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Saminda Motor Co - 2018 sales report


YEAR 2018

The new CR15, When Practicality met Utility (Ketika Praticality bertemu Utility)

Saminda CR15 1.5 (FWD and AWD)

Engine : RE Series , RE15A1Z (Non Direct Injection, with 4th generation i-VIC)

(FWD Spec)

(AWD Spec)

The Saminda CR15 is a 7-seater compact SUV produced and designed by Saminda Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, The CR15 is designed with Japanese and Indonesian engineers. It is based on the Randis / Iconic platform

Engines and Drivetrain
Under the bonnet, you’ll find a RE15A1Z 1.5 liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine with start/stop. The new 4th generation i-VIC makes for better efficiency and is the same unit found in the latest Randis, However, the RE15A1Z makes 4bhp more than the RE15A1 from the Randis.

Great Space, Great Comfort
The CR15 offers seating for seven, distributed according to a 2-3-2 layout, with the second row following a 60:40 split and third row is 50:50. With the third row backrest folded down, there’s 219 liters of storage space, which is expanded to 517 liters when both second and third row is folded down.

Designed by : Shiro Yasahiro / Dumadi Fadhlan

Asia, South East Asia and Africa

Surabaya, Indonesia (Saminda Indonesia)
Ayutthaya, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)

CR15 1.5 FWD : $21,550
CR15 1.5 AWD : $22,950


Why does it get such poor fuel economy? 33 mpg doesn’t seem very exemplary in this game when a mid-size SUV can get over 50 with AWD and a six cylinder engine.


It’s a 2006 engine, hence it’s just a simple and reliable design.

I am trying to make my brand as realistic as possible, if the CR15 gets 50mpg is kind of defeat it purpose not to say a mid size getting 50mpg.

33MPG is “reasonable” in real life for vehicle as similiar as the CR15 IMHO tho


Saminda and Maesima Collaboration Project is back - Saminda will be reviving the CZ5 to Japanese market but it will be a Maesima powered Sagitta

DETRIOT, US - Saminda Motor Co. and Maesima Motor Corporation have announced the return of it collaboration…sort of.

(Auxuras RXE and Sachiuri Sagitta unveiled their supposed new halo car in 2017 Detroit Auto Show)

On 2016, Saminda and Maesima have announced it collaboration on a halo car which was supposed to be a 4.0-liter V6 engine with 2 electric motors develop by Saminda while the chassis is by Maesima, the project was nearly going to be finished but due to Saminda recall scandal and going towards efficency, it has forced Saminda to scrap the project away.

That lead Maesima to develop their own Sagitta instead and it became a RWD with V8 powered engine

(2018 Sachiuri Sagitta)

The 2020 Saminda CZ5 will be build in Maesima North America plant at Alabama, which build the Sachiuri Sagitta and will be import to Japan market as the CZ5. Making it the first V8-powered Saminda since it was founded in 1950.

Nako Yashimita, project leader for the CZ5 said ‘‘Saminda President Yuko Nagoya wanted the CZ5 back after a 40 years absence, he says without the CZ5 there wouldn’t be what Saminda is today, he also added that he wanted it to be RWD and it can’t be forced induction, to retain the heritage’’

The idea from my boss of not having forced induction is a headache for me, our most powerful engine currently would be the CER Series which is a forced induction engine that is currently powering the Auxuras ITL Spec-V in North America, said Yashimita

I asked Nagoya how about a V8 powered engine, he actually approve and told me ‘‘Time have changed and we could change too’’, however, since we doesn’t make V8 engine, partnering with Maesima back would be the best solution since they built some of the best V8 engines out there, said Yashimita.

(1970 CZ5, Saminda first ‘‘Supercar’’)

The CZ5 is the first sport car bulit by Japanese automaker Saminda , today the CZ5 is one of the most iconic car that came out from Japan . Lead by the founder of Saminda , Kuro Saminda , when he was a little kid his dream is to bulit a car that stands out from everyone else , the CZ5 was a little dream from him that manages to became true. Today, the CZ5 have sold at auction for as much as US $1,000,000

Saminda only made 711 of these within 10 years , but this was the first car that proved Japan could compete with almost anyone when it comes to making advanced, fast, beautiful cars. The CZ5 boasted a 160-horsepower, dual overhead cam, 2.0-liter straight-four engine , a five-speed manual transmission , powering the rear wheel

Saminda ended the CZ5 in 1980.


