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Roulette Runner [FINAL RESULTS]


Team Twin-Snail

Day 1 Pre-Race
Day 1, Leg 1
Day 1, Leg 2
Day 1, Leg 3
Day 1, Leg 4
Day 1, Leg 5
Day 1, Leg 6
Day 1, Leg 7
Day 1, Leg 8
Day 1, Leg 9
Day 1, Leg 10

Before the Stage

With the radio still playing, even at a reduced volume, and the soundtrack having changed to some mid-80’s techno, Team Twin-Snail packed up their campground goodies. Scott put a bunch of bratwurst in buns, then wrapped them in a towel to place in the car for snacking on during the run, Linda placed the ceramic blocks back in the holding brackets welded to the catalytic converters, Amy packed away the grill and any as-yet-uncooked food, and Luke checked, then double-checked the fluid levels.

“Everything looks good. Oil’s topped up, brake fluid’s topped up, transmission’s as optimal as it’s gonna get, and we’ve even got about half a pint of headlight fluid in the passenger side highbeam lamp housing after the last rainfall.” Luke said.

“Mind draining the headlight coolant, Luke? Wouldn’t want to lose all the headlights, now would we?” Amy said. Luke gave a light nod, then unbolted the trim ring and the lens, letting the rain water drain out before putting it all back.

After the last minute checks were done, the hood was closed, and everyone was in the car, Luke cranked it over and they headed to the starting line for the last time that day.

“Got any plans, Luke?” Linda asked. “My calculation says we could use a bit of a speed boost.”

“I could rev the piss out of it and neutral-bomb it. Either spectacular transmission failure occurs, or we throw gravel all over the place.”

“I like our luck so far. Do it.”

Day 1, Stage 11

The huge bright-blue convertible roared as Luke held it in neutral, banging on the rev limiter before the flag dropped. With a well-timed yank and drop on the column shifter, Luke popped it into Drive as the revs started climbing again, causing the car to snarl, sneeze, then proceed to burn the tires going out onto the steep mountain road.

The all mechanical beast sang to the setting sun, the pounding roar of the crossplane V8 mixing with the shrill sound of the turbochargers, combining with the variety of music from Scott’s phone set on Shuffle. A blend of techno, metal, and rock became the background music to their winding ascent, blended with the pure, raw mechanical sounds of their old car.

Luke turned the headlights on, not that he needed them, but he understood other teams needed to see them. As they rounded the last corner and drove through the campground, Luke aimed the car with the same precision they’d first arrived in, narrowly missing a trash can, two benches, and the toilets.

Day 1, Leg 11 / Day 1 Aftermath

“Damn good driving, Luke!” Scott said, unwrapping the bundle of bratwurst, then unlocking the trunk to get out the beer.

Linda and Amy set up the little grill, placing the two very-hot ceramic blocks in the bottom as they prepared some food.

“Hey, Luke, did ya hear about those guys in the Bogliq?” Scott asked.

“What about 'em?” Luke inquired back.

“Their radio’s broken, too. Maybe you could do a favor for 'em, go poke at some broken solder joints with that soldering iron of yours.”

“Well, if they bring it to me, I’ll consider it. Though I’ll have to warn 'em that I don’t use that ROHS-compliant lead-free crap. Not for repair-work, at least.” Luke said, after giving it a half second of thought.

Amy looked at the ignition of the Sinistra Savage, then asked, “Luke, where the hell are your keys?”

“Tucked neatly away in my under-arm compartment, away from thieves. And if anyone thinks they’re going to pry open one of my compartments, I’ve got 400 psi of grip force that says every bone in their hand will be powderized. I’ve also got a soldering iron built into my left hand index finger, so I could just brand them as a thief. And if it gets nasty, you’ll find ol’ Dragon’s Breath in the trunk.”

“Ah, that pile-of-junk oxy-propane torch you built out of things laying around the shop.” Linda quipped, giving her trademark “I’m just joking” grin.

“Hardly a pile of junk. You show me a welding torch with gas bottles that fit on a belt and can provide the heat needed to make quick work of it. Then I’ll consider replacing it.” Luke replied, having missed the grin.

“Why’d you bring it, though?” Scott asked.

“Well… It’s both a welding torch and a cutting tool. It’s something anyone can use.”

“Good point.”

Car Condition:
Intact, seems to be running fine. Transmission leak is still not conclusive as to being worse or not, but everyone’s assuming it still exists. Fan belt replaced after Luke noticed the one they’d run all day with looked like a rat chewed it. Radio works. Top still sticks, but right now, no one really cares about that.

Team Condition

MRL +7 overall. Feeling good, and comfortable that they’ve made it halfway. Confident the car will at least start for tomorrow. Not overconfident enough to think it’ll breeze through day 2, but hopes are up. Scott’s preparing the mother-of-all-exhaust-leaks for later. Luke currently has no active projects. Amy is teaching Linda how to cook with a grill. Linda is learning not all food comes from a microwave.

(out of character. Needless to say, I’m open for the open RP session. Just had to tie up the loose ends of the day, and now Team Twin-Snail’s ready. If you’ve got broken electronics, you may try your luck with whether Luke can fix them or not. Essentially, he’ll try to fix it, but ultimately, it’s up to VicVictory as to whether it can function or not. Also, feel free to ask for a beer or two, we’ve got plenty, along with bratwurst and burgers. Effectively, this is my declaration that I’ll be active in this.)


Day 1, Leg 11

Buoyed by the knowledge that this was he final run for the day I chose to take the final steer of the day, giving Andrew maximum time to rest up ready for tomorrow. The ascent was generally easy but there were some steep sections which meant we had to lean hard on the engine RPM’s. The rocks were clear and easy to spot so the run was uneventful and we arrived at the end of the run just shy of our target time. We parked up the Kitten and went looking for someplace good to camp for the night…

So pleased we’re on our final leg as both Pierre and I were at the end of our tethers! Pierre drove the final run with aplomb, deftly avoiding obstacles and the lower half of the RPM range and we were never in any danger of crashing or DNF’ing. The skies cleared up by the time we reached the end of the run and we were able see clearly the landscape all around us. Such a pretty place, it’s a shame we can’t stay longer…


Day 1, leg 11

Car: No worries at all, the Bogliq has proven to be really reliable!

Crew: Relieved that it’s the end of the day, looking forward to some fried/barbequed “meat” and damper! MRL 0 (+4 Total)

Epilogue, end of Day 1

I helped Andrew set up the campsite, search for firewood and make dinner. I decided that I wanted to spend some alone time before bed so I wandered up to the top of the hill and did some stargazing. The universe truly is a beautiful place and I can understand why the ancients were all obsessed with astronomy and astrology; you can’t help but behold the night sky in awe of it’s magnificent beauty! When I started to feel sleepy, which was around 9pm, local time, I headed back to camp and got some shuteye as we had a lot of driving to do the next day…

After we made everything ship-shape and got ourselves squared away, Pierre and I decided to spend some time away from each other so we could recharge, ready for tomorrow. I decided to wander through the camping grounds, handing out some copies of Mountain Pass to whomever wanted one (I had about 5 to spare) and say hello, them I would move on to the next campfire. After visiting all the competitors it was getting late so I headed back to camp, got into my sleeping bag and fell asleep!


Day 1

Car: Lost it’s stereo, otherwise there is nothing to report. Currently too fast for our target time, not bad for a rally replica FWD hatch!

Crew: We still like each other so, as far as Pierre and I am concerned, that’s a big win for team Mountain Pass! (MRL +4)


#Team ‘Southend Or Bust’
Original Post - Previous Post

The story so far: Three uni students in a far-more-reliable-than-expected Erin Berlose in the the middle of nowhere. Day 1 has been quite the test for the car, but it’s pulled through well. As for the team, they’ve had highs and lows but have made it to the end very much in one piece. Now it’s just a question of what James is cooking for dinner…

James slowed as they approached the campsite, having just finished the leg. “Good job boys” he said proudly, as Seb and Martin reciprocated. They rolled past the designated work area, surveying some of the cars and tired teams that were in there.
“Sucks to be them” said Seb. He’d really become rather boisterious on this run, not that the other two minded.
“I say we go and park up next to the Bogliq” said James.
“Go for it” replied Martin “I just want dinner to be honest”


With the tent set up, the guys had gone off to do their own thing for a while. Martin sat by the side of the car with a torch in his mouth and a few tools next to his as he tried to cut off a chunk of plastic that had been damaged at some point today. James sat next to his portable stove, concentrating on making what was going to be an amazing dinner. Seb meanwhile was setting up his section of the tent, and seeing if they could get a phone signal out here.

Suddenly, there was a clunk and a decisive “Got ya!” from Martin. James looked over. “What have you just done?” he queried.
“I got rid of that stupid wheelarch cover that’s been dragging along the tire all day. Was driving me mad” he said excitedly. Shortly after, he came over to the stove. “So, what’s the plan?”
“For dinner?” replied James, “We’re doing some kind of burrito thing. I’m making a sausage jambalaya and I’m then gonna stuff that in some wraps” he said, shoveling a mix of bell peppers, onions, peas and shredded carrot into the pan.
“How the hell do you manage to do this out in the wild?” said Martin, impressed.
“Magic” said James, with a smile on his face. “And then afterwards, I’ve got some pre-made curry sauce and I’ll do a bit of rice if anyone wants extras. Otherwise, that’ll be lunch for tomorrow”.

