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Saminda Motor Co - The new CR45, Conquering the terrain


Oh man, don’t get me started on that subject…


Oh so it wouldnt have sold well anyways


#Saminda upcoming Mexico plant will continue to produce the C1 , but it’s not going to North America.

Detroit , US - Saminda Motor Co. investment in it Mexico plant 3 years ago had drawn criticism by Donald Trump says it will not plan to produce the C1 to North America anymore .

Saminda plan to produce 150,000 C1 will instead be reduced to 85,000 per year and will be cutting down around 1000 jobs , it will be sold in South America along with it Maua Brazil plant which also bulit the CR3.

Additionally , Saminda will be investing more than 3 billion in the next 3 years, “Saminda has and always been helpful to the U.S economy” said Yuko Nagoya , President of Saminda Motor Co.


Why not Canada? No Trump and small cars are always popular.


Or why not Mexico?


Without doubt Mexico will sell the C1 , Canada we can see how it goes :smile:


#Saminda UK chiefs confirm the C2000R will resume it original planned powertrain and production will not be delayed , expect AWD as option.

SWINDON , UK – Saminda UK has confirmed that the C2000R will continue it 2.0-liter powertrain instead of the planned 2.2-liter as well as an AWD option , production will continue as planned in late 2017 or early 2018.

“We would really want to release it as soon as possible , while adding an AWD option in it would match us against our competitors” said Robert Christopher , managing director of Saminda UK.

Christopher also added “The release of production version in Geneva Motor Show indicate the C2000R is coming really soon”


That’s not the first time we’ve heard that, Saminda…

#YEAR 2016

#คุณ สมน้ำสมเนื้อ ดีกว่า , introducing the all-new re-invented Anthana.


Saminda Anthana Standard 1.5 (Manual)

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ

Saminda Anthana Standard 1.5 (CVT)

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ


Saminda Anthana Premium 1.5 (CVT)

Engine : RE Series , RE15AZ

[quote]The Saminda Antana (called Anthana as of 2016) is a four-door subcompact sedan produced by the Japanese manufacturer Saminda which aimed at the Asia Pacific region markets.

The Anthana was also the first model to roll out of Saminda plant in Ayutthaya, Thailand in 2001.

Design of Saminda cars has always been towards the ‘edgy’ side. The new Anthana body panels, for instance, are now more sculptured, and help to portray off a more trendy image.

For those who rely heavily on their smart phones and electronic gadgets, the Anthana has two USB charging ports and no fewer than three power outlets situated conveniently around the cabin. The touchscreen infotainment system also has Bluetooth connectivity for hands free and music streaming function.

Benefiting from the long wheelbase, the cabin especially the rear quarters are generously spacious. Likewise, boot space is a functional 531 litres that can easily swallow a weeks worth of groceries, or a couple of large suitcases should you be running any errands to the airport.

There are only one engine choices , the familiar 1.5-liter i-VIC four cylinder produces 130BHP and 150nm of torque . Ditching the conventional five-speed automatic, the Anthana receives a new CVT gearbox with seven-speed overriding function.


#Sales figure 2016 : 297,671

##Availability :
South East Asia and China

##Related : Saminda Vaser

##Assembly :
Ayutthaya, Thailand (Saminda Ayutthaya Plant)
Wuhan, China

Anthana Standard 1.5 MT : $17,000
Anthana Standard 1.5 CVT : $17,995
Anthana Premium 1.5 CVT : $19,995


Neat little car. I’m no expert on South East Asian automotive trends but this looks like a solid motor.

#Saminda confirms C5000R and will be base on ''Next Generation Saminda Design'' F Concept car, will also be build in UK along with the C2000R.

When Yuko Nagoya, CEO of Global Saminda Motor Co. said that he would love to see the revive of ‘‘track focused’’ CthousandR heritage in 2012, it was not a joke.

The 2018 C2000R project started back in 2013, it took Saminda 5 years to finally release it, and it will come to market in around 2018, despite the confirmed output and Nurburgring timing for the C2000R, Saminda say that they are still trying to improve the C2000R and will run another Nurburgring record to be faster then the current 7:51min until the C2000R is actually released, it may not sound fast to you, but do take note the C2000R only produces 368HP, it’s a pretty hardcore vehicle to be able to archive 7.51min with production specification.

