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Saminda Motor Co - The new CR45, Conquering the terrain


YEAR 2020

Introducing the all-new 2021 C7, Not your typical sedan.

2018 C7 (left) and 2021 C7 (right)

Saminda C7 XE ECO 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35B1 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda C7 XE-L 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35A1 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda C7 SpectaL 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series (Introduced in 1998) , JA35A1 (with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Saminda C7 is a luxury full-size car produced by American Saminda Motor Manufacturing Inc,. It’s Saminda largest sedan and serves as its flagship vehicle in the United States, Canada, China and South Korea, engineered and built in America. It rides on the nS platform.

The C7 now have 2 engine option instead of it usual 1, both of the engine are the same JA Series 3.5-liter SOHC V6 engine but the ECO trim will get the JA35B1 which has a lower horsepower output for better fuel efficency, and the JA35A1 on the rest of the trim level.

The C7 is available with a full suite of crash-avoidance systems which include lane departure warning, lane keep assist, forward auto brake with pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, rear cross path detection, adaptive radar cruise control monitors traffic ahead and slows as needed to keep a safe distance. All that plus a stiff body structure should provide peace of mind for owners

An Auxuras ETL with Saminda C7 price tag
As both vehicles are offered with nearly identical powertrains, it would be difficult for the average person to differentiate the performance characteristics of one versus the other. Still, the Auxuras ETL offers additional luxury features and overall greater refinement than the C7.

Designed by : Marvin Parker

North America, China and South Korea

Mississippi, United States, North America

C7 ECO 3.5 V6 : $35,550
C7 XE-L 3.5 V6 : $40,550
C7 SpectaL 3.5 V6 : $44,550


Fresh and clean styling while still looking modern, not going overboard like a lot of todays cars, I like it.


In a world where the idea of the mass-market full-sized sedan (Maxima, Avalon, Charger/300, etc.) , as opposed to similarly sized executive cars (such as the XF, S90, E-Class, 5-Series and A6) is seemingly on its last legs, Saminda-Auxuras deserves credit for persevering with the idea to this day - the C7 deserves more respect from potential buyers, especially with its distinctive yet understated post-facelift appearance.

However, the less powerful base V6 only yields an 0.4l/km improvement in fuel economy - I would prefer it if, some time down the line, the more powerful optional V6 should be made standard across the range and the ECO trim axed. Even so, as things stand right now, this is a good choice for anyone who simply cannot stomach the thought of driving and owning an SUV, with all its inherent disadvantages.


YEAR 2020

Introducing the facelifted 2020 Iconic, bepergian dengan gaya pada anda Iconic!

Saminda Iconic 2.0

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2003) , YB20C (with 4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Iconic SPORT 2.0

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2003) , YB20C (with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Iconic is a Compact MPV (2+3+2) produced by Japanese automaker Saminda and only sold in Asia and South East Asia countries like India , Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines

The 2020 Iconic is designed by Saminda Indonesia while the pre-facelift was in Saminda Motor Phillipines (SMP)

Saminda Iconic was the first MPV to offer modern features in South East Asia. Even in today’s period, the Iconic has pretty upmarket comfort features and is considered as the optimum point for long travelling.

The wheelbase length is at 2,720mm long, 1,810 mm in width and 1,800 mm in height. The Iconic looks premium but without the premium price tag.

The Iconic still uses the same YB20C 2.0-liter SOHC petrol engine but it comes with 4th generation i-VIC technology which has improved the fuel economy, The engine’s total output and maximum torque ratings stand at 142PS and 186Nm mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission

Designed by: Hideki Miyashita (2018) / Dwi Sonny Indrajaya (2020)

Asia and South East Asia (Exclude Japan and China)

Kolkata, India
Hải Dương, Vietnam
Surabaya, Indonesia
Ayutthaya, Thailand
Cebu City, Phillipines

Iconic 2.0 : $20,550
Iconic SPORT 2.0 : $22,550


That thing is surely going to be iconic… Among the masses in Southeast Asia. Not for its performance or prestige, but for its practicality and affordability.


YEAR 2020

Introducing the all-new Spinetail, 享受每一秒 (Enjoy every moment)

Saminda Spinetail 2.0t (China Only)

Engine : KA Series (Introduced in 2004) , KA20F2Z (2nd Generation i-VIC ProAIR TURBO technology)

The Saminda Spinetail (Chinese: 安田 - 雨燕; pinyin: āntián - yǔyàn) is a large sedan manufactured by the Japanese automaker Saminda, described by Saminda as their “premium class” vehicle. The Spinetail is aimed at the market in China. It is positioned above the C5 and below the imported C7.

It is a large sedan developed especially for China, there are no plans for export to other countries. Price starts at 259,000 yuan.

The Spinetail is manufactured by the Wuhan-Saminda joint venture. It stands on the same stretched variant of the Saminda nS (New Structure) platform as the China-made Auxuras ETL-L, the luxurious long-wheelbase version of the Auxuras ETL.

The Spinetail is available only with a 2.0-liter DOHC i-VIC ProAIR TURBO engine with 248hp and 322nm mated to a CVT transmission.