“Right” shouted Seb, having changed clothes and already opened a beer. “I want music and I want to be drunk” he said, opening the door to the car and pressing some buttons on the iPod dock. Moments later, Slide Away was blasting out of the speakers of the car. He then went over to open the boot, and brought out a crate of cheap beer, which Martin and James quickly went over to. It was gonna be a good night.

Just as a note for anyone who wants to incorporate Southend or Bust into their RP; we’re playing loud music, mainly 90s/00s Alt Rock, getting drunk and generally being a nuisance :smiley:


Sorry for lack of rp i am having rl issues thanks to my flight being cancelled


Real life is a bitch sometimes.
I have had no time to come up with a decent storyline. So here goes a short sum up of day one.

#Team Clockwork Orange

Day one went way better than expected for the team. The guys were confident in failure before they set off. Who would bring a 1979 hot hatch for an off road competition after all. Low ground clearance, no off-road tyres, stiff suspension with limited articulation, tiny cabin. All those things don’t make for a good car to take across a massive off-road trip. But the plucky Baltazar was soldiering on brilliantly, with no issues bar minor scraping and worrying brake fade.

At night, on the camp, they decided to tackle the issue that was being presenting itself. All brake lines were checked, as was the brake fluid levels and the servo. Obviously, as wth all things, it turned out the issue was in the most complex part. to be continued, when I find some more time


To touch on Madrias’s point about repairs - I’ve messaged a couple teams about things with their cars. You guys are welcome to fix little fiddly bits on your (or other) cars that will, in the end, not really impact the car’s ability to make it. Like the Bogliq’s radio.

Also, after today, I’m not going to have internet until late Saturday, when I start this up again, so I won’t be randomizing anything until the beginning of Day 2.


Team Yokai’s RP writers have also been crippled with a severe lack of time, so we will be back tomorrow (hopefully) :grin:


And my writers are temporarily down on productivity due to a CPU upgrade not going too well, meaning less than favorable keyboards for typing long paragraphs



Marc: Is it me or does the car seem to be having a little easier time climbing these switchbacks?

Blake: ECM monitors driving inputs and gradually adjusts accordingly. Fuel trim and shift points mainly.

Marc: Is that an approval of modern technology I hear?

Blake: Well, modern technology did cost us half an engine so take the good with the bad. Besides, this is still a proper car, RWD with a V8… albeit less functional.

Marc: Apart from the injectors, this car is holding up very well.

Blake: I’ve always liked the Enforcers, mainly because Petoskey made them for so long and worked out every bug and kink. I personally think Petoskey should’ve focused on improving the Enforcer rather than outright replacing it.

Marc: Except that the last generation was only barely faster than the Owosso Interceptor, you remember that one, FWD V6. Then once they made the new AWD turbo Owosso, that’s all she wrote. Be thankful the Blackfoot at least fits your RWD V8 standards.

Blake: Yeah, and about twice as expensive to fix.

Marc: I guess the times, they are a changin!

Blake: If I get that song in my head I’m going to kill you.

(Later, the Enforcer pulls into the campsite somewhat behind schedule.)

Blake: Okay, get the camping gear out of the trunk, I’ll see how dinner is coming along.

Marc: Got it, and remember, we’re sharing the burger that survived!

Blake: Yeah yeah, I know. (whew) smells like a damn barbecue under here.

Marc: Just what we need, a smell to attract critters.

Blake: Don’t worry, I’ll drive it a ways off and rinse the engine off.

Marc: Okay, I got the buns, ketchup and mustard, and the salad mix.

Blake: And the beer right?

Marc: Of course. A six pack between us.

(One dinner and three beers each later)

Blake: Okay, let’s get camp set up.

(A few minutes later two small tents are set up, the food is stored in the cooler and placed in the trunk, and a fire is built.)

Blake: Will you look at that?

Marc: Those guys by the Erin?

Blake: Yeah, blasting that music and carrying on. I bet they’ll be commode-hangin’ drunk before the night is done.

Marc: Nothing like a strong hangover to start the next morning.

Blake: Well, you know the best cure for a hangover right?

Marc: What’s that?

Blake: Be under twenty five.

Marc: Don’t I know it.

Blake: I kind of envy them, carrying on like that. Takes me back.

Marc: Yeah, I remember coming to a party and busting your ass.

Blake: Hell, I practically needed those thirty days in jail just to recover.

Marc: Well, I think I’m gonna turn in.

Blake: It’s a tad early don’t you think?

Marc: Yes, but I want to be ready for whatever tomorrow throws at us. Plus I want to be alert in case someone decides to augment their possessions in the middle of the night.

Blake: Gotcha, well goodnight.

