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Saminda Motor Co - The new CR45, Conquering the terrain


YEAR 2018

Introducing the new C3 Azbio, 行って旅しよう!(Let’s go and travel!)

Saminda Azbio X 1.5 (CVT)

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ (Introduced in 2015, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Azbio XS 1.5 (CVT)

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ (Introduced in 2015, with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Azbioが日本国内で販売C3の日本語版で、日本で販売Azbioための寸法は外寸法とエンジン変位に関する日本政府の規制に準拠したままにするように、日本の外で販売されているものC3よりも小さくなっています。

Azbioは静かなキャビンと優れた空力特性の両方を求めて軽量、高剛性ボディを採用しています。フロントとリアサスペションの主要コンポーネントも最適となっています活発な操縦とクルージング安定性だけでなく、快適な乗り心地を提供するために調整されました。 C3 Azbioも偉大な燃料消費量と高速道路での最高速度で安定した感じ。新しいSaminda Azbioを持って、あなたは間違いなく速度と安定性と安全に運転するのが大好き誰にもお勧めします。

The Saminda Azbio is a Japanese version of the C3 sold in Japan, so as to remain in compliance with the Japanese government’s regulations on external dimensions and engine displacement, It’s smaller than the regular C3.

Designed by : Sakai Takahiro

Japanese Domestic Market only

Saitama, Japan

Azbio X 1.5 : $18,650
Azbio XS 1.5 : $20,650


Oh my, that is just pure gorgeous


Where I can get one of this beauties. :rofl:

(I know, just joking. The car still looks great tho.)


2020 Saminda C8 revealed for Japanese market

TOKYO, JAPAN - The 2020 Saminda C8 will be priced at 6,952,000 yen, including an up-coming 10% consumption tax. If the C8 flagship sedan for Japan looks awfully familiar, that is because you’re thinking of the Auxuras STL.

The new C8 is basically the same thing as the American-made STL, and features the same revised styling although there are a little tweak on the front vents and rear bumper.

Under the bonnet, you’ll find the same powertrain. The engine is made up of a direct-injection 3.5 liter V6 petrol engine that makes 311 PS and 355 Nm.

The C8 will go on sales earlier than the American model, Saminda will start to accept orders from February onwards and customers should be able to receive it by end of April.


Jesus Christ, I wonder how long it took to make that grille :joy:

YEAR 2018

Introducing the all-new Spinetail, 享受每一秒 (Enjoy every moment)

Saminda Spinetail 2.0T (China Only)

Engine : KA Series , KA20F1 (2nd Generation i-VIC ProAIR TURBO technology)

The new Saminda Spinetail sedan has been launched on the Chinese market. The Spinetail is the new flagship for the Saminda brand in China. Price starts at 219.000 yuan and ends at 259.000 yuan ($32,000 – 38,000).

It is manufactured in China by the Wuhan-Saminda joint venture. It stands on the same version of the same platform as the Saminda C5 but with a longer wheelbase of 50mm.

The Spinetail is available only with a 2.0-liter DOHC i-VIC ProAIR TURBO engine with 220hp and 308nm mated to a CVT transmission.

Designed by : Nakashi Sakamoto

China Only

Huayuan , China (Wuhan-Saminda Joint Venture)

Spinetail : $38,510 (259,000 RMB)

Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback
Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback

Hey, did you use open beta or main branch for this?


YEAR 2018

Introducing the new CR35, 美しきミニバン, それでも快適
(Beautiful yet comfortable MPV)

Saminda CR35 X 1.5T

Engine : RE Series , RE15F5 (2nd Generation i-VIC ProAIR TURBO technology)

Saminda CR35 S 1.5T

Engine : RE Series , RE15F5 (2nd Generation i-VIC ProAIR TURBO technology)

Saminda CR35 XS 1.5T

Engine : RE Series , RE15F5 (2nd Generation i-VIC ProAIR TURBO technology)

The CR35 is a mid-size MPV manufactured by Saminda for the Japanese market, it fit between the CR15 and CR4 MPV.

Tall roofs are desired by some families so that ingress and egress for those who have trouble bending down too much, especially the elderly. Saminda claims the CR35 has the longest and widest interior (2,900mm long x 1,550mm wide x 1,360mm tall cabin dimensions).

