built anything remotely sporty enough. Apparently their fate was sealed by their DNF in Fruinia, with the cars designers even being disgusted with the poor showing of their product!

Konstantin knew what to do. Bogliq USA needed a halo car, a sportscar that would make the kids dream of one day owning a Bogliq. A good car brand needed to be aspirational, not just sensible. You needed to grab the customer by the heart as well as their brain!

Then, suddenly, one of the range hands approached him with the gun ranges telephone. Konstantin took the handset and asked who it was…

K: “Hello, Konstantin here, what’s up?”

J: “James here, James Leeroy. I’ve got that preliminary report ready on front wheel drive for you”

K: “OK, broad brushstrokes, what’s your analysis?”

J: “If you want to make cars that better suit the everyman, sir, then you need to switch to front wheel drive. The ladies weren’t as fast as the Puttzalong racecar at any given moment, but they were much more consistent in their runs, finishing 33rd overall to the Puttzalong Inglese Corso’s 71st. Rear wheel drive is technically better for handling but less forgiving than front wheel drive so I’d say save it for sportscars and convert your line-up to front wheel drive ASAP. The general public will thank you for it and your competitors will be caught on the back foot; it’s a win-win situation!”

K: “Thanks James, I’ll take that under advisement…” hangs up 'phone

Worn out, tired and with much to think about, Konstantin headed home; maybe things will look better in the morning…

The End (So Far!)

OOC: Thanks @Private_Miros for taking the time and effort to put together this excellently thought out and presented competition. Also thanks for putting up with my silly Wentworth, I thought way too highly about that car, :laughing:

@VicVictory I’ll get you next time Mr Vic, next time…


In A Quiet Morning of 1952 … at the General Department of the Dell Arpos Automobili …
Boss: So ??
BEcky (Secretary): Yes, sir, Chief Mechanics, and the Development Manager and the Manta designer are waiting for you already in the meeting room
The boss starts quickly towards the meeting room while a serene smile invites Becky to follow him, remembering to bring with him the file of the race and of the car engaged.
In the meeting room Pippo (the chief mechanic), Bortolo (the chief development), Cristian (the designer)
They awaited the arrival of the Boss with an uncertain air on his face, not knowing what to expect from the meeting, whether thunder or lightening or tones of encouragement.
The boss enters the room, and after greeting everyone present quickly sits behind his desk, covered with sketches, notes, photos and car data. <We are here to draw conclusions from the Frunia Course, how the race went and where we can improve in the future. As you know, for us the Corsa ended in the middle of the race, a bad accident that completely destroyed the car (now there are 4 with such specifications), fortunately the riders are safe, Pippo you were on the spot Tell me a bit … …>
Pippo <Yes Boss, it’s like you said. Well what can we say, the car has proven to be fast on the asphalt roads, but suffered on dirt roads, especially in the changes of direction has proved a little too nervous.
Boss <and how come this?>
Cristan <Result of the initial project, we tried to make a race car, and the Manta Rs is, unfortunately for us and for the outcome of the race it proved to be a closed circuit car or more exactly less suitable for rallies.
Bortolo <Yes Boss However the development for the dirt roads was insufficient, we concentrated to test it on the Automation circuit, leaving out the tests in the streets around and on other specifications, so surely we did not have the ideal set-up to compete in ideal conditions.
Boss <So to conclude I would like to underline these new modus operating for the future …
1 We prepare and organize a couple of technicians to set up tests on even dirt and mountain roads,
2 The Next race will bring more than one car, we need to get more experience and compare data.
3 although the race was finished in advance for us, the organizers in some excerpts of radio commentary have supported and praised the quality of the race of the Manta, let’s start from there …
4 Send a basket with the best products, Mozzarella, Olive Oil, Pasta, Tomato, Cheese, and wine to Private Mirrors, thanking him for the wonderful event he has organized.
5 Next time we’re going to run in a nation with a dictator let’s remember not to believe the propaganda that said that almost all roads were paved … Well The meeting is closed, go in peace>
And so in a calm atmosphere the first post-race meeting of the Arpos took place.


Corzetti-Stampatti Motori Finale: Seeing red for the sake of a blue sky

After the race, a the harbour of Coma, in Fostina. Our duo of drivers is standing next to the green Familyman, having finished an eventful but complete race. Bolognese looks back, seeing some of the competitors leaving in their cars.

Bolognese: Well, that’s that, kid. At first I had doubts about Corzetti hiring a spurt to do a man’s job, but you pulled through. The car wasn’t the fastest, but it was consistent. We got to where we wanted to be.

W.N.: Still, it’s a shame we couldn’t do better in the standings, either our class’s or the overall ones. Those two Eagles… I should know, I saw them take many victories in dirt racing back home. They’re incredible car.