Marc: Good night.

(Blake Worden stays up for about an hour, then locks everything in the Enforcer, crawls into his tent and goes to sleep.)


Day 1 Leg 10

Toni: Left.
(Wookiee yanks the wheel hard left). This is stupid. Pointless. Pointlessly stupid.
Bill: Maybe, but the…things…are nice.
Toni: Farms. They’re farms, Bill.
Wookiee: Dirt!
Bill and Toni grab the nearest fixture as the van drops off the end of the sealed road with a bone-jarring thud.
Bill: Ow! My filling!
Wookiee: Why does this look like the road we were on before?
Toni: It is. But only until we get to that corner. (Points ahead on road)
Wookiee: Can you read a map?!
Toni: I didn’t plan this.
--------5 minutes later---------------
Toni: Then up there, it’s a right, then right again after that.
Wookiee: Then?
Toni: Then straight… then left.
Wookiee: Ffffffffffffar out.
Toni: Relax, these roads…
(The van swerves quickly to the other side of the road and back, causing Bill to hit his head on the window)
Bill: OWWW!!!
Toni: …are fairly far apart… but not good.
Wookiee: I hate potholes. Which reminds me, this “Nelly Wilson” is pretty… CRAP. Damned country music.
Toni: It’s either local tunes… or Bill’s choice, neither of us thought to bring anything.
(mutters to himself “I’ll fix that”)
Wookiee: Cattle Grid!!

Day 1 Leg 11

With Bill back behind the wheel, the van passes the last house in Hainsey.
Wookiee: So, we go up. The woman I spoke to said it’s not too steep, and should be fun.

Toni: Rock… rock… rock… root… rock. Ooh, Duck!, no… rock.

Wookiee “singing” The van went over the mountain, the van went over the mountain, the van went over…
Bill: SHUT UP!

Through the AM radio’s static…The road is long, with many a winding turn… (nobody did that joke? You sad, sad people :stuck_out_tongue:)

Toni: Floor it!
Bill shifts to first, pulls the wheel around and pushes hard on the pedal, the Grasshopper sprays dirt, sticks and stones against the cutting wall.

Bill: I think it’s best we leave that there. Not something I expected to see on this trip.
Toni/Wookiee: Agreed.

Bill stopped the Grasshopper in the open-air workshop. Toni and Wookiee were already setting up the campsite, but Bill was more concerned with the climbing temperature gauge. What was it she’d said, cool it down by removing the radiator cap?

Wookiee was cooking the rabbit stew when Bill wandered over.
Bill: And Aunt Toni is… where?
Wookiee: Gone to talk to those guys with the Enforcer. I guess my sleeping bag will be cold tonight.
Bill: I can’t hear you. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA


#Team Arstotska

Mike: Whew, the day is over, the drive was getting quite hard toards the end

Josh: meh, you said you were going to go the whole day

Mike: I know, but i was unprepared for how difficult it was.

Josh: oh cut it with the excuses already

Mike: why are we still friends even…

Josh:You’re getting tired, go to sleep.

Mike: you Ass…


Driver’s Meeting, Day 2, 8:30am

The event organizers would like to congratulate those of you who made it this far. They also make it explicitly clear that yesterday was a cakewalk compared to today. The REAL fun begins with leg 2. But for those who make it to the end, there is glory. Oh, and a top-notch rib-and-steak barbecue feast at the Double Chevron Ranch, renown for their Angus beef.

All you have to do is make it…

Day 2 Leg 1 Data

Hainsey Mountain Campground to Calloway Flats via Hainsey Mountain Road, SR 24, and FR 3500

Following the rough road back down the mountain, the course then takes a short jaunt down the highway before finding a wide, flat country road to Calloway Flats.

The sky is blue, with only the faintest wispy, white clouds high above.

Length 30; Avg Grade 2; Max Grade 7 (downhill from campground)

LAE High (fast); MRL +1; Notes: Strong start to day 2. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE Medium (fast); MRL +1; Notes: Brakes didn’t feel as bad on this descent. Fast cruise on the highway and road.

LAE Medium (slow); MRL +1; Notes: None

LAE High (slow); MRL +1; Notes: None

LAE Medium (fast); MRL +1; Notes: Pacing a bit off due to worn speedo cable.

LAE High (fast); MRL +1; Notes: None

LAE High (fast); MRL +1; Notes: None

LAE Medium (fast); MRL +0; Notes: Leak in steering rack is making turns, particularly at low speed, rather stiff. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE Medium (fast); MRL +1; Notes: None. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE High (slow); MRL +0; Notes: Radiator fan is making a horrible screaming sound when it kicks on now.

