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Saminda Motor Co - 2000 C+ EV recalled that it battery may catch fire


Could’ve been worse. They could’ve pulled an NSX and have it 6 years late to the party.


I am not exactly sure if Saminda announced the C2KR to early or they really need that long to develop this car


Sorry. But the Urban MRP 3.2 CS is a bit faster :wink:


When will you be posting this car?


Yeah, Hypera is waiting… :imp:


@vmo We are pretty sure the C2000R and Urban MRP is different category.

@ramthecowy @szafirowy01 Coming Soon !

#YEAR 2016

#Zies - 汽车的未来

Saminda Zies Standard 1.5

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ

Saminda Zies Premium 1.5

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ

[quote] Wuhan Saminda has revealed the Saminda Zies for Chinese Market. Buyers often think Antana is too small, and C3 isn’t compact enough. Filling the gap in buyer’s perspective, the Japanese automaker revealed new Saminda Zies for the Chinese market only. The sedan is estimated to be a new success in the market. Saminda describes the new cars as compact crossover hatchback

Under The Hood
Under the hood, this car is powered by a 1.5-liter engine with the automaker famous i-VIC technology that generates 130 hp of power output and 150 Nm of torque performance. Giving the Zies excellent performance as well as fuel economy.

The engine will be paired with either a five-speed manual or CVT transmission , the CVT will give better economy then the manual.[/quote]

##Sales figure 2016 : -
##Availability :
China only

##Designer :
Saminda Motor Co. Japan Studio

##Assembly :
Wuhan, China

Zies Standard 1.5 : $17,760
Zies Premium 1.5 (CVT) : $18,890


Market killing price, small-capacity engine powering a manual sedan with huge practicality and insane fuel economy? Oh yes. Add to that a great safety rating and low weight and you have a winner. I would absolutely buy this and floor the shit out of it everyday, everywhere :joy:

On-point. 'nuff said.


Just saying, but the EADC Verona Standard ecoBlue, while having significantly less power (around half the power), is cheaper ($15,680), has a better economy (54.9 mpg UK, or 5.1L/100km), a smaller engine (1.3L i4 with 20 valves, DOHC and iVTAC), is more sporty, easier to drive, more reliable, lighter, safer, and only marginally slower (195 km/h). #shamelessplug :wink:


Shameless plug:
Zavir Luna 1.7 TIDe is a bit more expensive, but has better economy, RWD, so much more style (:wink:) and… Oh, I didn’t publish the stats yet? Bravo me :unamused:

Seriously about the car - just another Saminda, very good, uninspiring daily commuter with ok styling. Absolutely perfect for an average buyer. While I really appreciate the craftsmanship in design of all Samindas, the artistic part consisting of their pretty generic modern style is something that I cannot like (because I don’t like it’s real counterparts either).


TBH , Saminda cars are too mundane , wish they were still in the past like what they used to be


#Saminda see more potential in India market.

Buoyed by the success of its latest launches in India, Japanese car maker Saminda Motor Co sees the country becoming its fourth largest market by 2018.

Its local unit Saminda India, which saw a growth of 74% last fiscal, has set an ambitious goal of selling 3 lakh cars by 2018, almost six times higher than its 2011-12 volumes.

At present, India is the sixth-biggest market for Saminda globally while U.S is it biggest market following by China and Japan.

Saminda India has launched its CR10 in Mumbai. The company has received almost 8,000 bookings since it started its pre-bookings on March 8.

Saminda India also said it will invest 350 million in it Gurgaon plant to expand it production.


Finally a market that wouldn’t care about Saminda’s unreliable cars prone to various errors.


Saminda always value our customers at all times , reliability has proven better and better with our cars !


Saminda be like


Meanwhile at Airborne Automotive HQ, specifically when our marketing girl, mrs. Onashikara saw this she looked somewhat like that (btw she owned in total 5 Samindas all of them broke down XD)

Sorry for my GIMP skills XD

Plus Starfish, it isn’t like I don’t like your idea - however for me Saminda isn’t a company that valued it’s customers all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

#YEAR 2016

Casda - Membawa keluarga Anda bersama! / Bring your family along! / พาครอบครัวของคุณพร้อม! / Dalhin ang iyong pamilya sa kahabaan!

Saminda Casda Standard 1.3MT

Engine : RE Series , RE13B3

Saminda Casda Premium 1.3MT

Engine : RE Series , RE13B3

Saminda Casda Premium 1.3CVT

Engine : RE Series , RE13B3

[quote]The Saminda Casda (Japanese: ダケースSaminda Cu-ri-su-da) is a city car produced by Saminda and sold in India, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. The car was introduced in 2012 under Neomo nameplate , after Neomo defuncted in 2014 it were rebadged to Saminda.

The smallest Saminda sold in the U.S. market is the C1 subcompact, its well-reviewed and enormously versatile five-door hatchback.

Saminda calls the Casda “an entry-level car” for growing Asian countries like Thailand and India, where it will compete (at least on paper) with some of the world’s least expensive cars.

The company notes that the Casda will be modified for the different customer needs in each market.[/quote]

##Sales figure 2016 : -
##Availability :
India (Main Market) , Indonesia , Philippine and Thailand

##Designer :

##Assembly :
Gurgaon India
Surabaya, Indonesia
Ayutthaya, Thailand

Casda Standard 1.3MT : $12,560
Casda Premium 1.3MT : $14,490
Casda Premium 1.3CVT : $14,990


Is Saminda still Japanese ? :smile:

(Yeah it’s i know , just feel that Saminda focus too much on foreign country)


Why only have CVT in the premium version? I would prefer a CVT but don’t want to spend the extra on a better interior.


Eyyy is this supposed to be like those Honda Brio thingies they sell around here?