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Saminda Motor Co - 2021 C2000R will be the most extreme of it version


Fucking perfect. Need nothing more to say, I know that the base model at 12560 is going to sell like MAAAAAD in India for sure. Plus with 94hp, it’s also got about 20hp more than the market standard at that price range.


@starfish94 it’s “bawalah juga keluarga anda!”

is it really that good for the indian market? because it’s not so much so here. in fact it’ll have so much competition


priced at 5.5lakh it’s about 0.5 lakh (50000) rupees cheaper than most of it’s competitors in that range


Makes you wonder how they made it that cheap… :wink:


@rcracer11m Our sales record show that 80% of Casda buyers bought the manual version , hence why we offered CVT only in the top trim

@Deskyx A competitor to cars like Hyundai i10 and Honda Brio!

#New Saminda C2000R finally opens for booking in UK.

Concept version shown

The new Saminda C2000R, due in UK showrooms next year, is now open for booking. Lucky Brits can now place an order with a £3,000 deposit at their local Saminda dealer.

Touted to be the most extreme and high-performing C2000R in the 10 year history of the 'ThousandR’ badge, the C2000R will be powered by a new 370 PS 2.0-liter i-VIC direct-injected turbocharged engine with 2 electric motors and a 8,000 rpm limit, paired to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The C2000R can even run with only the electric motors.

Saminda says that the new C2000R has been developed and engineered for European drivers. The car will be built at Saminda’s plant in Swindon, UK, and will go up against the senior hot hatch class. Saminda C2000R currently holds a 7.51min ring time around the Nurburgring.

C2000R : £34,990
C2000R GT : £39,990


What’s the difference between base and GT trims?



I am a hardcore person and i don’t need safety features , just give me the base C2KR , thanks.

But WHAT THE FAG , why is the reverse sensor not standard ?


Good to know!

Might have to arm the Arzami Police Force with a few :wink:


Sorry to barge in and shamelessly advertise ourselves, but it seems you missed the hot hatch showdown @Vri404 there are other hatches that are just as fast (not around the GH though) and cost nearly 5 grand less, ie Zavir Luna Sportivo, Phyton Fighter, my Kunai, and there’s one by Leo but I forgot what it was.


More Promotional.

I’ll have you know we use a mixture of Fighters and Kunais for day-to-day work.

Just have 2 or 3 C2k’s to wow the kids at display events :stuck_out_tongue:


They develop the C2KR too long , it annouced before Zavir launched their Luna , but still not in production yet


Why get either Luna Sportivo , Phyton Fighter or Kunai RS when you can get all of this excitement in one vehicle : C2000R?



Or go for sheer terror in a ‘gently used’ Knight GT-R from 2009? Should be in about the same price range after all these years.

Out of respect for Saminda, we will not be making a Knight GT-R hatchback.


What in I don’t want a Saminda C2000R


But that nameplate is a legend.


“Electric Tailgate - not available on any trims”


Unless it has a rear mounted radiator or intercooler… I pity the guy who’ll have to wash the useless boot grille


Since when and why.