Saminda CZ5 teased, will not get manual transmission

The 2020 Saminda CZ5 is finally back after decades of absence and it is ready to hunt and kill all the sport cars in the world.

The latest generation of the CZ5 is bulit by Maesima with the same engine as the Sagitta, the 4.4-liter N/A V8 engine produces 510bhp, it’s the first V8 engine inside a road production Saminda car.

However, Nako Yashimita said that the new CZ5 will not get a manual tranmission. ‘‘The dual cutch transmission in our new CZ5 is much more efficent and quicker, we don’t see any reason for it to have a standard transmission’’ said Yashimita.


The absence of a manual gearbox option is actually justified here - it may well be too fast for anything other than a DCT.


YEAR 2019

The all new re-invented PonQi Hybrid, 50MPG? No problem.

Saminda PonQi Hybrid Standard

Engine : REB Series (Atkinson) , REB2000A (With electric motor and 4th generation i-VIC technology)

Saminda PonQi Hybrid Premium

Engine : REB Series (Atkinson) , REB2000A (With electric motor and 4th generation i-VIC technology)

Saminda PonQi Hybrid Touring

Engine : REB Series (Atkinson) , REB2000A (With electric motor and 4th generation i-VIC technology)

The PonQi is a hybrid electric vehicle manufactured by Saminda since 2001. The 2019 PonQi is rated at 47 City/60 Highway/51 Combined by EPA standard

It’s equipped with a 2.0-liter i-VIC four-cylinder Atkinson petrol direct injection engine that produces 92bhp and 152nm of torque. There’s also a 1.52kWh lithium-ion polymer battery under the back seat and a 30kW electric motor which produces 40bhp and 48nm of torque, the total output of the car is 134bhp and 200nm of torque. With the help of a dual-clutch transmission (as opposed to a CVT), the PonQi feels peppy in Sport mode.

Smart Air-conditioning
The PonQi has a unique smart air-conditioning system that uses sensors to detect where passengers are seated, which then automatically directs air flow there. Conversely, it will turn off the back row air-con when no rear passengers are on board, which helps to save energy.

New nS platform
It is here where the new PonQi packs the most surprises, Built on the Saminda New Structural Platform (nS) , the new PonQi has been engineered with a focus on the driving experience, as highlighted by its Chief Engineer, Keisuke Hitano.

Designed by : Keisuke Hitano


Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
Mississippi, North America

PonQi Hybrid Standard : $22,150
PonQi Hybrid Premium: $24,870
PonQi Hybrid Touring : $27,820


YEAR 2017

The new Casda, A gift for your loves one.

Saminda Casda Standard 1.2 MT

Engine : RE Series , RE12B (Introduced in 2005, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Casda Premium 1.2 AT

Engine : RE Series , RE12B (Introduced in 2005, with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Saminda Casda ( Japanese : サミンダ - せき) is a city car produced by Saminda Motor Co. for the Southeast and Southern Asia Market

It’s Saminda best selling car in the Philippines and it won the Best Micro Car of the Year by the Car Awards Group (Philippines) in 2017.

Measuring 3,680mm x 1,600mm x 1,530mm, the Casda is one of the biggest in it class

Saminda offers it standard safety features more than it rivals. Not only comes with basic safety features like driver’s airbag, seatbelts, and alarm, but there’s also Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), immobilizer, electronic door locks, and even child lock protection.

The Casda uses a 1.2-liter DOHC inline-4 engine with it famous i-VIC technology, it churn out 81bhp at 6,700 rpm and a maximum torque of 110 Nm at 4,000 rpm. It’s available with either a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission.

Designed by : Arisato Minato

Southeast and Southern Asia only

Surabaya, Indonesia (Saminda Indonesia)

Casda Standard 1.2 MT : $13,150
Casda Premium 1.2 AT : $15,150


2020 C3 coming soon. #NYIAS

(Not April fool joke lol)


New Brilliant MPV will be the first China designed Saminda to be sold in South East Asia


(It will be sold in China as the Huali Brilliant, bulit in Guangzhou, China (Guangzhou-Saminda)


(It will be sold in South East Asia as the Saminda Brilliant, and will be bulit in Pahang Malaysia (Saminda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.)

Beijing, China - The Brilliant is a up-coming compact MPV designed in China by Guangzhou-Saminda joint venture (Which is differ from Wuhan-Saminda joint venture), Saminda hope the Brilliant could gain more sales from it struggling Huali brand in China, but the Brilliant will also be sold in South East Asia as a rebadged Saminda. Which is also the brand first China designed vehicle to be sold in South East Asia.

Saminda has not announce it specs but we will know it as soon as it getting nearer to it release date.


YEAR 2018

The Saminda CR100, Bring it on!

Saminda CR100 Standard 1.2 MT

Engine : RE Series , RE12B (Introduced in 2005, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda CR100 Premium 1.2 AT

Engine : RE Series , RE12B (Introduced in 2005, with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Saminda CR100 is a subcompact crossover sold only in countries like India, Pakistan and Brazil. It has the same body structure as the Saminda Casda.

The CR100 promises the feel of an SUV with the practicality of a hatch. Although, it is based on the Casda platform, Saminda has rigorously redesigned the cross hatch to give it a muscular look

It share the same engine as the Casda, a 1.2-liter inline-4 engine produces 81bhp, It’s available with either a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission.

Designed by : Arisato Minato

South Asia and South America

Maua Brazil
Gurgaon, India (Saminda India)

CR100 Standard 1.2 MT : $14,150
CR100 Premium 1.2 AT : $15,850


YEAR 2019

The all new re-invented C7, A Luxury you deserve.

Saminda C7 XE 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35A1 (Direct Injection Introduced in 2013, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda C7 XE-L 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35A1 (Direct Injection Introduced in 2013, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda C7 Touring 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35A1 (Direct Injection Introduced in 2013, with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Saminda C7 is a luxury full-size car. It’s Saminda largest sedan and serves as its flagship vehicle in the United States and Canada, it’s engineered and built in America

“While the sedan market is currently declining, there’s still a strong demand for good sedans.” American Saminda Motor Co. vice-president Timothy Simon said.

The C7 refinement continues into its 3.5-liter V6 which make a total of 298 hp and 344nm of torque. Mated to a 8-speed automatic transmission, it shift gear seamlessly

The C7 is available with a full suite of crash-avoidance systems which include lane departure warning, lane keep assist, forward auto brake with pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, rear cross path detection, adaptive radar cruise control monitors traffic ahead and slows as needed to keep a safe distance. All that plus a stiff body structure should provide peace of mind for owners

nS platform
The new C7 is based on Saminda’s impressive nS platform, making the 2019 C7 steps it up in the vehicle dynamics department with a much better suspension design, including an adaptive damper that reacts in 20 milliseconds

A Saminda Skin with Auxuras Bone
The C7 has the same platform as the Auxuras ETL, but it cost nearly $8000 less than it Auxuras counterpart, the C7 is definitely a great buy if you are on a budget for a luxury vehicle.

Designed by : Spencer Richman

North America and Middle East

Mississippi, United States, North America

C7 XE 3.5 V6 : $33,550
C7 XE-L 3.5 V6 : $37,550
C7 Touring 3.5 V6 : $41,550


What surprises me is how the C7 has pretty decent off-road capabilities…


Quality designs no doubt, but the taillights make me sad :((



The 2020 Saminda C3 is the greatest C3 ever.

The Saminda C3 have been around for more than 55 years, and the tenth generation C3 will be much stylish, safer, quicker and more efficient. And it’s time to debut in the 2019 New York Auto Show.

