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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]


Team Leeroy Racing


No. #86 Bogliq Mutineer Engage (Custom)
Driver: James Leeroy
Navigator: Jesse Leeroy



Cult of Personality [LORE] [FINAL RESULTS]
1973 Rally di Fruinia [Stage2]

This is very interesting event, I’m submitting this. (and waiting for approval)

  • I do not have BeamNG Drive at time of entry -

Bangkok Aeronautical Factory- Romulus
(as forerunner of South Bangkok Autoworks before merging with Siam Steel Company)

As competing in 800 - 1399 cc. class. will this car will bite its oppnent in the corner and leave in Fruinias dust?

Will this nimble machine snatch a price for home? We will see in the rally!

lore is here SBA (South Bangkok Autoworks) Inc


Marcello Tipo 300

A cheap, reliable and easy to drive car. You don’t need more to go from A to B.


Bergmann Special - #426 CMW S946 Bergmann Special

Origin: Koblenz, Germany
Class: <799cc
Crew: Steffen Bergmann

Steffen Bergmann returns from his terrifying crash at the 1950 Mille Miglia with a brand-new car, his heavily-modified CMW S946 “Bergmann Special”. While the bodywork generally resembles the roadgoing CMW S946, under the skin the Bergmann Special shares nothing in common whatsoever, with its custom-built tube-frame chassis built around a unique 799cc boxer-six derived from a CMW motorcycle engine.



can i reserve the starting numbers
52 and
53, please?

I am not done with the entries yet, but i still would like to enter.


Rubbish Vehicle Siblings - #3.14159 Caliban Type SC Rev 1.

Driver: Ana Gutierrez.
Navigator: Alejandro Gutierrez.

For their first race, the Rubbish Vehicle Siblings are bringing a 1951 Type SC with the 3.2 v8 to the Corso di Fruinia. The SC is a lively, nippy and reliable machine, and the brothers expect to do well in this rally with it. Their car number? Pi.


cough NERD cough



I also like the way it will take them infinite space to write it on their car… if they manage it’ll get allowed to enter right =P


I so want to do this. I’ve never been in a race (cue Rowan Atkinson), but that deadline; ugh! I’ll see what I can muster…


#85 - Team Emancipation

Driver: Betty Wilson, 22
Navigator: Phyllis Walker, 22

Extra lights added to aid in safe night driving

Background: Betty and Phyllis are two wealthy daughters of US businessmen. Betty’s dad is a furniture king and Phyllis’s dad makes telephones. They both met at boarding school where they shared a common interest in the second wave feminist movement and have joined the local Suffragettes in Detroit.

They’re entering the race to show men that women are just as capable as men at driving a car fast. The Puttzalong was given to Betty by her dad. Betty then had it modified by Leeroy Customs not long after delivery as she was an enthusiastic driver who didn’t want to waste money to purchase a second, wastefully extravagent, European sportscar. As an added bonus it REALLY annoyed her dad!

Cheeky badgework hints at changes within

Leeroy Racing had done a number of much needed changes to the Puttzalong. Braking performance was improved, suspension settings were refined and the engine was massaged to provide a little more flexibility. But the biggest change was wrought when the Leeroy brothers chose to install a prototype Bogliq Cargostar 4spd FWD gearbox instead of the inflexible Puttzalong 3spd. This conversion was undertaken because in the Puttzalong, like the Cargostar, the suspension had to be either too neutral, which made it nervous on the ragged edge, or too soft, which made the roll angle way too excessive and contributed to roll oversteer at the limit. The FWD conversion solved all these issues, made the car feel confident to push harder and saved weight in the drivetrain… Perfect for a road rally car that had to deal with all manner of unforgiving conditions!

(And yet Bogliq USA waited until 1991 to finally convert to FWD themselves… The Cargostar was the only one w/ L-FWD and it was the best handling Bogliq for a very long time as well! :exploding_head:)


April 1952:

Work has started at TBA Motorsport´s testing facility.


An Arpos car Ready to Race!


That’s is quite serious testing facility :slight_smile:
Oh, those BAF guys are jealous of the facility. lolz


Puttzalong will be entering. They put a call out to a customer who had been showing some skill with modifying cars, and he agreed to participate. If either car makes a good showing in class, they marketing team will be able to spin it to the brands advantage. We have a near-stock production car (red, 2.2-3.29L), and a customer car that has had a Blue Oval engine transplant, pushing it up into the next competition class. The customer has asked to have his identity withheld until just prior to race day, and the factory team have not yet been named.

My original idea broke a few rules so, I’m mixing it up…


FAO International And FAO motorspors Presents
1948 Lollypop 1100 Montecarlo

Here with base platform Lollypop1100 Lux

This weighting 684Kg (production version weights 700) nimble car was developed specially for rallying
how ever from standard model it differs only in interior (2 seats instead of 2+3 config)
and tuned up engine reaching 58hp and 81NM (production Version reaches 40hp and 70Nm).
Producing one montecarlo lollypop costs only 2300 dolars.
Factory track testing


Hello, this is JOVA from Juggernaut Automotive.
We are car production company based in Gasmea where the roads are wide and straight.

We have had strict policy of no racing, but somehow the younger members of our company have convinced me trying this, as they claim that cars that win races will sell more.
I am not so convinced about that. as for me cheap and reliable cars are the way to go, but as we happened to have enough time and money to build couple special models we decided to participate.
How ever as we do not really know what kind of roads there are in Fruinia nobody werent really sure what kind of suspension setups or tires should be used. Therefore we went with hard long life tires, which will provide reasonable handling over gravel roads, although on the higher end cars will lose on handling on asphalt and concrete roads, also a skid plate was added to provide better protection in case the car gets high centered or bottoms out at some point.

The cars that we teliver to you are as follows.

The entry level car, where all the unnecessary has been removed, and the engineers were told to add power as long as the engine and drivetrain stays reasonably reliable, also some small tweaks to the suspension were made.

One of our most successful models, but as it is showing it’s age it will be discontinued shortly, as markets are demanding larger cars. it has received same treatment as Runabout did

Our first and so far only sportscar, We removed the rear seats and most of the interior, lifted the suspension slightly to provide more groundclearance, this is the only car that had only slight engine adjustments with larger carburetors,

This is our concept car, which will debute in 1953, even thuogh the design had gotten finalized allready
It will replace the familyman. althuogh the suspension setup isnt yet quite finalized. How ever the engine has debuted in our pickup trucks and has been a massive success there. This engine isnt very tunable, but we did what we could to increase it’s performance.

Kulkuri Special
This is basicly same car as Kukuri is, how ever this is the luxury version of it, how ever as the interior in the rally car is stripped the difference is pretty much non existant. The engine has been derived from our heavy truck, but it has been popular engine among hotrodders over here. but as our engineers started tweaking it it became so powerful that any of our manual gearboxes couldnt handle the torque, except one derived from out heavy truck division, and the gearing in that would have limited the top speed to 90km/h
Therefore we had to use our two speed “fuiddrive” automatic transmission, which might not be ideal solution, but unfortunately we do not have enough time or money to create new transmission.


The Falcon Motors 1951 Sparrow Sport GT and GT

Falcon Motors is proud to present the future of our racing division. In development for a year and a half, built for agility and speed, these upgraded 1951 Sparrows are ready for their world reveal at the 1952 Corso Di Fruinia. This race will be the ultimate proving ground for the new Sport GT and GT Packages which will be available in limited quantities August of 1952. Our Sport GT will be adorned with the number 955 and the GT will be adorned with the number 950.


Team Wentworth

Driver: Percival Smith
Navigator: Harold Brewer
Car No. 88

Cheap, hand built, post-war roadster designed to help veterans recover from the horrors of combat

Wentworth Lore

Wentworth is entering a stock Womble to determine where it can make changes and improvements for the Mk2 model which is due in 1956. The chief designer and engineer have decided to go themselves so the raw data doesn’t have to filter through too many layers before it gets to them…

The tiny roadster has room for two and luggage and costs very little to run


First come first served at time of submission, I’ve got enough submissions to only do the paper work for those actually received. Sorry.

OP is updated with all processed entries (and the used numbers).


well then…
gotta get going soon