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Roulette Runner [FINAL RESULTS]


Seriously?, I won?..Sadly lack of time meant that i couldnt do the RP side so much, but I actually won something.


#Team ‘Southend Or Bust’
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“Come on you HUMONGOUS GIT” James shouted as he floored the throttle down the bumpy lane. “I CAN SEE THE FINISH”
Martin was so relieved to hear those words. He didn’t know how much sweat was left in him to sweat out.
“Yes, yes, ok James, just take it eas-” - Seb was interrupted.
“NO TIME FOR YOUR COMMENTS SEB WE’RE SO CLOSE” James chanted like an overexcited dog.
“Yes James, but let’s actually get to the finish li-WOH!” - the car came to a sudden halt. James had understeered round a bend and had very nearly careered through a tall hedge. He turned to look at James and Martin, who were both shocked, and just started laughing.
“Ha ha, yes, James, ha…” said Martin, very uneasily. “Now, how about we get across the finish line?”
“Uh, yes, of course” said James, composing himself and putting the car into reverse. It seemed that the heat was having some unusual effects on him.


Having crossed the line and got themselves some much needed refreshment, the boys sat around the car. “Well done guys” Seb started, “I know we were all driving each other a little mad at one point or another, but the fact that we’re all here at the finish is very good.”
“Yeah” Martin followed. “I’m honestly amazed we didn’t have more go wrong with the car”
“Apart from the fucking air con” said James, smiling. “Thanks for being a great team dudes. Could not and would not have done it without you”

“Nope” chuckled Martin. “Though I’m not sure I want to take the car back home with us”
“How much would it cost? I know this one was imported originally but surely we could get it back?” asked Seb.
“Yeah, I wish” said Martin. “It would be at least £1000. So we’d just write it off”
“Two times over, to be exact” said James, proudly.
Martin and Seb turned to look at him. “Er, I think it’s probably more like 10 times over now what with the sweat and dodgy exhaust” said Martin.


Having gorged themselves on a lot of barbecued meats, the boys gathered for the results.
“4th, huh. Not bad at all” said Seb.
“And tied with that minivan team” said Martin
“You mean team Yokai with that Kimura thingy” said Seb.
“Yes, that one” replied Martin. “I’m pretty sure those things are actually more powerful than our Berlose”
“But certainly not better, mmhmhmh” said James proudly, looking (and sounding) a little tipsy from the copious amounts of beer he was consuming."
“Mmmm” mumbled Martin. It looked like it’d be another night of helping James deal with being drunk.

“Martin” asked Seb, after a little while.
“Do you get the impression we might have pissed off the other teams a little bit?” he asked.
Martin scanned the crowd. They were occasionally getting unflattering looks from people and no one was standing next to them.
Martin smiled. “Yeah” he said, nodding. “I think we might have”.
Seb also started smiling. “Eh” he said, breaking the moment. “We’re never gonna see them again anyway”
“Well, not if we don’t do this again” suggested Martin.
Seb thought for a moment. “I reckon I could be persuaded”.
“I cert-ainly can be, yes!” said James. It appeared he was drunker than they’d originally thought.

“I’ll get him some water” said Martin, the smile having turned to a grimace. Even out in the middle of god-damn no where, it was business as usual for these guys.

And that’s that! Thank you for following Team 'Southend Or Bust’s “inspiring and heroic” journey (or whatever language you feel like using), and a big thank you to @VicVictory for hosting what has turned out to be one of the most unique challenges I’ve ever entered on this website. I’ll certainly be making mention of it at the EOTY Awards if they happen again!

Congrats to @Dorifto_Dorito for winning, I could make a soppy comment about how “we’re all winners for finishing!” but that’s pointless, you made the best car overall for the challenge and that is certainly an achievement in itself.

Also congrats to our “4th place buddies” @ramthecowy and @titleguy1, I really like the fact your brought a people carrier to this challenge and I’m honored to have finished in the same position as you.

I really thoroughly enjoyed this and would love to enter another round should Vic run one. A superb challenge if I ever saw one!


Bill: Well, that’s a tenner you owe me, Wookiee. I told you the Erin would finish.
Wookiee: False. You said top 3. They’re fourth.
Bill: What’s the difference. They finished. Along with 7 others. That’s significant attrition…
Wookiee: … and a hell of an achievement.
Bill: My hat’s off to the survivors. Sure, it would have been nice to finish, but that’s the way the Mercedes bends.
Toni: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to spend some time over… there…(points and starts walking toward the table)
Wookiee: I’m going to go and apologise for… borrowing a few things. And take some photos (Wookiee pulls out Bill’s phone and waves it in front of his face)
Bill: Where did you get… how did…WHAT?!
Wookiee: I gave it to one of the officials, to “look after”. I told you it was safe. (runs away)

Team Castle Greenskull spent the night celebrating with the other drivers; reminiscing about the experience, and hoping they could do this again.


First off, sorry again for the lack of anything from me. A 3000 word essay got in the way, but now its done and Im back!
Also, Ill be skipping to the final Leg, with some more extra detail than normal, since theres way too much for me to cover.

#Team Cunning Stunts:Leg 2 Day 13

S: Stephanie
L: Lawrence
A: Alex

Start Of Day 2 Leg 13
A: Alright lets get moving!
S: Honestly, I cant believe this little bastard has kept going this long with only a few issues
L: Yeah, but i think we’ll have to get rid of it when we get back, shame really since this little bugger has been a damn good car.
Race Organiser: Alright, Team Stunning,wait I mean Cunning Stunts, prepare to leave for the last leg.
A: Hey any hints on who’s in the lead?
Race Organiser: Sorry, but you’ll have to find out when you reach camp at the end.
S: Never mind, alright, Alex floor it!
A: Sure thing boss…
L: …Wow, the engine didnt die…

Half Way through Leg 13
S: Okay, Alex, turn off here.
A: Gotcha
L: Its going to be a bumpy ride form here on out.
A: The suspension should be fine, I made sure it was sitting properly in place
L: How so?
A: Zipties
A: Oh it should last just perfectly.

End of Day 2 Leg 13
A: Were on the home straight now!
S: Come on! Faster!
A: I am! My foot is on the floor!
L: I can see the chequered flag from here!
A: Alright! WE MADE IT!
L: Holy Crap we actually made it.
S: You little bastard of a car, WE ACTUALLY MADE IT!


Race Organiser: Well done to all of you who made it through this gruelling second day. i can reveal that the winner of today, is Team Southend Or Bust, so well done to them for setting an almost perfect time for this stage. However, the overall winners of the competition, drumroll please… ARE TEAM CUNNING STUNTS

L: Man oh man, we actually won. You know what, Im having second thoughts on selling the “Lucky Lady”
S: Looks like luck was certainly on her side these past few day!
A: Certainly!
L Shall we tuck in then?
S: Heck yeah. I havent had a proper barbie since I went to Australia for that last stunt I did!
A: Oh boy, have I been looking forward to this, I cant wait to eat real food.
S: What did you say about my cooking?! How about next time, I just let you starve…

So the car actually made it in one piece. When we went back to the UK, we bought some new shocks and fixed some of the dents and scratches. Sadly though, Lawrence sold it the car someone else. I hear the guy who bought it has been taking good care of it and has using it for what it was supposed to be used for, rally cross. Anyways, it doesn’t really matter now though, since I’ve managed to find another EADC Vole Mk IV. Its in a worse condition, but it should be fine to fix. Ive called her the “Lucky lady II”. Maybe next time, I might enter again with some friends of mine. Anyways, Alex out.


I do believe I will run another in the future, need some time to “recover” from this one however! :slight_smile:


Not a problem. Take the time you need to recover, because that was fun.

Now, my biggest difficulty is deciding my next team… I have a few ideas, though, and I’m debating between these three. Only giving team names, though, so other than the one you already know, it’s cryptic.

First choice is Team Twin-Snail back for round two. Probably with that Minerva Midnight they picked up. After all, trading a $500 car for another car makes it a $500 car, right?

Second choice is Team Paradox. Anyone who has picked up a bit of the lore I’ve dumped around various places of the forum can guess the two team members of this one. More likely than not would be driving a different old Sinistra of some description.

And the third and last choice is Team Sinister. Just Luke Sinistra and maybe one other person from the Sinistra Motors headquarters, driving whatever I decide is best to run that day.

Of course, I’ll have plenty of time to work out a plan for which team, which car, and everything else while you’re in cool-down.


For some reason it wasn’t updating me on this thread, so I will have to post-RP the run.


Leg 9: Nothing dramatic, the car despite not being 4WD did exceptionally well.

Leg 10: This leg went much easier, Marc picked up a souvenir for his son at the trading post.

Leg 11: Some steep climbs and snags provided a bit of a bumpy ride but otherwise, the Enforcer soldiered on.

Leg 12: Return to dialogue.

Marc: Man! I’ve never driven through an orchard before, this is fun.

Blake: Just watch the sides, I don’t want this car scratched to shit.

Marc: You’re that concerned about a car you only spent $500 on?

Blake: You of all people should understand that.

Marc: Bite me.


Marc: What the hell was that?

Blake: Shit, I don’t know. Come on girl, hold together!

Marc: I’m turning the A/C off, no sense in having excess load… strange.

Blake: What?

Marc: I’m not noticing any power loss, well, any more power loss.

Blake: We’re not far now, we’ll have to take a look when we make it in.

Leg 13: The home stretch.

Blake: Something’s been bothering me.

Marc: Oh? What is that?

Blake: The problems we’re having with this car, I know those TriForce engines, those injectors should hold out for at least another 150,000 miles. Not to mention whatever that other problem is, we only passed 150,000 two hours ago.

Marc: What are you saying? That we’ve gotten really unlucky?

Blake: I’m not sure, but I’m gonna check for any more codes.

(Blake hooks the Petoskey XGV Scanner into the OBDII port)

Blake: Hmm, nothing new. Just for shits and giggles… son of a bitch!

Marc: What?

Blake: Look at this.

(Marc looks at the scanner, under the info menu)

ODOMETER: 372,149

Marc: Wait a minute, the dash says 150,112!

Blake: Yup, someone played us for fools.

Marc: Well, it doesn’t matter, we’ve got a final stretch to run.

Blake: Yeah, damned if we do, damned if we don’t

(Team Outriders was in for a tense drive, in addition to the death rattle, some visible smoke was coming out the tail pipes. Despite the nerve-wracking voyage, the Enforcer made it to the Double Chevron Ranch.)

Blake: Not far now.

Marc: Just a bit further

(After some rough, twisting private roads, the Enforcer crosses the line.)

Marc: Hell yeah! We did it!

Blake: Let’s get some chow.

(After an excellent dinner, and congratulating Dorito Dorito on his victory, Blake set to work pulling spark plugs out of the inactive cylinders on the Enforcer in an effort to better understand what went wrong.)

Marc: Any luck?

Blake: Nothing in this one, (works on the next cylinder) Holy shit, you’re not gonna believe this!

Marc: How bad is it?

Blake: Fucking valve fell out of the head and rattled around the cylinder, punched a hole right in the piston.

Marc: How does that even happen?

Blake: My guess would be due to the high mileage, the springs aren’t returning as strong as they should be. Thus, especially at higher RPMs the collar must have slipped down enough that the valve retainers popped out causing the valve to drop into the cylinder.

Marc: In other words, we’ve got to hitchhike back? Well, maybe one of the other teams will be gracious enough to give us a ride.

Blake: No need, look over there.

(Picture a flatbed trailer behind this truck.)

Marc: Hello Charlotte.

Blake: I wasn’t sure what our chances were so I rented a flatbed trailer and had Charlotte follow us.

Marc: You think of everything don’t you?

Blake: That’s how we got across the line.

Marc: We so gotta do this again, with a better car.

Blake: Hell no, if we’re doing this again, I’m taking the Enforcer. After it gets some considerable TLC that is.

Epilogue: Team Outriders finished third overall in the competition, though they did not win the pistons welded to a flywheel, both men agree that simply making it to the end was a great victory. Marc Levinstein resumed working his normal shifts on the Tatum Heights Police Force. He still found the time to make a little inquiry into the Whitefish Bluffs DPW in regards to Odometer fraud. Blake Worden set to work on the Enforcer tearing the engine apart to do a complete rebuild. Come next challenge, he plans to have the Enforcer ready to handle anything that’s thrown its way.