LAE Medium (slow); MRL +1; Notes: None

LAE - Medium (slow); MRL +1; Notes: None. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE - DNF; MRL -5 (overall +1 from the start); Notes: Brake booster failed near the bottom of Hainsey mountain. Driver was able to maintain control and stop at the base, but it is too dangerous to continue on.

LAE - Low (slow); MRL +0; Notes; The Elk was particularly cold-blooded this morning, and did not want to run well until after exiting SR24.

LAE Low (fast); MRL +1; Notes: Stormed down the mountain and up the road, anticipating a slowdown later.

LAE Medium (fast); MRL +1; Notes: Was actually on pace to be faster, but had to make a quick repair of the jury-rigged shifter (MOAR ZIP TIES!). TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

@titleguy1 / @ramthecowy
LAE High (fast); MRL +1; Notes: None. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

NOTE!! All teams, except the Seishido (fueled up yesterday) and Baltazar (DNF) had to make a fuel stop in Hainsey on their way.


#Team Arstotska

Mike: Ah i feel so much better after sleeping, that stage was now a piece of cake.

Josh: That’s really great to hear man. munches on Dorito’s

Mike: Hey man give me some of those.

Josh: Okay man points bag in Mike’s direction

Mike: omg thank you bro.

Josh: now what were you saying on questioning our friendship?

Mike: No Comment…

both laugh


Team Twin-Snail

Day One

Day 2, 6:37 AM

Luke worked quietly on the car, the little last-minute things everyone had to do, between clearing out the last of the chip crumbs, making sure their patch-job on the radio still worked, and triple-checking the car’s fluids. Linda, Scott, and Amy were slowly waking up, and once they had, the speed at which they had the camp packed up was impressive.

Day 2, 8:30 AM

The driver’s meeting was a touch nerve-wracking, as they were all reminded that yesterday was easy compared with today. They were reminded that their prize at the end wasn’t for money, but glory, bragging rights, and some really damn good food. Luke looked at Linda, Scott, and Amy, who gave a chuckle, reading Luke’s expressionless face perfectly. They knew he’d drive just as hard to win as anyone else would, even though for him, the only prize was glory, and even that was minimal.

Day 2, 8:33 AM

As Team Arstotska took off down the mountain, Luke held the key down on the old Sinistra Sure-Start system, hearing the whining motor bringing the inertia-starter’s flywheel up to speed. The red light glowed angrily just before Luke released the key and brought the engine to life with a snarling roar. Hiding in the rumble of the engine was the screaming bearing in the power steering pump, and the chattering, wailing clutch for the engine’s cooling fan, the hissing of steam on a heatsink covered in dew, all little things that added up to the reasons the Sinistra’s price was so cheap.

Linda looked up from her new copy of Mountain Pass, then said, “Well, sounds like it’s okay. Well, okay, it sounds like shit and runs like hell, but we all know I don’t like old V8’s, okay?”

“How can you not like this sound? It’s iconic, a classic.” Scott replied.

“Because I like the sound of an inline 6 better. This sounds like a rust bucket.”

Luke looked at the clock, one of the few things in the car that was still working just fine. 8:35.

“Right, time to go.” he said, putting the car in Drive. For a terrifyingly long second, nothing happened, followed by a heavy clunk and a thud as the car started moving forward.

“Luke, why does it feel like the gears are being changed by a gremlin with a sledgehammer?!” Amy asked, seeming surprised by the violence of going into first, then first to second.

“I tried a little $80 fix last night. Drained the transmission fluid, put all new stuff in. High-grade hydraulic oil, with a high temperature rating and slightly more viscosity. Downside is, it’s going to feel like that when it’s cold.”

“And you just happened to have that with you?”

“Well… I was hoping to save it in the event I blew a line, but if that happens, the purity of my fluids is the least of my concerns. Transmission fluid will work in a pinch, trust me, I know that one from experience. Always use an appropriate jack when lifting a truck, don’t just grab the frame and hoist it up. Lesson I learned on that one.”

Day 2, Leg 1

“Oh, geez. Luke, we already know this car sucks down hills.” Scott said, feeling the car sliding a little on the way down the mountain. “Can you take it a bit easier, I’m getting nauseous.”

“You should be, you had 8 beers last night. And who-knows-what that you got from Southend or Bust.” Linda commented, giving a wicked grin.

“Not my fault that my taste for music and theirs overlapped, so I told 'em to turn it up.”

Luke shook his head, then said, “Yeah, but we’ve got a long drive ahead of us, and I’d have appreciated having all four available drivers having a clear head.”

As they made their way down the mountain road, all of them noticed that the brakes felt a bit better this time. “What’d you do?” Amy asked.

“Cold brakes. Between cold brakes and force-shifting the transmission, I can keep 'em colder so they’ll last longer. And this is child’s play compared to the first hill we had, where we found we had very little in the way of brakes on that one.”

