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Rosin Calvinator Auto Corp [MORE Cars from the past just added]


Archer is on cable, though. Some stuff on netflix is also seen elsewhere. Most of the stuff on netflix, however, is only found there.


So the mass-market brands are City and Roscal (the former being eco-focused), while Calvinator and CRM are the high-performance and racing divisions, respectively. But Predator’s positioning overlaps with Calvinator’s, and so it should devote itself to making SUVs without sporting pretensions - leaving the fast SUVs and off-roaders to Calvinator might make more sense. Finally, Rosin is best reserved for commercial and military vehicles - they do not always have to be fast.

I believe that this is how the Calvinator group ought to be organized - in theory, it should be a more logical arrangement with less probability of two or more brands cannibalizing each other’s sales.


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