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Saminda Motor Co - The new CR45, Conquering the terrain


YEAR 2019

The all new Brilliant MPV, A family mover with Characteristic.

Saminda Brilliant Premium 1.8 (CVT)

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2003) , YB18A2 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Brilliant Luxury 1.8 (CVT)

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2003) , YB18A2 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Saminda Brilliant (Japanese : サミンダ- ブリリアント Saminda Buririanto) is a compact MPV manufactured by Saminda Malaysia for the South East Asia market, it’s the first Saminda to be designed in Malaysia. The Brilliant currently is not available in Japan but it’s not certain in the near future.

The Brilliant design seems to be derived from Saminda’s current design language, making it instantly recognisable as Saminda’s work of art.

It uses a 1.8-liter inline-4 SOHC i-VIC engine produces 142bhp and 165nm of torque mated to a CVT transmission, the YB series produces good low end torque for a smoother drive.

The Brilliant MPV proves that it continues to deliver what generations of Saminda drivers have come to know and love - performance and reliability.

Designed by : Nakasato Ishida

South East Asia only

Pahang, Malaysia (Saminda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd)

Brilliant Premium 1.8 CVT : $21,220
Brilliant Luxury 1.8 CVT : $23,550


Saminda quality issue have been improved, still more improvement needed said Yuko Nagoya, CEO of Saminda Global

TOKYO, JAPAN - Saminda Motor Co. have been suffering from quality issues since late 2014, the Japanese company have since strengthen it quality controls worldwide.

“Saminda manufacture some of the best engines in the world, with a failure rate of 1 in 289 but due to quality issue, stats shows that it had down to around 1 in 192, the failure rate is still low but they could do better” said Consumers Report.

Just yesterday, American Saminda Motor Co. have announced that they are recalling all models that are equipped with the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine from model year 2015 onwards that the piston may misfire due to cracked valve seal if the vehicle is parked under the hot sun, this is the 4th time Saminda have recalled it turbocharged engines.

“Saminda still sees 10% gain in sales on 2018, it cars still recieve many accolade and they are still a good brand, but not just what they used to be” says a editor in KBB.


YEAR 2020

The sport car killer is here, introducing the new CZ5.

(A promotional poster showing Sachiuri Sagitta alongside with the Saminda CZ5)

Saminda CZ5

Engine : Maesima MCQ Series , MC-QF395N-FH

The Saminda CZ5 (Japanese : サミンダ- CZ5) is a sports car manufactured by Saminda beginning in 1970, The first generation CZ5 were produced from 1970 to 1980

(First generation CZ5 from 1970-1980 before it ended production)

The second-generation CZ5 is assembled alongside the Sachiuri Sagitta in Alabama, United States

With agreement by both Saminda and Maesima, Maesima allowed Saminda to have it own redesign CZ5 but without any aerodynamics sacrifice, the CZ5 was designed by Saminda Japan and approved by Maesima factory in Alabama.

Upon startup, the high-performance V8 exhales through an advanced variable active exhaust, the 4.4-liter V8 provides a classic sound that will excite and enthrall driving enthusiasts. Based on the engine in the Sachiuri sL800 sLR800 high-performance models, the CZ5 naturally aspirated produced 493bhp and 463 Nm of peak torque. The 32-valve cylinder heads, equipped with performance-tuned Variable Valve Timing and Variable Valve Lift, take full advantage of the engine’s low internal friction and aggressive valvetrain specs. The injection system uses direct fuel injection that allows a high compression ratio (12.3:1; 10.5:1 ActivBoost variant), augmented by port fuel injectors to enhance low-speed response.

Legend is back
‘‘The first CZ5 represent Saminda in the racing world, reviving CZ5 shows that Saminda is and always is committed to performance and driving experience’’ said Nako Yashimita, project leader for the CZ5.

Designed by : Nako Yashimita based on Sachiuri Sagitta

Currently only in Japan, future plans not yet to announce

Alabama, United States by Maesima Motors

Saminda CZ5 : $68,500


I was going to say, by “sport car killer” do you mean kills itself when the engine commits die and the model has to be recalled?

Then I had to revise that comment because I realised this is a rebadge of another brand.

Then I realised that brand was Maesima, so my original question probably still stands :joy::ok_hand:


More like a killer sports car - it’s hard to go wrong when Maesima has a hand in its development - and the result will certainly give the opposition sleepless nights for quite some time.


Saminda’s 1.5-liter turbocharged engine will be redesigned

DETROIT, US - American Saminda Motor Co. have announced that it problematic 1.5-liter turbocharged engine will go thru a “redesign”, both of it 1.5 and 2.0-liter turbocharged engine was design and manufactured by American Saminda R&D in it Alabama engine plant unlike the 1.1-liter turbocharged engine which is in Japan. However, only the 1.5-liter version has been having problems.