Designed by : Minamoto Tanjiro (Wuhan-Saminda chief designer)

China Only

Huayuan , China (Wuhan-Saminda Joint Venture)

Saminda Spinetail 2.0t : $38,510 (259,000 RMB)


YEAR 2020

Admired from afar. Amazing up close. Introducing the all-new Anthana

China Spec

Saminda Anthana 1.3 CVT (Hatchback)

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005, DOHC) , RE13B2 (4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Anthana 1.6 CVT (Hatchback)

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2004, SOHC) , YB16A (4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Anthana 1.6 CVT (Sedan)

Engine : YB Series (Introduced in 2004, SOHC) , YB16A (4th generation i-VIC)

South East Asia Spec

Saminda Anthana 1.5 CVT

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005, DOHC) , RE15A3 (4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Anthana Elegance 1.5 CVT

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005, DOHC) , RE15A3 (4th generation i-VIC)

The Saminda Anthana is a subcompact car produced and sold by Saminda since 2006. Along with the compact C3 and mid-size C5, it’s filled in the Asian subcompact or B-segment class in South East Asia market.

The SEA version Anthana is fully engineered by Thailand engineers, while the China Anthana were between Thai engineers from Saminda Motor Thailand and Wuhan-Saminda Chinese engineers.

The Chinese market also released the regular Anthana but is produced locally by Wuhan-Saminda joint venture, available in 1.3-liter RE13B2 and 1.6-liter YB16A versions with only a CVT transmission.

South East Asia
Unlike the Chinese version, the SEA version uses a more powerful 1.5-liter RE15A3 engine with Direct Injection mated to a CVT transmission

Designed by : Chen Wujing (Wuhan-Saminda) , Daran Pornpipatpong (Saminda Motor Thailand)

Asia and South East Asia only.

Huayuan , China (Wuhan-Saminda Joint Venture)
Ayutthaya, Thailand
Cebu City, Phillipines
Kolkata, India


Saminda’s new Samurai sedan is exclusively only in Japan and slot between the C5 and C8, based on the second generation Auxuras NTL in China.

(Saminda Samurai (front) and Auxuras NTL (back) teased)

TOKYO, JAPAN - Saminda Motor Co. have teased it Samurai sedan in Japan and will slot in between it smaller C5 and bigger C8, it will be based on the second generation Auxuras NTL in China.

Under the hood of both Samurai and NTL will be a 2.0-liter inline-4 turbocharged engine which produces 250 horsepower and 320nm of torque. But the NTL will also be available with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 301 horsepower and 350nm of torque (exclusively for SV trim). Both of this engine will be mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The Samurai will go on sales this December in Japan and NTL by 2021 Q1 in China.


Now, try to say “Saminda Samurai” multiple times very fast…


YEAR 2020

All new Offroad’er, Be rough. Be Tough

Saminda Offroad’er 1.3

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005, DOHC) , RE13B1 (4th generation i-VIC)

Saminda Offroad’er 1.5

Engine : RE Series (Introduced in 2005, DOHC) , RE15A1 (4th generation i-VIC)

The Saminda Offroad’er is a mini SUV manufactured by Saminda, it’s essentially based on the Pittari in Japan. Unlike the Pittari which is only sold in Japan, the Offroad’er will only be sold in Asia countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Offroad’er will be powered by either a 1.3-liter or 1.5-liter RE Series 4-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 96BHP and 124nm of torque or 106bhp and 140nm of torque respectively.

Loaded standard features
The Offroad’er comes standard with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment head-unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic climate control, cruise control and rain sensing wipers.

‘‘Saminda entry into the compact SUV space comes at a time when the segment has gained much popularity in India due to its body type and superior road presence thereby garnering greater connect and appeal among today’s youth’’ said Pran Prashad, Managing Director for Saminda India.

Designed by : Akira Matsumoto

Asia (E.G India, Pakistan and Bangladesh)

Kolkata, India (Saminda India)


YEAR 2020

Introducing the new CR45

ขับรถไปรอบ ๆ อย่างสะดวกสบาย (Thailand)

Ang paraan na gusto mo (Philippines)

Bạn là những gì bạn lái xe (Vietnam)

Berkendara sesuka Anda (Indonesia)

Conquering all terrain (India,Pakistan,Singapore,Malaysia and Sri Lanka)

Saminda CR45 Standard 2.7

Engine : TA Series , TA27D (Since 2006, designed in Thailand with 4th generation i-VIC technology)

Saminda CR45 Premium 3.0 V6

Engine : JA Series , JA30D (Since 1998, with 4th generation i-VIC technology)

The CR45 is a mid-sized 7-Seater SUV designed and engineered by Saminda Motor Thailand (SMT) and sold in mainly the Asian countries. The CR45 were never sold in it own country Japan. As well as North America, Europe and China.

The new CR45 is made smarter, stronger, and safer than ever.

In terms of dimensions,. The CR45 has a length of 4,825mm, width is 1,858mm and height is 1,850mm. The ground clearance is 235mm and it good enough to off-road too.

The CR45 comes with 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, multi-functional steering wheel with paddle shifters, automatic climate control, electrically adjustable door mirrors with power folding function, ABS, brake assist, hill start assist control, vehicle stability control, emergency stop signal, reverse camera and even trailer sway control.

The ASEAN NCAP has scored the 2020 Saminda CR45 with a 5-star crash test safety rating. NCAP is an independent body which conducts vehicle crash tests awarding vehicles an overall safety score out of 5 stars

It will have 2 engine option, a 2.7-liter inline-4 and a larger 3.0-liter V6 engine, both of this engine is equipped with the 4th generation i-VIC technology. Both of this engine are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission

Designed by : Narong Channarong (Saminda Motor Thailand)

Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam , Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Philippines

Samut Prakan, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Chachoengsao, Thailand (Saminda Motor Thailand)
Karawang, Indonesia
Karachi, Pakistan
Bidadi, India