Of course what we are seeing now is a concept version, but Saminda says it will look very similiar to it production version. It will ride on the latest New Structural Platform also known as nS platform. The nS platform currently underpins on the PonQi and C7, the nS platform is much more stiffer for a more engaging drive.

But it’s not just sporty that will be in the new C3, Saminda claims it will be also much comfortable and more leg room because the whole car is almost 1 inch longer.

Now here comes the interesting part, the powertrain, we got some information from Saminda about the engine option, atleast in the United States, it will be powered by either a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated or a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, we don’t know the turbocharged engine will make how much horses but the naturally aspirated will make around 148bhp.

While the C3 is one of the top-selling vehicles of all time, sales are declining as the popularity of sedans continues to decrease, but Saminda hopes the new redesign C3 will work to increase interest and better compete in the dwindling sedan market.


YEAR 2019

The all new Erson (刵森) MPV, Everybody deserve it (每个人都应得的车)

Saminda Erson Premium 2.4

Engine : KA Series (Introduced in 2004) , KA24Z1 (Direct Injection Introduced in 2013, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Erson Luxury 2.4

Engine : KA Series (Introduced in 2004) , KA24Z1 (Direct Injection Introduced in 2013, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Erson Luxury 2.0T

Engine : KA Series (Introduced in 2004) , KA20F1 (Turbocharged introduced in 2015, with 2nd generation i-VIC ProAIR Turbo)

The Saminda Erson (Chinese : 安田-刵森 Antian Ersen) is a 8-seater minivan sold only in China, It is related to the US-spec Saminda CR4 but is not the same vehicle.

The Erson nameplate was originally sold by Saminda from 2001-2006 worldwide, it was then discontinued after 2006 due to slow sales and have since replaced by the CR4, on 2019, the Erson is a Wuhan-Saminda joint venture project and will only be sold in Chinese market only.

Differences between the CR4
The Erson is slighty bigger than the Japanese CR4 but smaller than the US CR4,

The Erson comes with 2 engine option, a naturally aspirated 2.4-liter petrol engine produces 178bhp or a turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol engine produces 222bhp, both of the engines is mated to a CVT transmission

Designed by : Chen Yijie

China only

Wuhan, China (Wuhan-Saminda Motors)

Erson Premium 2.4 : $32,550
Erson Luxury 2.4 : $38,550
Erson Luxury 2.0T : $41,950


Sales record for 2018, United states still retain the top spot as the biggest market for Saminda, top China by a marginally, total sales increased by nearly 10% (Excluding Auxuras)

Total Sales Figure : 4,467,159

North America
North America is still the biggest player for Saminda, however, the company expect China to be it largest market by 2022.

Sales Reported : 1,473,844

Saminda in China has been doing well in recent years, seeking to overtake United States as it biggest market for the Japanese automaker by 2022

Saminda’s rich lineup of sport utility vehicles drew many Chinese seeking a good balance of quality, design and price

Sales Reported : 1,236,443

Saminda’s struggle in Europe is still a problem, it has since left France market in early 2018 due to low sales which has less than 0.5% market share.

Saminda UK said it had sold 46,255, down by 3%

Sales Reported : 104,858

Saminda see a 3% gain in it domestic market, it C1 model is the best seller over here.

Sales Reported : 663,891

South East Asia, Asia and Oceania
Asia Saminda Motors Region the regional headquarters for Saminda vehicles in the Asia & Oceania region have recorded its best-ever automobile sales record in 2018, with total sales of 788,346 units.

Saminda Thailand has revealed that it has maintained its top spot in passenger car sales for the forth year running

Saminda Indonesia see it best record since 2010, thanks to it new redesign Randis.

Saminda Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd sales had been increase by 3.5%.

Saminda India see increase too thanks to it redesign CR100

Sales Reported : 788,346

Saminda has see a decline of sales in Africa seen 2014, sales has down by 2% compared to 2017

Sales Reported : 71,557

South America
Saminda sees a 0.6% gain in South America compared to 2017

Sales Figure : 128,220


Really like Saminda design :wink: