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Rosin Calvinator Auto Corp [MORE Cars from the past just added]


We’re Calvinator. Our Vans are super cars and our super cars are even faster. We like reactions. We like to see Mustang owners go bonkers when they see a van barrel past them. There is a reason we have been in business sinve 1947 and only got shut down once in 2017 (and our cars had nothing to do with the shutdown).


> beat around the bush intensifies

K. Those are pretty words but you haven’t answered my question.


We make our cars for people who are looking for something different, even if the difference is on the inside.

Royal/Roscal makes mostly high end luxury with some performance
City makes high performance green cars
Calvinator makes low price, durable high performance sleeper cars (most of them Spartan in nature)
CNRT/CRM makes race cars
Rosin makes military vehicles


Yes it was. It was also faster while having 0 quality sliders. In any case. Calvinator does not make low price durable high performance sleeper cars. It’s way off that marker. From what I’ve seen Calvinator makes overly expensive medium performance cars


What about now? (I noticed that unreal automation has no inflation).


Automation has never had inflation calculations.


It could sure use it


what do you define as low cost high performance. My cars in the real world would be really fast and powerful compared to other cars. And lets not forget that automation lacks inflation, so a car made in 1950 in this game costing 35K in game in reality would probably of costed what 3.5K in 1950 irl? (Inflation is bad here in the USA, done with an inflation calculator).


They may be fast and powerful, but there are not “Quick”.
You basicly try to race a Dodge Demon on Drag Tyres on a circuit raceway.

Also what a lot of people mean is that there are far far far cheaper cars with less complicated parts which are quicker.


So, apparently, someone has trespassed out testing facility and get a good look at the new minivan we are testing. Well, corporate says its time to release the design specs for our new Power Wagon Warrior racing minivan. So, here it is:

This minivan will have a target speed of 250 mph or more with a target 2000 bhp or less (but more would be great, you know). It would be a hyper car/minivan mix. World’s first hypervan, and yes, it WILL go into production.
@Mikonp7 i see. Well we build the equivelant to American performance cars here. Track racing is a thing we like, but we really enjoy drag racing, which is like half of all IARO races are.


But even then there is the problem that most Brands have something like that as their top trim.
Dodge dont build their company on the Demon. It would make more sense if you had a normal Minivan trim and then the highest trim is the “SuperVan” Edition


Well, if you were doing that, you’d be using pushrod v8s instead of DOHC stuff, and all your vehicles would be using solid axle rear ends until the 1990s. It also would also be dirt cheap. So, you’re not building equivalent to American stuff.


Basically this…

You would normally want to use multiple trims to reach a bigger audience with your cars. Building 50 hypervans doesn’t really make sense to me if you’re not using it to sell 50,000+ regular vans along with it.


@Mikonp7 @findRED19 we do make lower trims under Roscal and City. Calvinator is about performance (But you notice that this minivan is CRM, not Calvinator, and CRM make everything superfast). @findRED19 we did use pushrods and single rear axles with our lower trims in Royal (back when they ran things).

Ok, time for the list of brands we comtrol by performance:
City: Low Performance/high efficiency with some exceptions
Roscal: Low to Mid performance with some exceptions for the Roscal Miara
Rosin: Mid to High performance for military
Predator: High Performance trucks and vans
Calvinator: High Performance Minivans, Muscle Cars, Sports Cars, Super Cars and Sleepers.
CRM: Super/Racing Sleepers, Race Cars
Ultra Performance.


You still didn’t answer for the “Dirt Cheap” part, and you havn’t shown off the “regular stuff” (in UE4) at all. So I’m still waiting.


Bad habit from Royal. They had us only show what’s powerful. We should soon start to show off our lower end stuff from Roscal.

Anyway, enjoy this meme I just found on our community forums (PS, we don’t have one irl, I created this meme).


God I feel like this whole dialogue is straight out of BoJack Horseman, the one where Todd and Mr Peanutbutter are trying to build a startup on the word “smoodies” which are apparently “moods that you drink like smoothies” (but beyond that they have no idea WTF a smoody is). Nothing but indirection and nonsensical words.

Dude, it comes down to one simple question that all of us have:


I am surprised that Netflix has customers. Netflix is where you find shows that are so unheard of, so unpopluar, they are either swept under tge rug and forgotten, or go here cause no one wants to show them on their tv services, whether channel or cable.


Errr…shows such as Archer are quite successful though?


This thread.