They turned onto the highway, and the giddy gremlin with a gear to grind took a good whack at every gear change. They hurtled through first, thud, then through second, thud, and all the way to the top end of third, thud, before settling into fourth, with the rest of the car carrying all the usual noises that it could make. Bearings in the power steering pump shrieked, the fan clutch chattered and wailed at full speed, the alternator rattled as they approached their top speeds for that leg, and the engine roared as Luke put his foot to the floor.

An ominous rumble shuddered through the unibody frame of the old convertible, and everyone looked at the car with worry, wondering if this was going to be the end.

“Excuse me.”

Linda and Amy stared at Scott, followed by the instant look of panic turning into disgust. “I felt that through the god-damn frame! Oh my god, that fucking reeks!” Amy said.

“Top’s already down, only thing I may be able to do is try driving faster.” Luke said. The engine howled as Luke demanded all that was available from 662 cubic inches of twin-turbocharged V8, the turbos giving an angry hiss as he backed off a bit.

“What. The fuck. Did you eat?” Linda asked, gagging as Scott tried not to laugh, more from fear of breathing his own fumes than any retribution from the team.

“I don’t know, I was drunk!”

Luke let off the gas and the car shuddered as it slowed down, the air pushing against it dragging it down far faster than the brakes would at those speeds, before flinging it onto the country road. He poured on the gas again and hoped for the best, the engine picking up speed slowly.

“Hey, look, right there, isn’t that Team Arstotska?” Amy said, trying to distract herself from the lingering fumes from the back seat.

“Yeah, but they’re going to cross the line before we can pass 'em.” Linda said.

“True. But that’s not going to stop me from trying to pass them anyway.” Luke said, the engine roaring as they made up the time they lost going down the hill with raw speed on flat ground.

“Slow down, Luke, there’s no point in this!” Scott yelled, as every bump seemed extra fierce to him at that point, and speed wasn’t helping matters.

“Nope. I’m going to try to give them an excellent view of our grille in their rear view mirror. And sure, we’ll miss that target by quite a distance, but we’re not being slow.” Luke said.

True to Luke’s word, they weren’t able to overtake the little Communitasia Wagon, but he figured if they had another 20 miles of flat road, it would’ve been no contest.

Day 2, Leg 1 Aftermath

With the car smelling like rotten eggs from the overheated catalytic converters, and distilled death from Scott’s exhaust blast in the back seat, no one wanted to be in or around it for a good little while. Amy took one of the super-heated ceramic blocks off of the catalytic and used it to cook a late breakfast, resting one of Luke’s pans on top of it.

Scott, naturally, was told to keep downwind of the team so that his ‘exhaust leak’ wouldn’t possibly affect the rest of the team. Luke checked the fluids and found nothing to be out of place yet, and Linda decided to finish reading the copy of Mountain Pass they’d gotten from team Mountain Pass.

Car Condition:

Seems to be fine, despite behaving differently today due to adjustments being made. Mechanically identical to day 1, Leg 11 in what’s wrong with it. Currently smells really bad.

Team Condition:

MRL +8 overall. Feeling great. Scott’s worried someone’s going to attack him with the spare catalytic converter. Luke’s annoyed at a rip in the driver’s seat. Amy dropped three jellybeans in the carpet and now they’re a permanent fixture in the car. Linda is reading about fun FWD cars.


Team Riot Uncontrol

Leg 9

Aaron “This is getting even boring for me”
Paul “Don’t you have any music to play ?”
Aaron “Phone is dead”
Paul “God Danmit”

Leg 10

Paul “How long is this leg ?”
Paul " The length of the leg Aaron"
Still Silence
Paul “Aaron ?”
A quick look to the passengers seat shows the situation of Aaron.
Paul “Really ?”
Open mouthed Aaron is sleeping on the passengers seat
Paul “I got something to wake you up”
With a flick of a switch the siren starts playing

Leg 11
The van rolls on to the campsite
Aaron “This sure is it”
Paul “Look okay”
Aaron " Just park next to the Pickup of Team Space Wizards. We can put up the tent behind the van"
Paul “Tent ?”
Aaron “You did know this was camping”
Paul “I thought we sleep in the van ?”
Aaron “Next to all the spare parts, fuel cans and bullet holes ?”
Paul “Yesss ?”
Aaron “I think you gonna ready up the back then and i try the beer at the campfire”

Start Day 2
Aaron awakes first and stretches his arms.
There was so tent, but at least Paul brought a inflatable mattress.
Aaron “Wake up bro”
Paul “5 more min please…”
Aaron “No you have work to do.”
Paul “Why me…”
Aaron “I told you yesterday why”
Paul “Oh…”
Aaron “BUT, we have our music back”
Paul “At least one good thing”

Day 2 Leg 1

Paul " I heard at the end of this leg there will be steak"
Aaron “I heard the stage will be hard”
Paul " We will be fiiinnneee"
Aaron “This leg is just to get to the hard part.”
Paul “Then let us get there fast !”