As expected, Saminda will not be releasing it specification for the C5000R but it will probably have the same heart as the C2000R, with a 2.0-liter i-VIC turbocharged engine mated to 2 electric motors, expect to release near 380bhp.

But what Saminda says is that the C5000R will also be build along with the C2000R in UK, so as expected we might not be able to see this car in the US, same as the C2000R.


C5000R huh? Is that a mid-size, full size or what?

Am excite btw :smiley:


It’s intended to slot above the C2KR range, will be a hatchback bodystyle, or how Audi call it as “Sportback”


Very nice. Cannot wait for this! :grin:


Well, I’m game for round 2. Somebody find me something huge, diesel powered, and awfully inappropriate for track use :smiley: Or a maybe a kei car… :smiley:

OR A DIESEL KEI CAR. Which now that I think of it is an idea that @Awildgermanappears should’ve come up with by now but AFAIK still hasn’t.


SuperBlitz with an even bigger truck and 8.0L V12 diesel or KugelBlitz aka Kei Truck? A Van perhaps?

#Americans Favourite Midsize Sedan #comingsoon

#CONFIRMED : Saminda to cancel development of the RXE and ZXE, to focus more on environmental credentials, ''The CThousandR is enough and we doesn't need a 2 door sport car'' said CEO of Saminda, Yuko Nagoya

Saminda has confirmed that it has canceled plans for the launch of the RXE and ZXE sports car, the new V6-powered sport car was expected to arrive in the United States next year as an Auxuras, but sadly all development work on the car has come to an end.

The ZXE were made to slot below the RXE, but since the RXE is going to be axed, Saminda also say that the ZXE will be axed too.

The RXE which originally were made to be a halo car for this brand was an collaboration work between Saminda and Maesima, however, Saminda said that it doesn’t plan to continue developing the car leaving Maesima alone for good.

Maesima said that it will not scrap away the idea and will develop on their own.

Instead, Saminda will focus on developing more fuel-efficient hybrid and diesel models, especially in the compact car segments. Plans for a minicar positioned below the C1 are still on track, as are plans for the C5000R hybrid sport car.

#More 4 Cylinder Turbo, less V6 in the future
The first model to be replaced by a 4cyl turbo from a V6 is the Saminda C5

The outgoing Saminda C5 optional V6 engine was a 280-horsepower 3.5-liter with 335nm of torque. Fuel economy, according to the EPA, measured 20 miles per gallon in the city; 32 highway with the six-speed automatic.

In the all-new C5, Saminda says will debut later this year, the basic 1.5T (replaced the 2.4-liter) will be linked to either the continuously variable transmission or a six-speed manual. The 2.0T, on the other hand, will be offered with both a 8-speed automatic or a six-speed manual.

Saminda says only about 15 percent of C5 buyers were choosing the V6.


Sad to hear this. What fine additions these cars would have made to the current sports car market.


It’s all up to Maesima now to continue further development… unless they also abandon their plans, writing off millions of dollars in the process.

This actually reminds me of how the new, mid-engined Alpine A110, originally meant to be twinned with a similarly-powered Caterham, ended up as an all-Renault program. Abandoning the ZXE and RXE altogether, however, is total cowardice in my view, especially when Saminda-Auxuras will never build an engine with >4 cylinders ever again. Yes, these sports car programs may have been too expensive to develop, and continuing to increase the efficiency of its current range is all well and good, but this leaves a huge gap in their lineup between the mainstream cars and C5000R - one that will ultimately be impossible to fill.

In fact, this shift away from performance and towards economy reminds me of the last line of evo magazine’s last-ever review of the Honda S2000 while it was still on sale, way back in 2009; it ended in “…abandonment of the car enthusiast”. That’s the predicament Saminda-Auxuras is facing right now… and it’s causing potential customers to seek other brands’ cars instead. No doubt quite a few engineers at Harris-Albury will be relieved at this latest announcement.