Saminda response was “Our initial test of the 1.5-liter on a 48 hours basis shows that the turbo sometimes can cause the engine pressure from getting too high, more than it can tolerate since we tried to make the engine as compact and light as possible”.

The 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is currently part of RE series while the redesign will be an all-new series.

The upcoming 2020 C3 will be the first to recieve it redesign engine.


YEAR 2019

The new Pittari crossover, あなたにぴったりの乗り物

Saminda Pittari X 1.1t CVT (2WD or 4WD)

Engine : LC Series (Introduced in 2015) , LC11A1 (ProAIR turbocharged with 3rd generation i-VIC)

Saminda Pittari XS 1.1t CVT (2WD or 4WD)

Engine : LC Series (Introduced in 2015) , LC11A1 (ProAIR turbocharged with 3rd generation i-VIC)

The Saminda Pittari (Japanese : サミンダ- ピッタリ Saminda Pittari) is a mini SUV manufactured by Saminda based on the New Structural (nS) platform. Its development was led by Saminda chief engineer Akira Matsumoto. Pittari means ‘‘Perfect’’ in Japanese.

The Saminda Pittari is the latest SUV lineup which is also the smallest.

Saminda says they are targeting customers who want to drive an SUV, who want to load their cars with a lot of luggage, but also need the car to be compact and easy to drive. In an effort to meet this brief, the Pittari comes with a 365-liter boot space and 60:40 split folding rear seats.

Power comes from a 1.1-liter turbo engine with CVT which combined with newly developed light-weight, highly rigid body and suspension, help the Pittari deliver better handling stability and ride comfort, as well as the stellar torque, fuel efficiency, and driving joy that 1.5-liter engines are known for. All trims come with an 4WD drive option.

Designed by : Akira Matsumoto

Japan released, South East Asia and East Asia will be releasing soon

Shiga, Japan

Pittari X 1.1t CVT (2WD) : ¥1,652,220
Pittari X 1.1t CVT (4WD) : ¥1,814,550
Pittari XS 1.1t CVT (2WD) : ¥1,992,260
Pittari XS 1.1t CVT (4WD) : ¥2,236,345


YEAR 2020

The new CR4 minivan (North America), Travel with your family in style.

Saminda CR4 XE 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35B1 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda CR4 XE-L 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35B1 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda CR4 SpectaL 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35B1 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

For the North American market CR4, it’s a minivan manufactured and marketed by Japanese automaker Saminda since 1992, now in its fourth generation. Since model year 2000, Saminda has marketed a larger CR4 in North America and a smaller CR4 in Japan and other market

Saminda has been building one of America’s favorite minivans for decades now, and the 2020 CR4 pack just about everything the company has learned into one car.

New platform
The new nS platform, introduced in 2018, is lighter and stiffer. The result is a vehicle that while sharing a platform with an SUV and a truck, it still rides with stability, confidence, and smoothness. The CR4 receives a rear stabilizer bar that helps keep things tidy across uneven and curvy road surfaces making the CR4 more connected to the road than other competitors

The 2020 CR4 is powered by the same trusty 3.5-liter SOHC V6 you may find in various other Saminda vehicles. It produces 271 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque, plenty enough to get the whole family up the highway speeds along with some cargo. Power is driven to the front wheels via a eight-speed automatic transmission.

The 2020 CR4 remains one of the safest vehicles on the road, having earned the IIHS’s prestigious Top Safety Pick+ award even after the criteria was toughened up. In federal tests, it received a five-star overall score. In other words, this is a vehicle that has proven it can be trusted with your family.

Designed by : John Thomas Edward (Saminda California Design Studio)

United States, Canada and South Korea

East Liberty Ohio , USA

CR4 XE 3.5 V6 : $36,850
CR4 XE-L 3.5 V6 : $40,420
CR4 SpectaL 3.5 V6 : $50,850


Saminda unveil the iXE concept under SMGA platform

  • Maesima to continue to work closely with Saminda on sports vehicles partnership as demonstrated with the Sagitta-CZ5 vehicles.

  • Maesima and Saminda to work together on all-new electric modular architecture and Saminda-Maesima Global Architecture (SMGA)

  • Maesima and Saminda are on track to develop electric vehicles for each brand in select global markets starting in 2020; sharing development costs to generate significant synergies

  • The Maesima-Saminda global alliance - which does not involve cross-ownership between companies - is expected to create annual efficiencies for each company

TOKYO, Japan - Automakers Saminda and Maesima have announced a partnership during Tokyo Auto Show that covers a number of areas, including autonomy and collaboration on development of electric vehicles.