RP will go as follows:

Well, fuck.

Cheers vic.


Day 2, Leg 1

After a really good sleep and a tasty breakfast I felt my spirits rise to the challenge of another day’s racing. Pierre and I packed up the camp, loaded up the Kitten and prepared our plan of attack for the first leg. Since the first leg was mainly downhill sections comprised of good quality gravel and tarmac, we knew that we’d miss our optimum time due to the short gearing in the Bogliq. As expected the run was uneventful and the Kitten preformed flawlessly. As a bonus I’d managed to nudge the speed up a bit so our overall time was closer to the optimum than we expected. Overall not a bad start to our day’s adventures!

I slept like a log and so did, I suspect, all the other teams as day one was surprisingly intense. After getting everything squared away I made sure Andrew filled up at Hainsley so that we didn’t have any nasty surprises and we set out without incident. The roads were generally good quality so we made good time. Andrew pushed the Kitten as hard as possible without killing our ears and we ended up shaving some time off what we thought we would do… Still not fast enough for the perfect run but closer than if Andrew had stuck to the agreed upon speed. It has been a great start to the day so far and I’m hoping that the weather agrees to stay clear and blue which’ll make life easier on everyone racing today…


Day 2, Leg 1

Car: No problems to report, the nice weather makes the blue Kitten positively glow!

Crew:Rested, refreshed, ready and rearing to go! MRL +1 (+5 Total)


#Team ‘Southend Or Bust’
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The story so far: Three uni students now turning their rally adventure into a classic student holiday. It had been a big night - having successfully annoyed most of the campsite with the complete run-through of almost all of Blur’s 90s discography, Seb had brought out the aniseed liquor and… well, most of it was now gone.


James awoke with the feeling of grass on his face, and the faint tinny sound of music playing. Trying to get up, he immediately realised the immensity of his headache. “Fuck” he thought to himself, “this hangover is bad”.
Wondering over to the car, slowly, he found that somehow, a Spotify playlist was still going. He read the name of it - “Ultimate All-Out Acid Jazz Evening Soundtrack”, though someone had queued a whole load of Childish Gambino songs too. What even.

Seb was lying in the tent, having slept in his clothes, using some of the bags as a makeshift pillow. He hadn’t even made it to his inflatable bed.
“Oi, mate” said James in a raspy voice. Seb stirred a little and mumbled something to himself. No luck with that then, time to go and find Martin. Thankfully that didn’t take too long. James found him round the front of the car sleeping next to a toolbox that he almost seemed to be spooning.
“Dude we all know you love your tools but at least get a room next time” he sternly said to him, as Martin woke up in a confused state. Realising it was James, he gave him a dirty look and went back to sleep.


A little while later and after a fry-up courtesy of James, they were on the road. It was easy going today, and James was thankful to be at the wheel. Partly because there wasn’t too much to worry about on this route, and partly because the other two were still clinically dead.
Martin seemed to be both asleep and not asleep at the same time, meaning how could still try to talk about what happened last night.
“Those Twin Sail guys were fun” he said with a vague smile on his face.
“There was a woman with them too you know” replied James.
“Oh” said Maritn, pausing to think. “No I remember that now. One of them put on some Pixies I think and I definitely sang along”
“Yeah, you did” said Seb in a grumpy tone.


Having made it to Calloway Flats, all three of them came to the decision that more breakfast was needed, as this hangover wasn’t going away.
“James I don’t give a shit what it is, I just need sustenance” said Seb, having yet to shake his grump from this morning.
“Alright, alright” said James in a mocking accent. “How much anis did you have last night?”
“A lot, ok?” said Seb. “And I was mixing with that wine we nicked from some other camp”
“Yeah, let’s gloss over that and hope no one notices” said James.

Martin watched the other teams come in. “Definitliey seeing more cars with problems” he said.
Seb came over while James made some food. “Mmm” he said “With any luck, we shan’t be joining them too soon”.
“Yeah…” said Martin, slightly troubled. He had a gut feeling that they soon would be.



(Blake Worden wakes up to find Marc Levinstein already awake sitting at the campfire fiddling with something in his hand)

Blake: How long have you been up?

Marc: Just half an hour (points to several balls of foil in the fire pit) I’ve got breakfast started.

Blake: Awesome, I’ll get coffee started. What’s that you’ve got there?

Marc: Just a chain I wear around my neck.

Blake: And the piece at the end?

