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Saminda Motor Co - 2000 C+ EV recalled that it battery may catch fire


Well Mott Works certainly needs to have a modern version of the Rage, although i doubt it would compete with the Saminda.


Yeah, I kinda need to get OAM up to 2016, but school…



If Mercedes can do it…


…then it’s something wrong with Mercedes, not Erin and Zavir, if there’s sth wrong with anyone. In the end Mercedes made utility cars for ages (not necessarily pickups, but vans, trucks, offroaders…). We can talk if Jaguar of Alfa Romeo release their pickups :stuck_out_tongue:



CURRENT Alfa Romeo, forgot to add :slight_smile: I know that they were producing such cars, but they are not since many years :slight_smile:


If you think about it the italian truck manufacturers eventually formed IVECO so the modern day Stralis is a modern day Alfa Truck. Hell the AR8 was LITERALLY an IVECO Daily.


Looking that way Zavir makes pickups. But both Iveco isn’t named Alfa Romeo and Zavir pickup isn’t named Zavir.


An IMP Truck too isn’t sold as such, hasn’t been since Monolith has been launched 60 years ago. Same company different badge. Only Daimler Benz and pre-1999 Volvo operate on a comparable business model.


In case of Zavir it’s even more divised, as the pickups and other such stuff are produced by a separate company, only in half belonging to Zavir. So still no Zavir pickup in fact - and no need for it :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter, we still need more contestants for what will most certainly be the least exciting Top Magazine comparison of all time, and that’s saying something.


It will definitely not be unexciting, trust me :smiling_imp:


I’ve done my part. I’ve got Diesel greatness and a manual transmission with LSD.


Count Cavallera out, we don’t encourage redneck behaviour, rolling coal or incest.


We could revisit the Jackal at some point. Technology’s gone forward far enough that I may be able to make a small V6 pickup with somewhere on the order of “way too much” power.

#YEAR 2016

#G / X / XS Trim

Saminda CR35 G 1.5T

Engine : RB Series , RB15F4

Saminda CR35 X 1.5T

Engine : RB Series , RB15F4

Saminda CR35 XS 1.5T

Engine : RB Series , RB15F4


Saminda CR35 GeRS 1.5T

Engine : RB Series , RB15F4

[quote] Saminda Motor Co. has revealed the all-new CR35 which is basically a MPV (multi purpose vehicle). This is the third generation of CR35 which started production initially back in 2001. The MPV is capable to seat 8 people in three rows in total and Saminda calls it “a living room at home” with a lot of functional space and as per Saminda one of the largest in the segment. The 60/40 split third row seat provide an ample cargo capacity and a larger loads can be carried. Sliding doors are provided for easy in and out for second row passengers.

The CR35 is powered by Saminda’s 1.5-liter ProAIR i-VIC turbocharged engine which is basically the same engine which offered in the 9th generation Saminda C3. The engine produces 160HP with combined fuel economy of 15km/l as per Japanese fuel economy cycle. The engine power goes to the front wheels via a newly developed CVT transmission. According to Saminda the CR35 has an impressive performance on hilly roads even when fully occupied.

Best safety feature in it class
The CR35 is equipped with “Saminda RECON” system, which is an advanced driver assisting technology. It is a one forward by Saminda to a collision free roads. The system consists two sensors that perform different functions, one is millimeter radar that is located behind the front emblem, and the other is a monocular camera mounted on the upper, inside part of the windshield to detect pedestrians and alert driver and help in collision prevention.

Features including - Forward Collision Warning, Collision Braking, Lane Departure Warning and Road Departure Diminution [/quote]

##Sales figure 2016 : 121,515 (No.12 best selling car in Japan)
##Availability :
Japan only

##Designer :
Yuzo Imamura

##Assembly :
Saitama , Japan

CR35 G 1.5T : $24,480
CR35 X 1.5T : $25,800
CR35 XS 1.5T : $28,860
CR35 GeRS : $29,860


#Saminda UK announced C2000R official laptime and pricing , will be the most expensive and innovative hatchback ever.

The C2000R price have been officially released and it has been reduced to starting price of £34,990

Saminda announced that the C2000R had achieved a official 7 minutes 51.50 seconds lap time of the legendary 20.8 km/12.9 mile Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany

The lap time was achieved during the final phase of pre-production testing in 2015 by a C2000R development car. The development car was in a standard state of engine tune, with suspension, drivetrain, exhaust, brakes and the aerodynamic package identical to those of the production C2000R.

The removal of equipment such as air conditioning, the front passenger seat and audio equipment offset the additional weight of a full roll cage (installed specifically for safety reasons and not to add rigidity).

During the test cycle, the development car used production-specification high-rigidity 19-inch alloy wheels. These were fitted with 235/35R19 road tyres being developed in conjunction with a major European tyre manufacturer especially for the new C2000R. The test cycle during which the 7 minutes 51.50 seconds lap time was achieved was part of the tyre’s development and testing process.

2.0-liter inline-4 i-VIC ProAIR TURBO with 2 electric motors
368hp/405nm of torque
Rear Wheel Drive
6 speed manual


That is expensive consider Ford Focus RS cost around £32k and an A45 AMG cost £40k , both of this probably faster due to AWD

Sure the C2KR is more “advance” due to electric motor


:expressionless: you’re like two months late to the party, Saminda.

What you’ve done is turned up dressed in a suit coat, formal trousers, a necktie and a waistcoat, while everyone else is sporting tracksuits. GG Saminda, you missed the boat.