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Rossolini Automobili S.p.A



Stage 1: History

Before we introduce our new supercar, we will like to explain our history for our 1st production supercar, The Rossolini Tempesta.
The year of 2008, The Tempesta was this first-ever supercar built in the Rossolini factory. Powered by a 5.0 liter V10, making 560hp. With the avail of AWD, The car had substantial amplitude of grip. However, it wasn’t yare. The team had to do some testing to visually perceive how it performed first. And so, they went to Germany to test the Tempesta, and here is one categorical place to do so. Nurburgring’s Nordschleife, AKA Green Hell. The goal was not only to visually perceive how the car will perform but to endeavor and beat the infamous Nissan GTR that did it in 7:27.70. It achieved those goals. The Tempesta did it at 7:25.15. It additionally has beaten the Ferrari Enzo too which did it in 7:25.21. Now, the Tempesta was now yare for engenderment. Commenced engenderment on January 20, 2008. Rossolini additionally got there popularity on March 4, 2008, as the Geneva Motor Show was transpiring. Not only the Tempesta was shown, but they withal made a racing concept denominated the Tempesta GT that would anon compete in the 2009 FIA GT. Both the Tempesta & Tempesta GT was additionally featured in an upcoming racing game. which additionally has the Tempesta being the cover car for it. The car was additionally featured in BBC television show Top Gear, as Richard Hammond reviewed the Tempesta and Doted it a lot. And it conclusively did its power lap in the Top Gear Test Track driven by their team racing driver, The Stig. Surprisingly enough, It was the most expeditious car around their track doing it at 1:16.7. For the past years, the Tempesta has been one of a kind Italian supercar. Lamentably, The last ever built Tempesta was a Carbon Edition, Tempesta, that was predicated on the facelift of the Tempesta that perpetuated from 2015 Through this year. With all the pristine Tempesta including the facelift, the total the Tempestas that was built was 15,000 of them made. Until then, the Tempesta will be the most Iconic supercar to be ever kenned to this day.

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This is by far the best recreation of any car from Burnout Paradise to date. It would be logical for you to also replicate the special GT version, complete with aero bits, decals and high-mounted exhaust pipes, as closely as possible.

Stage 2: Succesor

Buonasera everyone. Due to this difficult time, Many of us here at the Rossolini team is currently staying safe with social distancing, but that still doesn’t stop us from showing you our newest car here. Or maybe, a new brother to the Tempesta. The Tifone.

Before It was named the Tifone during the development, The car started off as PFT (Project Future Tempesta) in early 2020 & was the beginning of the development of the successor of the Tempesta, Featuring more aerodynamic, & a brand new AWD System. We wanted to see how we can find new ways to design a car that focuses not only on performance but to see how the aerodynamics will work for the car. The arched C-pillars in a ‘flying buttress’ style also aid further in downforce by channeling the air around the rear section. With many drafts of the car design, we came up with a name that will continue the Tempesta’s legacy for our future. Hence the name, The Tifone.

Screenshot of 3d model of the Tifone Concept MK1

Months later after the first Concept, It was time to build the real thing. We also did a slight design change on the car as well. The car is powered by the Natural Aspirated 5.1 liter V10, which was used on the facelifted Tempesta (2015-2020) But this time, It’s tuned to 627bhp (Previously 571bhp). It is also 23kg lighter than the Tempesta as well. The car is also fitted with a 7-Speed Dual-Clutch transmission. Due to the pandemic, We weren’t able to show the 2nd concept of the Tifone at The Geneva Motor Show, But we decided to reveal the car on our Youtube channel. During our development for the Tifone, the team decided to also include active aero to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

Pictures of the Tifone Concept MK2

In our 3rd and final phase, we are close to completing the car. We decided to visit back to Nurburgring to set a new time with the spy car of the Tifone. We weren’t ready to set a new lap record since we needed to test the car. Surprisingly, The car handles magnificently. We decided to head back to Italy To visit Nardò to Test the car’s top speed. The Team guess was probably 203mph, However, it went beyond our expectation. The car top out at 208mph. All of our tests were a success. All we needed to do now is to finally complete the appearance of the car. Months later, it was ready. The upcoming 2021 Rossolini Tifone. With the starting price of $204,271 (US) / 151,739£ (UK) / 167,966€ (EU). We have yet to set the lap time record on the Nordschleife with the Tifone so stay tuned for that.

Production model of the Tifone

2021 Rossolini Tifone Full Specs
Engine Type: 90°, V10, DI (Direct Injection), DOHC
Displacement: 5159 cc (314.82 cu in)
Bore X Stroke: 84.5 X 90 mm
Compression: 12.5:1
Power: 626.4 hp (467.1 kw) @ 8000 rpm

Transmission & Drivetrain-
Drivetrain Type: Electronically controlled all-wheel drive system with Limited-Slip differential
Transmission: Dual clutch gearbox with 7 speeds

Max Speed: 208 mph (344 km/h)
0 to 100 KM/H: 3.20 Seconds
80 to 100 KM/H: 1.70 Seconds
Braking 100 to 0 KM/H: 29.9 Meters

Body & Chassis-
Chassis: Monocoque Carbon Fibre
Body: Aluminum
Aerodynamics: Active Aero, Including C Pillar

Wheels & Brakes-
Tire Size Front: 245/40 R21
Tire Size Rear: 290/40 R21
Brakes: Carbon-ceramic brakes with fixed calipers/ 6 pistons (front) and 4 pistons (rear)
Front Brakes: 390 mm
Rear Brakes: 365 mm

Steering & Suspension-
Control Systems: Electronic Stability Control (ABS and TCS integrated)
Suspension F & R: Double Whishbone Fully Independent
Steering Type: Electro-mechanical assisted power steering
I hope you enjoy the presentation of the new Tifone, And More info about the Tifone will be shown to you soon. Stay safe out there. Arrivederci

~ Marucio Rossolini