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Saminda Motor Co - The new CR45, Conquering the terrain


As long as they don’t end up trying to come back with a CR-Z :joy:


Eh? There are other notable brands in with coupes, small and big, from cheap and quick to big and brutish so I don’t know where you got the idea that Maesima had some huge thing riding on them to save something


The RXE was being co-developed by saminda and maesima so it’s up to maesima to finsish development of the RXE


Ah like that, pardon me, forgot about that. I’m stupid


YEAR 2016

The Last Edition Spec-V.

Saminda C3 Spec-V Last Edition (1,000 Units Limited)

Engine : RB Series , RE15F1E

The 2016 Saminda C3 Spec-V Last Edition is the last of its breed. Conceived in 1990, the idea was to make an exclusive high performance compact sedan for the US market, Saminda will only offer 1,000 of the C3 Spec-V Last Edition in US,

As far as it go, the C3 Spec-V Last Edition gets 17-inch alloy wheels, front bumper and rear trunk lip, ‘Last Edition’ badging, a numbered dash plaque and Blue accent stitching on both the steering wheel and leather sport seats.

The C3 Spec-V Coupe will not have the Last Edition.

The last C3 Spec-V is equipped with the same 1.5-liter inline-4 DOHC i-VIC ProAIR engine, Although Saminda said that there are no bumps in power, it will have slightly better engine tone with a smoother airflow.

Sales figure 2016 : -

Availability :
United States Only

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Assembly :
Greensburg , USA

C3 Spec-V Last Edition : $28,670


It’s…it’s…it’s blue!


YEAR 2016

The all new CR100, A new adventure awaits you!

Standard Trim

Saminda CR100 Standard 1.2 i-VIC (5MT)

Engine : RE Series , RE12A1

Premium Trim

Saminda CR100 Premium 1.2 i-VIC (5MT)

Engine : RE Series , RE12A1

Saminda CR100 Premium 1.2 i-VIC (CVT)

Engine : RE Series , RE12A1

The Saminda CR100 is a subcompact crossover produced by Japanese automaker Saminda. It has the same body structure as the Saminda C1. The CR100 was built and sold specifically for the South American and Indian market

The CR100 is launched both in Brazil and India during 2016. In less then 6 months after launch, Saminda received more then 17,000 bookings

The CR100 shares a lot of parts and features with the C1. The interior is nearly identical with each other.

The CR100 is equipped with a 1.2 liter i-VIC petrol engine that can generate 88bhp of peak power along with 106 Nm of top torque and is paired to a 5-speed manual transmission or CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Sales figure 2016 : -

Brazil and India

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Maua Brazil
Gurgaon, India (Saminda India)

CR100 Standard 1.2 (5MT) : $15,670
CR100 Premium 1.2 (5MT) : $16,800
CR100 Premium 1.2 (CVT) : $17,450


China may soon be Saminda largest market, to overtake the US

Beijing, China - For decades, Saminda has regarded America as its primary market. The way its cars look, the features they offer, the colors they come in, and how they drive down the road have all been determined by the tastes of American customers. But things are changing, and one of those things is profit margins. In the US, Saminda’s gross profit per vehicle is about 5.3%, but in China, is profit margin last year was an eye-popping 9.8%.

Aside of profit margin, Saminda releases the half yearly sales report yesterday, it sold 589,376 vehicles in the US while 432,853 of them were manufactured in America, down by 1.4% compared to last year

Saminda is doing better in China this year, with 564,575 sold and was up by nearly 4%

Some of the models Saminda manufacturers specifically for Chinese customers may also cross the Pacific to US showrooms, especially since many of them are crossover that American customers seem to crave.

We may be making a China-only model, but if this sells well in other regions, we should do so,” Managing Director of Wuhan Saminda, Chen Jianbing says. “Our cars will spread globally instead of saying US-only or China-only models.”


How long is it then until we get Chinese automation brands?



Saminda do have a brand sold only in China, called Huali


Ah, I meant an actual, home grown Chinese company.


YEAR 2016

Introducing the all new Tonaro, You like it rough, we make it rough!