The Saminda-Maesima Global Architecture is a big bet by both Automaker. The idea behind these platforms is that they are modular and flexible enough to cover a range of different vehicle types, while ensuring that there’s enough of a repeatable core that the cost of redevelopment from model to model is greatly decreased.

Saminda also plans to deliver more than 300,000 cars for the European market based on the SMGA architecture over the course of four years for the iXE alone, and the automakers note in a press release that there are considerations for a second model to be developed based on the platform. Saminda says in the release that this is just part of its overall, ongoing commitment to EVs. Both automakers will also remain independently and separately owned.


Saminda is recalling nearly 3 millions cars for CVT issue.

DETRIOT, US (BBC News) - Saminda is recalling 2.89 million SUVs and Sedans in the United States, Canada and China in order to fix a problem with it CVT transmission.

The automaker says it recieved several complaints regarding about the CVT transmission will sometimes jerk or lose power when accelerating

Saminda says it required software update in all affected vehicles, and will alert owners as soon as it is ready to make those updates

What’s the problem?

Saminda’s CVT is designed to save fuel by making sure the engine works as efficiently as possible. The optimal engine speed is around 5,000 revolutions per minute (RPMs), and traditional five- or six-speed automatic transmissions may have to clumsily shift between gears to try to maintain this engine speed.

Saminda said that it software is not in it optimal and the transmission will get “confused” which will not recieve the correct information.


Baja Race Truck Gives Sneak Peak at 2020 Saminda Tonaro

With its reveal of the Tonaro Baja Race Truck, Saminda has given us our first look at the body shape, as well as some design elements of the 2020 Saminda Tonaro.

The race truck uses a twin-turbocharged inline-4 that pumps out more than 500 horsepower. While a 500-hp production Tonaro is unlikely, Saminda says that the block, cylinder heads and crankshaft are all borrowed straight from the production engine.

“We’re excited to share some of the styling direction for Tonaro and to celebrate this race truck that signals the return of SRD power to Baja,” said Arthur Ray president of Saminda Racing Development. “While this race truck is unique and different from the production Tonaro, it does a nice job of expressing not only our styling direction but also the fact that the Tonaro has been and will continue to be a pickup with true truck capability.”


Come to think of it, the Tonaro Race Truck would also look like it could conquer the Dakar Rally - it wouldn’t take much to adapt it for such a brutal endurance raid. As for the livery, it looks nice, but I prefer all of the decals being white or yellow, both of which look much better than red or black against the blue background color.


Saminda to bring all Japanese in Wuhan-Saminda factory back to Japan

DETRIOT, US (BBC News) - Saminda Motor Co. has been forced to shut down it Wuhan factory amid it ongoing corona virus, the Wuhan-Saminda factory is the largest factory for Saminda in China which produced around 70% of it models there.

Saminda says the factory will remain closed until further notice by the Chinese government. “However, Saminda-Guangzhou will still be operating and we will shift some of the production from Wuhan to Guangzhou for the mean time” said Takahashi Nagara, Managing director of Guangzhou Saminda.


Saminda says the 2021 C2000R will have the highest output of any 4-cylinder engine making over 420bhp without electric motors.

(A released preview of the 2021 C2000R Concept)

TOKYO, JAPAN - Saminda has release a preview of it up-coming new C2000R which the Japanese automaker say it will be the most extreme CthousandR ever, not much information were release yet but from various source the C2000R will still be bulit in UK and it will have the highest output of any 4-cylinder production engine which Saminda claims to have over 420 horsepower without any electric motors, we probably might see over 450 horsepower with electric motors.

More information will be available when the full reveal is here.


YEAR 2020

ALL-NEW RANDIS! untuk kenyamanan Anda sekeluarga (Comfort for you and your family)

Saminda Randis Standard 1.5

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005) , RE15A3 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Randis Premium 1.5

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005) , RE15A3 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Randis have been redesigned for the South East Asia, it is very popular in Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand, the Randis is significantly taller then the CR10 MPV but shorter in wheelbase.

Known for it cheap, reliable and fuel efficency, the Randis is a very popular choice for Grab/Uber drivers in South East Asia, more then 50% of private taxi in Indonesia are Randis.

Powertrain specifications are the same for all variants, consisting of a RE15A3 1.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 112PS (108 hp) at 6,700 rpm and 140 Nm of torque at 3,900 rpm paired exclusively to a five-speed automatic transmission that sends drive to the front wheels.

In terms of safety kit, it’s still two airbags at the front, ABS with EBD and Isofix child seat anchors on the outer second row seats. The Premium trim marks the first time the Randis is offered with a blind spot monitor and rear-cross traffic alert, although these features are absent in the Standard trim.