Sitting in the bay of the Saminda CR35 is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder i-VIC ProAIR Turbo that makes 156 hp at 6,600 rpm and 218 Nm of torque from 1,000 to 4,000 rpm, while paired to it is a CVT transmission

Designed by : Akira Minato

Japan only, Parallel imported in certain country (eg, Singapore and Malaysia)

Suzuka, Japan

CR35 X 1.5T : ¥2,588,000
CR35 S 1.5T : ¥2,888,000
CR35 XS 1.5T : ¥3,388,000


The CR35 is really interesting! Good job :wink:


YEAR 2018

Introducing the new CR45

ขับรถไปรอบ ๆ อย่างสะดวกสบาย (Thailand)

Ang paraan na gusto mo (Philippines)

Bạn là những gì bạn lái xe (Vietnam)

Berkendara sesuka Anda (Indonesia)

Conquering all terrain (India,Pakistan,Singapore,Malaysia and Sri Lanka)

Saminda CR45 Standard 2.7

Engine : TA Series , TA27C (Since 2006, Bulit in Thailand with 2nd generation i-VIC technology)

Saminda CR45 Premium 3.0 V6

Engine : JA Series , JA30C (Since 1998, Built in Thailand with 2nd generation i-VIC technology)

The CR45 is a mid-sized 7-Seater SUV designed and engineered by Saminda Motor Thailand (SMT) and sold in mainly the Asian countries. The CR45 is never sold in it own country Japan. As well as North America, Europe and China.

In terms of dimensions, the new CR45 has been built on the body-on-frame structure. The SUV has a length of 4,815mm, width is 1,855mm and height is 1,840mm. The ground clearance is 230mm and it good enough to off-road too. The fuel tank is massive with about 80 liters. Making it good enough for long trips.

The CR45 comes with 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, multi-functional steering wheel with paddle shifters, automatic climate control, electrically adjustable door mirrors with power folding function, ABS, brake assist, hill start assist control, vehicle stability control, emergency stop signal, reverse camera and even trailer sway control.

It will have 2 engine option, a 2.7-liter inline-4 and a larger 3.0-liter V6 engine, both of this engine is equipped with the 2nd generation i-VIC technology.

Designed by : Narong Channarong (Saminda Motor Thailand)

Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam , Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Philippines

Samut Prakan, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Chachoengsao, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Karawang, Indonesia
Karachi, Pakistan
Bidadi, India

CR45 Standard 2.7 : $29,500
CR45 Premium 3.0 V6 : $33,500


Kinda looks like a Palisade from the back.


Futaba entered the chat



Oh no


YEAR 2015 - Present

The Utility Kei Van, A reliable partner for your workload (ワークロードの信頼できるパートナー).

Saminda Utility 660

Engine : A Series , A660C (Non i-VIC, for Kei vehicle)

Saminda Utility TURBO

Engine : A Series , A660D (Non i-VIC, for Kei vehicle)

The Saminda Ultility is a microvan produced by the Japanese automaker Saminda since 1985.

Saminda uses FWD on it Utility since it debut, making it the only FWD microvans available, since microvans are usually RWD or 4WD.

There are 2 engine option available, a 660cc inline-3 naturally aspirated making 45BHP or a turbocharged version that makes 62bhp.

Max Load
The maximum load capacity for the Utility is rated at 200kg for the non-turbo version and 240kg for the turbo version. However, due to it FWD layout, the max load capacity is slightly lower than it competitors.

Designed by : Kuro Nakasato

Japan and someparts of South East Asia

Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

Utility 660 : ¥956,155
Utility TURBO : ¥1,090,500


Saminda has recalled 2000 C+ EV that it battery may catch fire

(C+ EV Shown)

DETROIT, US - American Saminda Motor Co. has released a statement indicate that they will be recalling 2000 C+ EV that when the car is left charging, or overcharged, the battery may overheat and causes fire.

No death or injury have been reported relating about this case.

The Japanese automaker says that the battery have not been installed properly and it may cause short circuit to result a fire.

Affected customers will receive a letter from Saminda and urge it customers to repair it ASAP.


YEAR 2018

The new CR15, When Practicality met Utility (Ketika Praticality bertemu Utility)

Saminda CR15 1.5 (FWD and AWD)

Engine : RE Series , RE15A1Z (Non Direct Injection, with 4th generation i-VIC)

(FWD Spec)

(AWD Spec)

The Saminda CR15 is a 7-seater compact SUV produced and designed by Saminda Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, The CR15 is designed with Japanese and Indonesian engineers. It is based on the Randis / Iconic platform

Engines and Drivetrain
Under the bonnet, you’ll find a RE15A1Z 1.5 liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine with start/stop. The new 4th generation i-VIC makes for better efficiency and is the same unit found in the latest Randis, However, the RE15A1Z makes 4bhp more than the RE15A1 from the Randis.

