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Saikuda Motorsport


SAIKUDA Motorsport

Founded in 1982 in Tokyo, Japan, SAIKUDA Motorsport is a car tuner company. They are tuning Japanese cars only, but also doing their own cars. They are tuning various kind of car, Light sports, Sedans, Mpvs, Gts, and also a few supercars. The only rule is: performance.

The popularity of the company was made thanks to the videogames in the 90’s and early '00 and before '97 it was only know in Japan, and a little bit in Europe and USA thanks to the specialized press.

To run my company I need you, I need your cars! That’s why If you want me to make a tuned version of you car (1980 at the earliest) PM me the .car file of your japanese car and the link to your thread (the car need to be registered in a company thread). I won’t take everycar, it need a minimum level of design and details, and I should also like it. Don’t be upset if I refuse one of your car, it will probably du to my taste.
For maximum lore, I need good engines too, to put it inside or my originaly made cars (the company don’t produce its own engine), ofc tell me in which car it was originaly, and I ofc mention it into the thread. The engine need to be in a Japanese car initially.
Thanks you.

Special Thanks to @XenoYparxi for the company logo!


Ehhh…those chinese in the background means sperm.Is that an accident or what?:thinking:


The kanji in the foreground also means play (as in “play the guitar”), sure you can play beautiful sounds with a tuned engine but still.


Let’s admit that google traduction is not the best translator when you go for Japanese.


Oh… in that case, Google thought you wanted to say “musical performance”. “高性能”, re-translated to “High Performance”, may be closer to what are you looking for.


Something like Tommy Kaira?


Exactly, Tommy Kaira-ish :wink:

And well, let’s say it’s “Saikuda, play the guitar, sperm”… I already took XenoYParxi’s time to do this logo, I won’t ask him to rework it ^^


SAIKUDA Empress Turbo-R

1982 is the date of birth of Saikuda Motorsport with the first car they tuned: A regular Sakura Empress EP-T of 112HP.
For this first tuned car, SAIKUDA changed the turbo for a bigger one, to boost it to 185hp. But not only, the suspension tuning has radically changed, bigger brakes, different tires, new complete exhaust, and a special bodykit with different bumpers and lights.

Let’s talk about how it performs: only 1050kg for an AWD, and a 0-100 in 6.66 sec. The Vmax is only at 182 km/h but the point of this car is its drivability.

At its time in Japan, the car was known for its drivability and was usef mostly for touge and time attack. But the main problem of the car was the high fuel consumption, because the base engine is a mechanical injection, and Saikuda put a bigger injection ramp and a bigger turbo.

Only 350 produced, every models are numbered like any SAIKUDA, and because of this it’s rare. It was available for 17291$ (market +20%) in 1982.

Sakura Empress - Saikuda Turbo R .car (59.4 KB)
Thanks to @Vri404 for his car!


Clearly that is done on purpose, because the performance would cause uncontrollable n u t t


2013 Saikuda Gerridae

In 2013, Saikuda got the permission from the manufacturer Kanagawa to tune their popular small roadster from 2011 into something more radical and track focused.
In the design offices of Saikuda, the challenge was to boost the engine without puting a turbo to keep the fun of a N/A.
The mission is accomplished, indeed the engine goes from 136 hp to 176 hp and now rev at 8200RPM instead of 8000.

As always, the car benefits a facelift and rearlift, a larger widebody and some sidevents, and some carbon elements.

The Gerridae did not have that an engine modification, but also a suspensions kit made to measure by one by a local professional, for something harder and with less roll angle.

The tuned version is more tail happy, and is not to put in any hands, unlike the stock 2011 model, who is easy to drive and a nice car to learn the basics of a RWD.

The Saikuda Gerridae was produced at 1500 cars, and the production has ended in 2015.

Kagawa Gerridae - Saikuda.car (34.4 KB)

Thanks to @XenoYparxi for his car!


Hmm… so interesting, I should send SBA’s product for some collaboration… Maybe I should send “Kesa Mk.II 2.0 Coupe Ti” for some tuning.


That headlights are from Toyota MR-2 (MR-S)?


From the Ford Fiesta, but it’s the same kind of headlights



The brand new Zenshi Arum is just commercialized, and Saikuda already announce a radical version for 2019. Indeed, Saikuda’s engineers got the plans of the car early before the release of the Zenshi.
The engine have been turbocharged and now develop 645HP, and the suspension settings are mort sporty. The car now fits a big rear wing too, and a full custom bumper/lights.

Anyway, you’ll have to take care with this car, the 645HP on the rear wheels are tricky to drive, but the Japanese Sedan can get ahead of a supercar!

The 48T will be available early 2019, at 500 models, and 500 more in late 2019.

Arum - Saikuda 48Turbo.car (75.3 KB)

Thanks to @Grandea for the car :slight_smile: