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Saminda Motor Co - 2021 C2000R will be the most extreme of it version


We uses the older drivetrains to keep the cost low, fret not it still maintain our reliability and fuel economy.


Torsion beam in a small saloon - it compromises comfort but also keeps costs down.


Honestly, I think considering the market and price point, everything looks fine. Honda, for instance, is still using a SOHC V6 family that is now 22 years old I think for the Odyssey. Torsion suspension is still very commonplace for cheaper FWD cars. 5 speeds were still around not 10 years ago in big mainsteam brand cars like in Mazdas and Toyotas in the US. And hell, even the Corolla had (has?) a 4 speed auto in the E170.


That’s why I said “kind of.” But apart from maybe that Honda V6’s, the only cars without DOHC nowadays are American muscle, and even they’re transitioning. (Looking at you Mustang.) And even econoboxes have 6 speeds.

However, I didn’t mention torsion beam suspension.


Saminda C5000R to debut it production form in Paris Motor Show, everything you need to know about it upcoming latest CthousandR range

(Concept version shown)

DETRIOT, US - There’s not been a CthousandR on sale since 2006, but the Japanese giant has promise it comeback on 2014 that a new version will be here soon, few months ago the C2000R was finally sold after nearly 10 years of developing.

Now, Saminda has again bringing back a CThousandR range, the C5000R will slight above the C2000R, while the C2000R is a 3-door hatchback, the C5000R will be a 5-door ‘‘Sportback’’ design.

The C5000R will not be sold in Japan
Yes, Saminda is a Japanese company but it has confirm that the C5000R will not be sold in it domestic market, a Saminda spokeswoman said "The new C5000R will be too ‘‘European’’ focused car to complete in Japan and also the Japanese market is too tiny over here’’

America’s still have no luck for the CthousandR too
Rumours about the Saminda CthousandR range coming to America has been surfaced a lot, however, Saminda has confirmed that the CthousandR range will not be coming to America’s for some reason, we will never know.

It will be fully developed in UK along with the C2000R in Swindon plant
Saminda will be further expanding it Swindon plant to produce the C5000R, everything about the C5000R will also be developed in Saminda UK R&D.

Engine will be shared with the C2000R(Rumors)
No official announcement from Saminda about the engine yet until the debut from Paris Motor Show, however, it has been confirmed that it will have 2 electric motors too, so we wouldn’t be suprise if it had the same engine as the C2000R

Since the C2000R cost around £39k, the C5000R might cost above £45k range.


YEAR 2018

ALL-NEW RANDIS! untuk kenyamanan Anda sekeluarga (Comfort for you and your family)

Saminda Randis 1.5 AT

Engine : RE Series , RE15A1

Saminda Randis Premium 1.5 AT

Engine : RE Series , RE15A1

Saminda just released the all new Randis in South East Asia, it is very popular in Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand, the Randis is significantly taller then the CR10 MPV but shorter in wheelbase.

Known for it cheap, reliable and fuel efficency, the Randis is a very popular choice for Grab/Uber drivers in South East Asia, more then 50% of private taxi in Indonesia are Randis.

The Randis sit 2+3+2, The adjustable second and third row seating make it possible for owners to configure the interior layout to suit their requirements, offering various combinations of passenger versus cargo space.

Driving the new Randis is a 1.5-liter RE15A1 DOHC four-cylinder engine with i-VIC(Intelligent Variable Intake Control). It produces 104 PS at 7000 rpm along with 141 Nm of torque at 4100 rpm. It is then mated to five-speed automatic transmission.

The Randis is designed by : Shiro Yasahiro

South East Asia

Related : Saminda CR10

Surabaya, Indonesia (Saminda Indonesia)
Ayutthaya, Thailand

Randis 1.5 AT : $17,500
Randis Premium 1.5 AT: $19,000

TSR Automotive

Boleh saya beli? (Can I buy?)


But yeah, many brands (mostly Japanese, if not all Japanese) have factories in Indonesia to cut import cost… Very realistic, and also Indonesia wants MPVs. Everywhere I see, MPV…


The CZ’s range is officially dead

It’s official, Saminda has admitted it has killed of the CZ’s range sliently after it ended the CZ6. The CZ’s range serve Saminda as it flagship for high performance and supercar.

Yuko Nagoya, CEO of Saminda, has confirmed that plans to reintroduce a CZ’s into it range is pretty much dead.

Instead of developing a halo car, Nagoya wants it company towards fuel efficiency and low emission vehicles, which turn the company by introducing the upcoming i-VIC-e engine and more hybrids vehicle. “By 2030, 70% of Saminda vehicles will go hybrid or electric” said Nagoya


Gib electric CZE :grin:


New PonQi Hybrid revealed, to be sold in U.S from $22,000

The new PonQi takes bold steps to advance its exterior looks. The overall body shape hasn’t drastically changed, but some changes on the front and rear means that the new PonQi looks sleeker and more coupe-like. The roof position has also been shifted forward to create a more coupe-like silhouette.

Smart Air-conditioning
The PonQi has a unique smart air-conditioning system that uses sensors to detect where passengers are seated, which then automatically directs air flow there. Conversely, it will turn off the back row air-con when no rear passengers are on board, which helps to save energy.

Performance numbers
The PonQi has a fuel efficiency rating of 22km/L, around 50mpg (US)

It’s equipped with a 2.0-liter i-VIC four-cylinder Atkinson petrol direct injection engine that produces 90bhp and 145nm of torque. There’s also a 1.52kWh lithium-ion polymer battery under the back seat and a 30kW electric motor which produces 40bhp and 48nm of torque, the total output of the car is 130bhp and 193nm of torque. With the help of a dual-clutch transmission (as opposed to a CVT), the PonQi feels peppy in Sport mode.

Saminda nS Platform
It is here where the new PonQi packs the most surprises, Built on the Saminda New Structural Platform (nS) , the new PonQi has been engineered with a focus on the driving experience, as highlighted by its Chief Engineer, Keisuke Hitano.

The PonQi will be release in Japan on October, U.S on December and rest of the world on Q1 of 2019.


The return!!! :smile: The car is great, but it’s odd that it only produces 90hp, and gets 50mpg, wouldn’t it either make more power, or get better MPG?


Heat sensors? What if you’re transporting hot food to a party?


I assume you can control it?


The Air-conditional thing only works in Eco mode, yes it uses heat sensor and the only way to switch it off is either put it on Normal or Sport mode


I hope to test that model soon!


My previous design of the C3 has some issue, hopefully this is the final design @Rk38


YEAR 2018

The cC Sport, Sporty kei.

Saminda cC Sport

Engine : A Series , A660E (Non i-VIC)

The Saminda cC is a kei car manufactured by Saminda and it’s to replace the Kirei

Saminda says the design of the cC is to be ‘‘sporty’’, by lowering the roof to make it exterior look of a two-door coupe. The cC measures in at 3255mm in length, and has a wheelbase of 2355mm

It’s desgined by Asami Hinako, the first female designer for Saminda Motor Co.

Powered by a 660cc turbocharged engine with CVT transmission

The cC Sport is designed by : Asami Hinako

Japan only

Suzuka , Japan

cC Sport : ¥1.290,000


Ooh my name, nice car, it’s great that you called it “sporty” instead of sports, or else it wouldn’t have made any sense. The car design is very futuristic, I really like it.


Saminda engine problems, 4.5 million cars recalled in U.S, Japan and Europe

DETRIOT, US - Despite having reputation for it engines, Saminda turbocharged engine have some issue.

Saminda Motor Co. has announced a total of 4.5 millions of C3, CR3 and C5 being recalled in U.S, Japan and part of Europe.

Saminda said thousands of customers have discovered it engine will eventually stall sometimes without warning, mainly it 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

What is the problem?
Saminda says cars equipped with it 1.5-liter turbocharged engine has it piston ring not fix properly, forcing fuel-air out into the crank casing which result in a low compression that will cause the engine to stall.

Stalling is a very big safety issue, it need to be fixed as soon as possible said a Saminda spokeswoman.

Saminda urge all customer who have it 1.5-liter turbocharged engine to contact their nearest dealership for more information or fix for free as soon as possible, a letter regarding the issue will also be sent to all owners


Saminda will stop selling cars in France

Saminda Europe Crisis - Although it was no surprise to hear that Japanese car manufacturer Saminda Motor Co. struggles it presence in Europe region, few expected the car giant to leave France market.

Saminda said it will be shutting down its operations in France starting from next year, saying it is “no way profitable” though it will continue selling it power equipment and engines for marines as well as aircraft.

There are 4 models currently sold in France. The C4, CR3, CR4 and the C2000R. “Despite giving heavy discounts, it’s still hard selling the cars away” said a Saminda dealership located in France, Lille.

This move make much sense considering the sales number involved, last year Saminda only manage to sell 2036 cars, that is less than 0.5% market share.