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Saminda Motor Co - 2000 C+ EV recalled that it battery may catch fire


We want old Saminda back , protest !!


Maesima Motor Corporation - All-New Maesima Avellca (1997)

#ByeBye Saminda,wewanttheoldsamindaback.


Okay kidding , great looking truck hopefully it has plenty of torque as Saminda cars are really lacking torque


My spider sense is telling me there will be a TopMagazine three-way comparison between me, Saminda and Maesima coming soon.


Sounds like I need to prioritise the Reveho unveiling!

The 2016 Tonaro looks amazing so far! Great Work @Starfish94


…please can we stop with the hashtags? Are we all rich white teenage females who are addicted to Instagram?


Thankfully I am not. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Rk38 Maesima seems to like to pick fights with other manufacturers. I wish I could join the fun but I am waiting for the UE4 update and better turbochargers.


correction: we all like to pick fights with each other. You see WildGerman up there? Also, have you noticed most of Cavallera’s cars go after KHT, Maesima or Dimension? (and Erin and Zavir. Also Hypera)


No I haven’t, mainly because I haven’t been paying attention to those things for a while now. When I start posting cars again I will probably take notice.


I’ve been making casual jabs at anyone who’s market I step into. I bring the all-wheel-drive pain to the party.

I’d put the obligatory poster here, but I’m a few years out on 2016, so we’ll have to wait for Storm’s SUV. Unless I really want to continuity break for this, but I don’t.


Saminda started it.

…please can we stop with the hashtags? Are we all rich white teenage females who are addicted to Instagram?

If you knew me you’d know that I can’t pass on an opportunity to make fun of Saminda’s cringeworthy attempts at “hip” marketing.


The Maesima Pendeho looks a bit… low quality “badumm…tsss”.
You two can fight while I order pizza for when you’ve caught up.


Oh hey… I was just planning on revealing Adenine’s pickup truck :smiley:


Great. What’s next, a compact pick-up from Zavir and Erin? @szafirowy01 @DeusExMackia


Maybe I’ll make a FWD pickup truck just because it’d be the king of all burnouts.


If this becomes a battle of the concepts I actually be interested in competing lol.


Okay cool , after compact sedan comparision , now it’s time for some pick-up truck comparision.


No way, never-ever there was any utility Zavir! And there will never be! We have our traditions, our image, our honour, (…)!

But some Zavir’s joint venture, well, that’s a different thing :wink:


Why did I have to do this.