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Row count that depends on engine placement


With the new seating system and the row count calculation, does it mean that it is possible that all the body can have rear-mid/rear engine configuration, without exploiting the game mechanism (engine clip through second/third row seats, which is impossible in real life), so that a rear-mid engined hot hatch (like Clio V6 Renault Sport) are possible (and reasonable) now?

e.g. Assuming a hatchback is capable of 2.5 rows (using the seats and dependencies graph in this link):
we can set a transverse rear-mid engine to consume 0.5 row, while a longitudinal rear-mid engine will consume 0.75 row
meaning we can fit 2 full seats in the front (1.5 row), a transverse rear-mid engine (0.5 row) or a longitudinal one (0.75) and as a result, a rear-mid engined hot hatch.
we can fit 2 half seats in the front (1.25 row), a transverse rear-mid engine (0.5 row) and left with 0.75 row for a 2 half seats in the 2nd row, and we have a car like Renault Twingo or Smart Forfour.

and it makes sense for a transaxle gearbox now, since it will be further differentiated from a conventional front mounted gearbox.

Assuming a sport car body is capable of 2.5 rows, you can have a rear transaxle for better weight distribution in expense of 0.25 row, meaning you cannot fit 2 full seats in the back (2.5rows - 1.5 front row - 0.25 transaxle = 0.75 row for 2nd row, while 2 full seats at the back is counted as 1 row), which means transaxle will not be abused by being used in a conventional saloon cars for better balance without penalty other than engineering time and production unit.


I very much like that idea with transaxle and I don’t think I understand the rest :smiley:


While we do not plan on giving that much freedom to players (more freedom means more shit that can go wrong and more time required to implement), we do want to make a more detailed set of limitations for different bodies. That would most likely be based on the effective row count as you linked to. For instance many coupes should only have the option of a maximum of 2+2 configuration, not a full 4 or 5 seats.