Petrol Engine

Saminda Tonaro Standard 2.7 AWD (6MT)

Engine : TA Series , TA27A1

Saminda Tonaro Premium 2.7 AWD (5AT)

Engine : TA Series , TA27A1

Diesel Engine

Saminda Tonaro Standard 2.2D AWD (6MT)

Engine : LVA Series , LVA22A

Saminda Tonaro Premium 2.2D AWD (5AT)

Engine : LVA Series , LVA22A

Saminda Tonaro Premium 3.0D AWD (6MT)

Engine : LVD Series , LVD30A

Saminda Tonaro Premium 3.0D AWD (5AT)

Engine : LVD Series , LVD30A

The Saminda Tonaro is a light commercial vehicle produced and marketed by the Japanese manufacturer Saminda, the Tonaro is more popular in Thailand and Australia, it was never available for North America and it home country Japan.

The latest-generation Saminda Tonaro takes big steps ahead of its predecessor. Improved utility, equipment levels, dynamism and refinement top the list, as do better cabin comfort and noise, vibration, harshness levels.

Last year the Tonaro was Thailand’s best-selling truck.

Saminda has been forced to lift its game with this new Tonaro, billed by Saminda as the toughest Tonaro ever, after four years in development and a long list of structural, technical and dynamic improvements.

The Tonaro comes 3 engine choices, a TA27A1 2.7-liter DOHC 16-Valve i-VIC petrol engine producing 168BHP and 252Nm of torque, a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel producing 157BHP and 305Nm of torque, and the top of the line 3.0-liter turbo-diesel producing 204BHP and 408Nm of torque.

The Tonaro is designed by : Chermsak Yodsuwan

Sales figure 2016 : -

Asia and Australia

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Samut Prakan, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Chachoengsao, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Karawang, Indonesia
Karachi, Pakistan

Tonaro Standard 2.7 AWD (6MT) : $22,170
Tonaro Premium 2.7 AWD (5AT) : $26,560
Tonaro Standard 2.2D AWD (6MT) : $24,150
Tonaro Premium 2.2D AWD (5AT) : $29,080
Tonaro Premium 3.0D AWD (5MT) : $32,850
Tonaro Premium 3.0D AWD (6AT) : $36,250


So… With the Commodore and Falcon utes both consigned to the history books, surely the term must now be redefined to refer exclusively to small trucks like the Tonaro in the future?

I am skeptical about its off-road chops, though. Why does it have a transversely mounted engine in a sector dominated by true 4x4 utes with longitudinally mounted engines? That means it won’t be quite as good as they are for when you need to drive out into the bush. And seeing that it’s a unibody ute (a strut front can’t be fitted to separate-chassis designs at all), it will struggle to match them for load capacity.

Edit: @Awildgermanappears how appropriate of you to show a competitor to the Tonaro. Surprisingly, it looks just as good and, despite having more grunt, is more economical to boot - which is why I would take an N340D instead.


I vaguely recall a teaser for this amazing machine.

Stats for N340D Special Utilicab AWD 7MT:

Estimated price at 45% markup: €32,480



The Tonaro is still a very capable truck to carry heavy loads, Saminda doesn’t have longitudinally engine layout (the C2000R is longitudinally but the engine is specially made) and the Tonaro platform is actually based on the American’s CR7 truck, transverse can let us compact the engine more hence a spacious interior

The Tonaro uses Saminda’s Full-Time AWD, so do not worry about going to off-road territory!


Saminda and Auxuras hit high low in J.D Power Initial Quality Ranking, for the first time in it history.

For years, Saminda Motor Company has long ruled over quality studies among American car owners.

For this year Saminda loses it top ranking on J.D Power Quality Ranking and had poor performances, with both Saminda and Auxuras ranking position below the industry average. This was the first time in the history of the survey that Saminda scored below average.

Owners of Saminda reported 109 problems per 100 vehicles and Auxuras 112 problems per 100 vehicles in the first three months of ownership, plagued in part by issues with complicated electronics systems.

Maesima still retain it top spot.


Make again the old products.


Yoda? Is that you?