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Rocha Motor Company


1977 Line


1981 Rocha Spok 413

The second generation of the Rocha Spok arrived with a modern look, electronic injection and a 3-speed gearbox + overdrive, providing greater fuel economy and lower maintenance cost.


1981 Rocha Spok RGT 418

The sports version of the Rocha Spok comes equipped with a new 4-cylinder 1.8cc boxer engine, electronic injection, 4-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive, body kit, among many other details.


1981 Rocha Dallas Imperial III 630

Rocha Motor’s top-of-the-line sedan reaches its third generation, focused on safety and comfort. The powerful 5.0 engine gave way to a 3.0 with electronic injection, which works in conjunction with an automatic 3-speed gearbox. The handmade interior has space for 4 people and the car has the most modern security features.