Bolognese: If you ask me, the whole “cheapest car gets most points” shtick is ridiculous. Our pride, Fruinia’s pride, felled by two Yankee cars. Racing isn’t won by the cheapest car, it’s won by who gets to the finish first. This whole thing would’ve been a lot different had I run the race…

W.N.: Well, no use crying over spilled milk, sir. I’m just going to see if anyone needs our supplies, since we won’t be needing most of them going back…

W.N. moves over to the trunk, as Bolognese turns around to see his movement. His facial expression changes, and his mood looks anything but greateful for the gesture.

Bolognese: Hey, don’t do…!

Suddendly, as W.N. fetches a box of tools, he loses his balance for a second, letting the tools fall to the ground. Thing is, beneath the tools, the box is filled with glass bottles. Bottles filled with a red liquid, which shock the young American.

W.N.: These are…! “Casa Di Milano”? Sir Bolognese, what is this supposed to be?

Bolognese (pulling a gun out of his pocket): I was expecting this to go smoother, kid, I really was. You were just supposed to be the scapegoat for my plans, if Donaldo squealed to the cops. Now, my choices are one and just one.

W.N.: So along with stealing from my friend, you are going to kill his best friend…?

Bolognese: “Just for those close to heart”… Are you goddamm kidding? The best wine in the entirety of Fruinia, wasted on a family of rich stiffs and their sad bastard friends!? I’m doing your “friend” a favour, kid. My familia will appreciate the gesture, and so should you.

W.N.: I am not angry, sir, merely disappointed. You drove all the way here just to sell out wine to criminals, and to end my life just because I know it’s not right. You were betraying my friend, all for your gain? Is racing that meaningless to you?

Bolognese: Racing is business to me, kid. If I stop doing it, I’ll go broke. Now put the box down, and stand right back up. I’ll try to make your body fall as gracefully as it can to the sea.

_W.N. slowly puts the box back to the ground, and gets up equally slowly. Then…


Bolognese: Argh! What the hell did you…

W.N. is holding a gun in his hands, a Colt .45. Despite the shot, he aimed at Bolognese’s shoulder, making him lose his gun (and balance).

W.N.: I take it your men weren’t the ones to fill these boxes. Otherwise you would’ve noticed this coming. I come from a tough town too, sir Bolognese… no, “sir” is no longer good for you.

B: You damm brat! You knew about this entire thing!?

W: Only when I got here, Corzetti filled me in. He always meant to hire me as a co-driver because of my skills. But when he mentioned the constant stealing and missing boxes of wine, I knew something else was afoot. He was not going to do this, so I took that burden off him.

B: Heh, and what makes you think Corzetti will know…? My familia is sitting nearby, and they won’t take this sitting…!

???: I am afraid that is how they will take it… Bolognese.

B (looking back): …Corzetti!?

Corzetti shows up, flanked by a group of local workers and Bolognese’s men. Who are these “local workers”. Well…

B: How? HOW!? My men, my empire… How did he tell anything to do this to me, CORZETTI!?

Corzetti (smiling): The goose was cooked, Bolognese.

B (slowly coming to an understanding of the words above): … you have got to be goddamm kidding me…!

W.N.: And to think all you had to do was to move away and keep racing. Oh, racing to you is a mere business, isn’t it? My bad.

C: Donaldo was not there by fate. He was the father of one of my wine workers, and his son spoke to me how he was forced to let his farm go because some thugs razed it to the ground. You see, he was my messenger. My messenger to break these chains once and for all…

B: Congrats you spoiled, you finally grew a pair. By telling your friend to shoot me.

C: He said it best. While you stole from me, harmed my employees and cost my family great amounts of money, I did not want to taint my hands with your blood. Not when I brought you in to help both our families with this racing team.

W.N.: Just let it end, Corzetti. Give the police the order.

C: …take him away please, signori. Get this man out of my sight.

B (as the cops are standing him up): Go straight to Hell. You, your geese and your bastard friends and family.

Corzetti turns around and decks Bolognese in the face! Surprisingly enough, the spoiled brat managed to knock him out, although the bullet hole might have helped… The cops separate the two, and get away from the scene, leaving the two youngsters face to face.

C (clutching his hand in pain): Ow!

W.N.: Corzetti, why did you do that!? You aren’t a fighter!

C (with a pained expression on his face): Heh… I was inspired by you, W.N.

Right, there is no longer for that codename… Is there, Walter Nash?

Walter (!!!): Finally, I was getting tired of being called by two letters the whole time. Corzetti… will you be fine? What is happening to the team?

C: Well you shot my business partner, and I arrested him. The best thing to do is end it all…

Walter: Wait! I have an idea.

C (surprised): Huh…?

Walter: Give me Bolognese’s stake. I’m too young to do anything right now, but dad is looking for a group of race engineers. I can rebuild your dream, in a new country, with a new heart.

C: You want to restart everything in America? That is crazy! You don’t need to do this!

Walter: Yes, we’re not good mechanics. Which is why we can use your help. America is growing up. Soon everyone will have a car to race. Loaned like ours, built in our homes… Why do you think we speak so much about freedom?