Designed by : Ronmar Del Mundo (Saminda Motor Phillipines SMP)

South East Asia only

Surabaya, Indonesia (Saminda Indonesia)
Ayutthaya, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Cebu City, Phillipines (Saminda Motor Phillipines)

Randis Standard 1.5 5AT : $17,000
Randis Premium 1.5 5AT : $18,500


YEAR 2020

The new 2020 Zoro, 新一代 ZORO!

Saminda Zoro 1.8 (Wuhan Saminda)

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2003) , YB18A2 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Zoro 1.8 (Guangzhou Saminda)

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2003) , YB18A2 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda have released the new Zoro into the Chinese market and now comes with 2 version, both Wuhan and Guangzhou Saminda version of Zoro is similiar when it comes to paper specs, however, there are slight differences when it comes to styling. The Wuhan Zoro have a slightly more Sporty apperance while the Guangzhou Zoro have a more Luxury apperance.

Wuhan Saminda and Guangzhou Saminda are two different joint ventures by the Japanese manufacturer in China

Powertrain specifications are the same for both, consisting of a YB18A2 1.8-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder SOHC petrol engine that makes 142 hp at 7,000 rpm and 165 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm paired exclusively to a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) that sends drive to the front wheels.

Designed by : Aki Daichi

China only

Wuhan, China (Wuhan Saminda Motor Co.)
Guangzhou, China (Guangzhou Saminda Motor Co.)

Zoro 1.8 (Wuhan) : starting @ ¥101,220
Zoro 1.8 (Guangzhou) : starting @ ¥101,220


It’s definitely not the kind of car that Zorro would drive, but as a commuter car for the Chinese market, the Zoro fits that role very well indeed.


YEAR 2020

The reinvented all new CR1, The Subcompact SUV that changes the game.

(Saminda CR1 S.R shown)

Japan / Europe Spec

Saminda CR1 X 1.5 (FWD/AWD)

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005) , RE15AZ (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda CR1 XS 1.5 (FWD/AWD)

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005) , RE15AZ (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda CR1 S.R 1.5 (FWD/AWD)

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005) , RE15AZ (with 4th generation i-VIC)

North America Spec (Turbocharged version offered in Europe)

Saminda CR1 2.0 (FWD/AWD)

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2003) , YB20A1 (with 4th generation i-VIC)


Engine : RJ Series (Introduced in 2020) , RJ15F4 (Introduced in 2020, with 4th generation i-VIC, sucessor of the RE turbocharged series)

The Saminda CR1 (Japanese: サミンダ・CR 一) is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Saminda

The Saminda CR1 is built on latest nS-platform (New Structural Platform) which offers excellent driver comfort. With newly developed Macpherson struts suspension in front and torison beam in the rear, the vehicle offers great stability and comfortable ride.

The Japanese market will have a 1.5-liter RE15AZ DOHC naturally aspirated petrol engine produces 130bhp and 150nm of torque and will be mated to a CVT gearbox, it’s the same as the Europe version

For the North American, the CR1 will recieve a new turbocharged engine for the first time, a 1.5-liter RJ15F4 DOHC turbocharged engine that produces 164bhp and 215nm of torque or a 2.0-liter YB20A1 SOHC naturally aspirated petrol engine produces 155bhp and 180nm of torque, both of the engine will be mated to a CVT gearbox.

The turbocharged version will also be offered in Europe

Designed by : Asato Yasuhiro
Chief Engineer : Chiba Isamu


Suzuka, Japan
Dawsonville, Georgia, United States
Wuhan, China (Auxuras ALX)
Surabaya, Indonesia (Saminda Indonesia)
Ayutthaya, Thailand
Swindon, UK

Japan / Europe Spec
CR1 X 1.5 (FWD/AWD) : $19,125/$20,990
CR1 XS 1.5 (FWD/AWD) : $21,995/$23,000
CR1 S.R 1.5 (FWD/AWD) : $23,810/$25,500

North America Spec
CR1 2.0 (FWD/AWD) : $19,885/$21,120
CR1 SPORT TURBO (FWD/AWD) : $24,850/$26,500


Saminda to recall 192,832 cars made in Thailand for misaligned panels

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Saminda Motor Thailand have recalled almost 200,000 cars for misaligned panels, mainly on the bonnet and boot which are not aligned properly.

“We sincerely apologise for the lack of quality control and we had since tighten the controls, even though this recalls doesn’t affect the safety of our motorist, we do urge customer who are affected with this recall to get it fixed” said Yoshihara Hideaki, Managing Director for Saminda Motor Thailand"


Saminda being classic Saminda. That’s what you get for cutting too much corners :wink: