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Saminda Motor Co - Japanese workers in Wuhan to come back to Japan, factory to shut down


2018 Saminda C1 will be released in UK first, follow by Japan, North America and rest of the world.


SAMINDA has revealed the all new C1 and will first be launched in the UK, it’s the first time the C1 will be launched in UK before Japan.

Saminda expect the new C1 to be even more successful than the previous model in UK, in hoping to gain more market share as it has hit a high low 1%

The C1 will be powered by a 1.3-liter i-VIC engine produces 103bhp, a new addition to the range is the C1 SPORT which comes with a 1.1-liter i-VIC TURBO petrol engine which produces 130bhp, first turbo C1 for the UK market.

Michael Brown, Head of Sales in Saminda UK, commented: “The C1 is has always been our best selling car in UK and with the introduction of the SPORT edition, the 2018 C1 is the best C1 yet"


Saminda new engine technology promises better efficency

TOKYO, Japan - in the high-stakes, high-cost battle among global automakers to develop ever more efficient vehicles, Saminda is looking to introduce it latest technology.

Saminda Motor Co. said it would become the world’s first automaker to introduce a engine with different bore/stroke on the cylinders.

It has called its engine i-VIC-e and said it would be 15 to 25 percent more efficient than its current i-VIC.

How Does i-VIC-e work
2 of the cylinder would not have the same top dead, in order to counter it Saminda has created new types of camshaft and valves with different size and length, let’s say a 2.0-liter inline-4 engine would have a 200cc, 800cc, 800cc and 200cc, the engines uses 1 of the smallest cylinder to idle, the engine can go from different displacement (up to 7 varies) to give either efficiency or exceptional power, it’s combined with Intelligent Variable Intake Control.

In order to counter vibration, Saminda sits the larger cylinder in the middle of it.

Saminda will be testing the i-VIC-e very soon.


2018 Saminda C3 production version teased

Saminda has released a teaser image of the C3 sedan

Powertrain details are yet to be revealed by Saminda but the previous model was available with two engine options: a 1.8-liter i-VIC engine and a 1.5-liter turbocharged (i-VIC ProAIR) engine, which probably would be the same unit

Spec-V variant has been axed last year to not confuse with Auxuras Spec-V models so there would be no performance variant for the C3 anymore.

The 2018 C3 will be the first C3 to be designed and engineered by American Saminda R&D


YEAR 2018

Introducing the 2018 C1, New hot hatch in town (Europe Model)

Saminda C1 ES 1.3 i-VIC (CVT)

Engine : RE Series , RE13C

Stats C1 Es

Saminda C1 ESX 1.3 i-VIC (CVT)

Engine : RE Series , RE13C

Stats C1

Saminda C1 SPORT i-VIC TURBO 1.1T (6MT)

Engine : LC Series , LC11Z1

Sport Stats

Saminda’s popular family hatchback returns with its iteration, promising better fuel economy, more dynamic performance and a more involving drive.

The 2018 C1 will be released in Europe first before Japan, making it the first C1 to be released outside of Japan first.

The new-look Saminda C1 has update to the exterior styling and interior trim, the new C1 will also be available with a 128bhp 1.1-liter I-VIC TURBO petrol engine for the first time in Europe. Saminda’s new LC series petrol engine combines high output with low fuel consumption, and complies with stringent Euro 6 emissions standards.

A 93bhp 1.3-liter i-VIC petrol engine will continue to be available across all C1 trim levels, apart from the new Sport grade

The new C1 will come with a slew of features, such as a 6.7-inch infotainment system with touchscreen capability, multi-function steering wheel, rear view camera, One-Push Engine Start system and Saminda Smart Key system.

The C1 (Europe Version) is designed by : Naoyuki Suzukl


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Swindon, UK (Saminda UK)

C1 ES 1.3 (CVT) : £14,370
C1 ESX 1.3 (CVT) : £15,560
C1 SPORT i-VIC TURBO 1.1T : £17,590


Saminda will make a C1000R kei-sport car for it domestic market

TOKYO, JAPAN - Saminda Motor Co. R&D head Kaito Haruto says that it is extremely pleased to be able to take charge of the up-coming C1000R. “We would like to try new things, something we have never created before and will give everybody a ‘wow’ impression when they look at it, kei car are usually boring and we would like to change that perspective.” Haruto added

Haruto also added that the C1000R will have a all-new developed 660cc turbocharged engine with electric motor powering the rear-wheel, CThousandR are more unique to Saminda’s due to it RWD layout than a FWD layout that Saminda’s usually are.

A concept version will debut near end of this year at Tokyo Motor Show.


YEAR 2018

Born to track, Born to race…Introducing the long waited C2000R

(Nürburgring test car shown, click HERE for review, credits by @DeusExMackia)

Saminda C2000R

Engine : KA Series , KA20FZ (with 2 Electric Motor)

The C2000R is the first CthousandR comback by Saminda on it heritage in developing high-performance hatchback after 12 years of absent

On 2016, the pre-production C2000R achieved a lap time of 7:56s on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, making it the fastest 4 cylinder hatchback under £38k.