C: What about the name? Do not tell me you wish to carry Bolo… that man’s name with you.

Walter: Sorry, I am not a trash man. (laughs) But this whole ordeal with the geese did give me another idea.

C: Which is…?

Walter: Corny Street Motors.

C (laughing out loud): Hahahahaha! Walter, that is such a childish thing to say, from someone who shot down a member of the mafia!

Walter: Well, laugh all you like. You do need to get some bad things out of your system. But I’m going ahead with this.

C: Walter… thanks. Thanks so much. (begins crying)

Walter: Don’t look down now, Corzetti. Look at the sky. Today you can finally see a clear way of life. Let’s go. Back home with our true friend. Right, Familyman?

(both kids laugh)


Well, that went more or less how I expected. My lack of tuning experience coupled with my lack of knowledge about '50s motoring resulted in yet another mediocre performance.

Still, it gave me a chance to understand Automation competitions better, and also throw in a nice lore surprise at the end! Yes, this Walter is indeed CSM’s founder, and this is how he first got his bites into racing green cars. If you looked at Corzetti-Stampatti Motori’s name and reduced it to three letters, you too could see the signs of time. :wink:

Thanks so much to @JOVA1982 for lending me a car for this entire ordeal (sorry for not being able to bring home a better result, but at least I lent a hand with Juggernaut’s 6th place finish), and @Private_Miros for his excellent driving and great photo work. Here’s to the next hybrid-surface road rally, gentlemen. Whereover the roads take us…


HA HA HA HA.:rofl:
There’s no such thing. It’s got aero and a 4 speed, but that’s it.
Edit: I lie, about 10hp more than stock.


Wisconsin Motors fans celebrate a manufacturer’s title following the Corso di Fruinia. Ray Lagerfelter expressed some frustration at not having clinched a single class title, and at his drivers for not engaging the 4WD correctly in the big cars. “Damn things scorch the tires at nearly every corner exit in 4WD. Driveline windup is not a problem,” he groused. Some people are never happy. Several reliability issues have been noted and slated for development. WM CEO Karl Lagerfelter was more than pleased with the result. A manufacturer’s title would certainly raise WM’s profile in Fruinia, and the race provided valuable R&D lessons for the upcoming Carrera Panamerica in Mexico. Out of 5 cars entered, one crashed in the second round, and three finished in the top 10 overall for points. The remaining car set 2nd fastest overall time. Three cars managed a fastest class time in stage 2. The kohlberg car clocked a fastest class time in stage 3, as well. Frankly, better than expected results from steel-bodied, ohv-engined cars; they weren’t the fastest on the stages but they did seem to have found the right mix of performance and affordability.

(Thanks, Private Miros, for all your hard work and for hosting a fun competition.)


At Juggernaut Automotive HQ


A frail man steps in the office of the company owner.

-"I cannot say that I’m pleased, none of our cars did exactly well.
How ever, we did learn that Hurja could do with a bit more power, I assume you are working on with that aftermarker carburetor deal?

-"Yes I have been working on it, but they apparently are allready working on near maximum capacity, so if it proves to be a popular modification they cannot provide enough products, We are lookiing at other possibilities right now.

-"Allright, Other than that have you heard anything about the issues with Kulkuri Special, and it’s problems.

-"The Automatic was problematic to drive fast, but any other problems it had were related to the accident it suffered. All in all we made it too powerful for it’s own good.

-“Well, Thankfully we had one private group driving our car. They didnt do too well, but looking from manufacturer standpoint, it helped us gather points on the manufacturer board, We were only 6th there which isnt great, but it could be whole lot worse.
The individual cars did relatively poorly most of them being in the middle of the board, but than again we didnt really know what kind oc conditions we would be facing, so I would say it is acceptable.
I don’t think that we will try again, but before I put my final word on it, I need to see how this affects our sales, if there is any notable increase in next half a year we might try it again.”

-Wery well sir. Was there anything else?"

-“No, that was all.”


Giusseppe hands Martino and Rizzo the money he agreed to pay them, as Montoya holds his hand out expecting his payment. Giusseppe turns toward Montoya and slaps him upside his head. “Stupido!”

“What the hell?” I’m assuming was the response; my Spanish is rusty, or maybe it was uttered in Italian. Either way, the message was quite clear; Giusseppe was angry with Montoya, and Montoya did not know why.

“You left the back seats in the racing models, and they made us carry them throughout the race!”

“I do not think it would have made that big a difference, sir. Besides! I told Gio to take care of that.”

“You leave my son out of this! You know this was your job, and I’m taking it out of your pay.”

“You cannot do that sir! I will strike!”

“Go ahead! Strike! You no longer work for Giusseppe!”

Thus ended the tenure of Inigo Montoya as lead engineer at Giusseppe Motorcars, and Giusseppe Racing.

Still, the Corso di Fruinia showed the locals what Giusseppes were made of; whether it was bad or good, time will only tell.