(Marc holds it up for Blake to see, it’s a Star of David that looks seriously bent and distorted)

Marc: Drug bust twelve years ago, I took one in the chest. This kept the bullet from going through.

Blake: Damn!

Marc: Let’s just say I don’t doubt my faith anymore.

Blake: No kidding!

The breakfast menu for Team Outriders consists of: An egg poured into a hollow onion then wrapped in foil, a hollowed out orange filled with blueberry muffin mix also wrapped in foil, the guts of the orange itself, and one packet of Instant Oatmeal with hot water poured inside and eaten directly out of the packet. One of each for each team member and all you have to clean up in the end is two spoons.

(By 8:30 they had camp broken and everything packed into the car, they learned a bit of what they can expect on day two as well as the reward at the end. Afterwards they set out)

Blake: You ready Roy?

Marc: I was born ready!

Blake: Contact! (Turns the ignition key, the engine cranks, Blake gives it some gas and the engine fires up with a puff of smoke from the tailpipes)

Marc: (Puts on sunglasses) Let’s rock!

(A short while into the drive, both men started to hear a horrible screaming sound under the hood of the car)

Marc: What the hell is that?

Blake: I’m guessing something that coincides with the car warming up.

(After winding down the mountain the team gets on the highway, at cruising speed the noise dies down)

Blake: Sounds like our scream has gone away.

Marc: What would that be?

Blake: My guess would be the fan clutch.

Marc: I thought the Enforcers used electric fans.

Blake: Only from the Gen III cars '02 and up. This is a 97.

Marc: So what happens if the clutch fails?

Blake: We either have extra drag from the fan being stuck on, or we lose it entirely. On the highway stretches, that won’t be a problem, and at low speeds… well, we’ll have to use the “auxiliary” radiator.

Marc: Windows down and heater on full blast?

Blake: Ah, so you’ve owned a beater car too?

(Arrival at Calloway Flats)

Blake: I’m gonna spray around the inside of the pulley with WD-40.

Marc: What for?

Blake: Well, if the clutch engages and still makes a scream, then we know it’s the fan clutch, if not, then it’s a bearing going.

Marc: Great.


Day 2 Leg 2 Data

Calloway Flats to Goose Lake, overland

Thanks to a rather enthusiastic and generous private landowner and his convenient border with DNR land, the event coordinators were able to arrange for a completely overland section. There are ATV trails and occasional truck ruts crossing the wide-open space to Goose Lake. Shrubs, holes, rocks, and surprises litter the land. And to make it worse, it’s 25 brutal miles of this.

The sky is blue, with only the faintest wispy, white clouds high above.

Length 25; Avg Grade 0; Max Grade 2

LAE DNF; MRL -5 (+6 overall for journey); Notes: CRITICAL FAILURE: Misjudgement + obscured rock = pinion gear snapped, steering rack bent.

LAE Medium (slow); MRL +2; Notes: One of the four mufflers (and a section of tailpipe) are now missing. Passenger side rocker panel is crushed. But survived the stage. TEAM MORALE IS VERY HIGH.

LAE Low (slow); MRL -1; Notes: Had to change punctured left rear tire with the spare, and the lifter tick is definitely getting worse. Also, the number of underbody scrapes was rather disconcerting.

LAE DNF; MRL -5 (+3 overall for journey); Notes: CRITICAL FAILURE: Fuse box and wiring harness caught fire.

LAE High (slow); MRL +2; Notes: A lot of scraping, and a new dent in the RF fender, but otherwise fine. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE Medium (slow); MRL +1; Notes: Only about 12" of exhaust remain behind the cat, the rest was torn off.

LAE Very low (slow); MRL -1; Notes: The K-member repair had to be redone completely when the original wood block splintered.

LAE Very low (slow); MRL +1; Notes: Accidentally tore off rear bumper getting un-stuck. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE Very low (slow); MRL +2; Notes: Took the stage very slow and kept everything intact. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE High (slow); MRL +2; Notes: Radiator fan is still screaming when it kicks on.

LAE Medium (slow); MRL +2; Notes: Fared well in this section overall. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE - Very low (slow); MRL -2; Notes: Front suspension is clunking unusually loud, and the odd bouncing is more pronounced. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

LAE - High (slow); MRL +0; Notes; Scraped the side of the bed a bit, but other than that this section was a blast. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH

LAE Very low (slow); MRL -1; Notes: Good thing you got a new spare yesterday – because you just had to use it.

LAE High (slow); MRL +2; Notes: Great fun challenge for the team on this leg. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.

@titleguy1 / @ramthecowy
LAE Exact; MRL +2; Notes: Picked a great path for this particular vehicle. Aside from the passenger side sliding door no longer opening, no harm done either. TEAM MORALE VERY HIGH.