Great Space, Great Comfort
The CR15 offers seating for seven, distributed according to a 2-3-2 layout, with the second row following a 60:40 split and third row is 50:50. With the third row backrest folded down, there’s 219 liters of storage space, which is expanded to 517 liters when both second and third row is folded down.

Designed by : Shiro Yasahiro / Dumadi Fadhlan

Asia, South East Asia and Africa

Surabaya, Indonesia (Saminda Indonesia)
Ayutthaya, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)

CR15 1.5 FWD : $21,550
CR15 1.5 AWD : $22,950


Why does it get such poor fuel economy? 33 mpg doesn’t seem very exemplary in this game when a mid-size SUV can get over 50 with AWD and a six cylinder engine.


It’s a 2006 engine, hence it’s just a simple and reliable design.

I am trying to make my brand as realistic as possible, if the CR15 gets 50mpg is kind of defeat it purpose not to say a mid size getting 50mpg.

33MPG is “reasonable” in real life for vehicle as similiar as the CR15 IMHO tho


Saminda and Maesima Collaboration Project is back - Saminda will be reviving the CZ5 to Japanese market but it will be a Maesima powered Sagitta

DETRIOT, US - Saminda Motor Co. and Maesima Motor Corporation have announced the return of it collaboration…sort of.

(Auxuras RXE and Sachiuri Sagitta unveiled their supposed new halo car in 2017 Detroit Auto Show)

On 2016, Saminda and Maesima have announced it collaboration on a halo car which was supposed to be a 4.0-liter V6 engine with 2 electric motors develop by Saminda while the chassis is by Maesima, the project was nearly going to be finished but due to Saminda recall scandal and going towards efficency, it has forced Saminda to scrap the project away.

That lead Maesima to develop their own Sagitta instead and it became a RWD with V8 powered engine

(2018 Sachiuri Sagitta)

The 2020 Saminda CZ5 will be build in Maesima North America plant at Alabama, which build the Sachiuri Sagitta and will be import to Japan market as the CZ5. Making it the first V8-powered Saminda since it was founded in 1950.

Nako Yashimita, project leader for the CZ5 said ‘‘Saminda President Yuko Nagoya wanted the CZ5 back after a 40 years absence, he says without the CZ5 there wouldn’t be what Saminda is today, he also added that he wanted it to be RWD and it can’t be forced induction, to retain the heritage’’

The idea from my boss of not having forced induction is a headache for me, our most powerful engine currently would be the CER Series which is a forced induction engine that is currently powering the Auxuras ITL Spec-V in North America, said Yashimita

I asked Nagoya how about a V8 powered engine, he actually approve and told me ‘‘Time have changed and we could change too’’, however, since we doesn’t make V8 engine, partnering with Maesima back would be the best solution since they built some of the best V8 engines out there, said Yashimita.

(1970 CZ5, Saminda first ‘‘Supercar’’)

The CZ5 is the first sport car bulit by Japanese automaker Saminda , today the CZ5 is one of the most iconic car that came out from Japan . Lead by the founder of Saminda , Kuro Saminda , when he was a little kid his dream is to bulit a car that stands out from everyone else , the CZ5 was a little dream from him that manages to became true. Today, the CZ5 have sold at auction for as much as US $1,000,000

Saminda only made 711 of these within 10 years , but this was the first car that proved Japan could compete with almost anyone when it comes to making advanced, fast, beautiful cars. The CZ5 boasted a 160-horsepower, dual overhead cam, 2.0-liter straight-four engine , a five-speed manual transmission , powering the rear wheel

Saminda ended the CZ5 in 1980.


Saminda CZ5 teased, will not get manual transmission

The 2020 Saminda CZ5 is finally back after decades of absence and it is ready to hunt and kill all the sport cars in the world.

The latest generation of the CZ5 is bulit by Maesima with the same engine as the Sagitta, the 4.4-liter N/A V8 engine produces 510bhp, it’s the first V8 engine inside a road production Saminda car.

However, Nako Yashimita said that the new CZ5 will not get a manual tranmission. ‘‘The dual cutch transmission in our new CZ5 is much more efficent and quicker, we don’t see any reason for it to have a standard transmission’’ said Yashimita.