It took a total of 5 years to develop the C2000R making it one of the longest car Saminda ever develop

The KA20FZ engine is handbulit by only the few best engineers
Saminda’s take the heart of the C2000R very seriously, only the few best engineers from Saminda are allowed to bulit it engines

The C2000R engine is a 2.0-liter i-VIC ProAIR(Turbocharged) engine mated to 2 electric motors , the battery contribute around 58BHP making a total of 368BHP

The C2000R is fully developed in UK
Lead by Dave Kamper, Saminda R&D UK Chief Engineer, Kamper said ‘‘For the C2000R this time, the focus was to not only have the most high-performing CThousandR in Saminda’s history, but also the most high-performing product in the segment.’’

Kamper added ''Making a fast car is technically very easy, you put in the four wheel drive system, you increase the power, you make a bigger engine, you make a bigger car, but whether it would be quicker around the Nurburgring or any track is a big question mark, the C2000R is bulit in a way that it would go fast in both straight line and in a track."

Design of the C2000R serve purpose
The styling might be too extreme for some, but it’s there for a purpose and it works, try getting it on a track, and it’s a superhero.

The C2000R is designed by : Koichi Hikari
The C2000R is engineered by : Dave Kamper

Europe and Japan, UK in Q1, rest of Europe in Q3, Japan in Q4

Swindon, UK (Saminda UK)

C2000R : £37,800

(2017 C2000R concept version shown)


That took long enough :stuck_out_tongue:


The Armada Fore GTi (which retails for about £25000) has a message for you:

“fite me 1v1 m8”

which, more politely put, is a request for other details like fuel, tyres and engineering time


Pssst, for just £1700 more you can have about as fast premium sports compact with two cylinders more :wink:
Zavir. Il vantaggio della tecnologia.

Seriously though, marketing aside, finally! :grin: Good to see the most crazy car of the most wonderfully ordinary company back, at last on the road. I’d love to see some sports compact shootout, @DeusExMackia or @ramthecowy interested maybe?


Interested both in sending a rival car and in reviewing it. Perhaps even a collab with MotorNation?


We can lend any motor journalist a production version C2000R for reviewing or comparision :smiley:


C2000R failed to hit it targeted sales for first month in UK, Saminda says future CthousandR plans “doesn’t look too good”

There’s no denying the all-new 2018 Saminda C2000R is an excellent and an enthusiast dream car.

But there’s one bad thing, it’s not selling as expected according to Saminda.

Saminda expect to sell around 100 units for the first month in UK, but it sold only 33 units of them which is more than 50% less as it expected sales.

Before the C2000R is here, the hype is all around the world, everybody wants one, but when Saminda finally start to sell it last month, the interest on the car seems to die down.

Some are blaming it that Saminda take too long to release it, too expensive or look “outdated” since it was designed back in 2014.

That said, the future of CThousandR line up might have trouble continuing.


Saminda caught testing it new revolution engine, the i-VIC-e with it prototype C3 Sedan

Saminda said it can expect a 20-30% increase of fuel economy

DETRIOT, USA - The i-VIC-e which e stands for ‘‘Efficiency’’ according to Saminda, currently the technology is only applicable in it 4-cylinder variant, the engine is so smart that 2 of the cylinder will have different displacement than the other 2, it would go like 200cc, 800cc, 800cc and 200cc.

The engine will run one of it smallest cylinder for idle, and it can go different displacement when accelerating which can go up to 7 varies depending on your needs.

Despite that, the engine still run and idle smoothy, the way to counter it was pretty simple, Saminda said it will always put it heaviest cylinder on the center for stability.

The i-VIC-e can expected to be in market by 2020.

It was announced in Feb 2


Okay that is a really, REALLY cool idea.


I’d love to see the actual Engineering behind this…


The valvetrain design to make that work must be pretty insane!


That tech could be perfectly be applied on real life!


Saminda cancel it plan for AWD C2000R, it will be also recalling all C2000R for faulty ABS

SWINDON, UK - Saminda UK is recalling all C2000R that has been bought before May for faulty ABS sensor and urge owners to immediately repair it at their nearest Saminda dealership free of charges.

"Saminda UK reiterates that all its current selling C2000R are not affected and will continue to uphold transparency and stringent controls to ensure customer safety,”

AWD version C2000R cancelled
Saminda also announced that the AWD version of C2000R has been cancelled.

Managing Director of Saminda UK, Robert Christopher said “The AWD hot hatch is too competitive over here, we don’t think Saminda has to follow the trend.”


YEAR 2018

Introducing the ALL NEW ZORO, The new Era.

Saminda Zoro 1.6

Engine : YB Series , YB16A

Saminda Zoro 1.8

Engine : YB Series , YB18A

Wuhan Saminda launched the China-only Zoro for it Chinese consumers, It is based on the tenth generation Saminda C3 with a redesigned front and rear, Aimed for younger generation, the Zoro is a cheaper alternative of the C3.

The Zoro uses the older YB Series engine which features a SOHC with Intelligent Variable Intake Control (i-VIC), there are two engine choices available, a 1.6 or 1.8-liter.

The Zoro comes standard with 6 airbags, ABS, Traction Control as well as a 5-inch touchscreen.

The Zoro is designed by : James Lee

China Only

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Wuhan, China (Wuhan Saminda)

Zoro 1.6 : $17,500
Zoro 1.8 : $19,100