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Royal Canadian Motors (RCM)


1973 Dominion Prairie Terra Nova

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In 1969, Dominion introduced the Prairie as a small, affordable, and versatile utility vehicle. With its removable fibreglass roof, removable doors, and fold down windshield, the Prairie gained success with adventure seekers. Wanting to try something different, Dominion turned to the same camper company providing the kits for the Highliner and developed a Terra Nova model of the Prairie. Mechanically identical to other Prairies, the Terra Nova made use of the same Dominion Six and Dominion Sixty V8 while paired to a manual or automatic transmission.

The exterior changes included unique interior and exterior colours, painted wheels to match the roof, unique badging, and a retractable radio antenna. The normally optional roof rack, towing mirrors, and front light bar are all standard equipment. Inside, the Terra Nova had an improved stereo system and much more comfortable seating that could fold flat into a bed. Lockable storage compartments were also provided on either side of the cargo area.

The optional interior equipment is varying levels of camping kit to fit in multiple storage areas. These include a colour matching cooler, water jug, thermos, coleman stove, cooking kit, and sleeping bags. Also available are branded camping chairs, tent, and jackets.

The idea behind the Prairie Terra Nova was to provide regular offroad vehicle buyers with the means to easily use that vehicle for camping trips. It gained relative success and Terra Nova camping kits are available to this day as dealer options on some RCM vehicles.


I badly want a Prairie Terra Nova! :stuck_out_tongue: