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Saminda / Auxuras History Class - Chapter l , The Birth of Kuro Saminda

#YEAR 2015

#The Antana , King of subcompact sedan - 3 Trims

#Standard Trim

Saminda Antana 1.5 Standard (MT)

Engine : RE Series , RE15B3 (MPFI i-VIC)

#Premium Trim

Saminda Antana 1.5 Premium

Engine : RE Series , RE15B3 (MPFI i-VIC)

#Luxury Trim

Saminda Antana 1.5 Luxury

Engine : RE Series , RE15B3 (MPFI i-VIC)

[quote]The Saminda Antana is a subcompact car manufactured by Neo Motors (a subsidiary of Saminda Motor Co.) while Antana sold in China will be manufactured in Wuhan-China, originally called the Neomo Antana but since the closure of Neomo , it will be rebranded to Saminda.

The Saminda Antana first made its debut in 2013. Specially developed for South-east Asia and China, it’s consider as a budget entry-level subcompact car positioned below the Tano and C3 family saloon. Since then, this assembled-in-Thailand car has already gone through two generations.

Providing the vroom-vroom for the new Antana is the familiar 1.5-liter RE15B3 four-cylinder engine. Like before, it develops 102bhp at 6,800rpm and 135Nm of torque at 3,500rpm. The five-speed automatic transmission is also carried over from the outgoing Antana. It may take a leisurely 12 seconds to get from rest to 100km/h but its fuel consumption is worth taking note of – 6.3 litres for every 100km (which works out to 16km per litre)

Starting from $14,850, the new Antana presents itself to bean enticing proposition, particularly for first-time car buyers and young families.

##Sales figure 2015 : 310,541
##Availability :
South East Asia and China

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##Assembly :
Ayutthaya, Thailand (Saminda Ayutthaya Plant)
Wuhan, China

Antana Standard 1.5 MT : $14,850
Antana Premium 1.5 : $15,995
Antana Luxury 1.5 : $16,995

#YEAR 2015

#The Storm , Making off-road easier ever since - 2 Trims

#3.0 V6 Trim

Saminda Storm 3.0 V6

Engine : GE Series , GE30Z (Non i-VIC)

Saminda Storm 3.0 V6 Heavy Duty

Engine : GE Series , GE30Z (Non i-VIC)

[quote]The Saminda Storm (originally called the Neomo Storm) is a SUV produced by Neo Motors of Thailand but is bulit in India. It is the first SUV by Saminda a Japanese automaker to be designed, developed and manufactured entirely in India. The Storm is only for the India market and not available elsewhere

The heart of the Storm codenamed GE30Z is a non i-VIC 3.0-liter V6 that produce 193 horsepower , it’s also the only engine that is longitudinal , which is also bulit in India.

##Sales figure 2015 : -
##Availability :
India Only

##Related : -

##Assembly :
Gurgaon, India (Saminda India)

Storm 3.0 V6 : $22,850
Storm 3.0 V6 Heavy Duty: $25,850


lol nice. i like the use of that new mod as a spare tire hanger.
i didn’t even thought of that.


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#YEAR 2015

#Introducing the Redesign Tonaro, Making your work easier ever since - 2 Trims

#2.2D or 2.7 Trim

Saminda Tonaro 2.7 (Petrol)

Engine : TA Series , TA27A2

Saminda Tonaro 2.2D (Diesel)

Engine : LVD Series (Common Rail) , LVD220A

[quote]The Saminda Tonaro is a light commercial vehicle produced and marketed by the Japanese manufacturer Saminda.

Generally created pickup, the 2015 Saminda Tonaro provides something a prospective purchaser desires from a contemporary truck , elegant and fantastic outside additionally to interior style , trustworthy and potent engine, ease and luxury along with safety among the course of driving. Nicely, this truck would possibly unquestionably fulfill of these standards.

There are only two different engines to choose from. Both are four-cylinder but with either diesel or petrol , the 2.7-liter petrol engine producing 153bhp and 218nm of torque , the second a smaller but more powerful 2.2-liter common rail turbocharged diesel engine kicking out 159bhp and 300nm of torque.

Four airbags and a five-star safety rating , thanks to the addition of a seatbelt warning light , extra padding near the driver’s knee and Saminda Ultec Safe Unit (USU Bodystructure).

And you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong , which is highly unlikely, considering the indestructible nature of Saminda vehicles. And owners clearly agree, as they voted Saminda a very impressive 3rd for reliability in survey’s despite their recent recalls.


##Sales figure 2015 : -
##Availability :
Worldwide except Japan , United States, Canada, North Korea, South Korea, and India.

##Related : Saminda CR7

##Assembly :
Ayutthaya, Thailand (Saminda Ayutthaya Plant)
Kota Bahru , Malaysia (Saminda Malaysia Sdn Bhd)

Tonaro 2.7 (Petrol) : $20,850
Tonaro 2.2D (Diesel) : $23,850


Huh. We’ve built the exact same truck. Almost.


That’s some head-to-head truck tho.

#YEAR 2015

#Introducing the Facelifted CR45 , With new engine option - 3 Trims

#2.7 , 3.0D (NEW) and 4.0 V6 Trim

Saminda CR45 2.7 (FWD)

Engine : TA Series , TA27A1

Saminda CR45 3.0D (AWD)

Engine : LVD2 Series (Diesel) , LVD2-3000A

Saminda CR45 4.0 V6 (AWD)

Engine : GE Series (i-VIC) , GE40Z

[quote]The CR45 is a mid-sized 8-Seater SUV designed and engineered by Saminda Motor Thailand (SMT-Neo Motors) and sold in mainly the Asian countries. The CR45 is never sold in it own country Japan, but is sold in Australia.

What’s the differences?
The rear end of the CR45 have been fully redesign and a new engine have joined the CR45 family , a 3.0-liter LVD2-3000A inline-4 common rail diesel with Variable geometry turbocharger (VNT) , making 193hp @ 4,700 RPM and 420NM of torque @ 2,000 RPM.

If you are after a commanding vehicle with stellar all-terrain capabilities that will dominate on the roads, whilst boasting a luxurious and comfortable interior, the new Saminda CR45 will certainly fit the bill.


##Sales figure 2015 : 76,187
##Availability :
Thailand , Indonesia , Colombia , India , Singapore (Only 2.7-liter) , Malaysia , Vietnam , Pakistan , Philippines , New Zealand and Australia

##Related : Saminda CR7 , Saminda Tonaro

##Assembly :
Samut Prakan, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Chachoengsao, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Karawang, Indonesia
Karachi, Pakistan
Bidadi, India

CR45 2.7 (FWD) : $32,850
CR45 3.0D (AWD) : $38,850
CR45 4.0 V6 (AWD) : $40,000


Gonna change my C3 to CR45 3.0D :sunglasses:


Take C3, remove engine, add CR45 3.0 Diesel with tune = 6th gear overtakes for days


#Saminda and their Chinese partner Wuhan Saminda Automobile announced an entirely new brand for the Chinese market.

The Huali marque will launch in 2016 but Saminda say that it will debut the brand’s first concept car at the 2015 Beijing Auto China.

Huali roughly translates to English as ‘beauty’ and is based on Wuhan Saminda’s desire to create a new brand by Chinese and for China. Huali hopes to pursue lofty ideals with a challenging spirit, or an affordable car with dynamics and stylishness.

The Huali Concept will be designed entirely by Wuhan Saminda Automobile Research & Development, and even though Saminda HQ in Japan is supporting the effort, Wuhan Saminda will take all initiatives and eventually sell the new brand through their existing dealer network.

As a final note, Huali is the pronunciation of the Chinese brand name, therefore, it will be purely for the Chinese market.


Can’t wait for first recall!


It won’t happen if Saminda-Auxuras (which itself has suffered plenty of recalls over the years) has told Huali to prioritize quality control first and foremost, though.

Edit: Thanks @Starfish94 for explicitly stating that the higher-ups at Saminda-Auxuras have admitted their guilt and consequently resigned.


In Saminda , quality is an importance to us , as you may not know that we have changed all 4 chiefs according to it countries , news can be seen here

as they have admit the negligence over quality issue , and had resign on their own benefit of doubt

Saminda pledge that things like this will not be repeated.


You don’t get the joke eh…
At least HQ of Saminda apologized, and I’ve seen it, but you know, you can’t change brand’s image in year or two - in Poland Alfa Romeos got known as unreliable cars expensive to maintain, and even today the stick is on despite changing quality of cars


#Huali Concept 8 introduced in 2015 Beijing Auto Show.

Wuhan Saminda Automobile announced the launch of a new brand and concept car for the Chinese market - the Saminda Huali. The Saminda Huali concept indicates the direction of the new brand that will begin selling cars in 2016. The Huali brand will develop products that are more specific for the Chinese consumers.

The styling and the engineering design of the Saminda Huali concept were developed by Wuhan Saminda Automobile R&D which was established in 2009.





The nose also reminds me of a Nissan Qashqai.

#YEAR 2016

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ

[quote]The Huali FOUR is the first Huali car available for sale. It is a Subcompact SUV built by the joint venture of Saminda and Wuhan (Wuhan Autos). It is the alternate of the Saminda CR1 and went on sale in April 2016. It is equipped with Saminda 1.5-liter i-VIC RE series petrol engine and is paired with a 5 speed automatic

The FOUR is based on the Concept 8 that debuted at the 2015 Beijing motor show to target specifically the Chinese market.

##Sales figure 2016 : 9,517
##Availability :
China Only

##Related : Saminda CR1

##Assembly :
Wuhan , China

Huali 4 S 1.5 : $15,000
Huali 4 ES 1.5: $16,350


China always get something special , not sure why maybe Saminda like to fuck with us.