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Rocha Motor Company


Founded in 1932 in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, under the name of Rocha Cars, it was a company specialized in modifications, as requested by customers. Working with all makes and types of vehicles soon became a reference in the industry, attracting customers even from other states.

In 1946 the company changed its name to Rocha Motor Company and started producing some prototypes in order to enter the automobile market.


Good to see another brazilian here. =)


Rocha Chassis 1946


Those are going to be the underpinnings of the first Rocha if I am not mistaken. 36 hp is laughably tiny by today’s standards, but enough for an early post-war people’s car.


Rocha Chassis 1947


Rocha Chassis 1948


Rocha Chassis 1949


Rocha Chassis 1951


Rocha Chassis 1953


Rocha Motor Company 1955


Line 1956







1960 Rocha Dallas Imperial 650

The Rocha Dallas Imperial 650 is a more sophisticated and luxurious version than the Dallas 650 model launched in 1956. Much more comfort, fuel economy and performance with the new 3-speed automatic transmission. New front, new interior, new details. See up close and be surprised with this new model from Rocha Motor Company.

Boxer engine 6 cylinders, 168 hp, 360 Nm
3-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive
4-door sedan, 5 seats, hydraulic steering, air conditioning, electric windows, AM radio, automatic external antenna, double headlights