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Saminda Motor Co - The reinvented all new CR1, The Subcompact SUV that changes the game




#Saminda confidence to rebound after years of poor sales in Europe with it new models

Saminda sales in Europe through the first six months were pretty strong compared to last 7 years . In the first half of 2016, Saminda delivered a total of 79,619 vehicles to customers across Europe, compared to just 48,285 in 2015.

Saminda cites the CR1, C1, and C4 as being three of its primary drivers of growth during that period. Sales of the CR1, according to internal estimates, totaled 35,815 in the first six months of the year which make it the best selling model for Saminda in Europe

“We are pleased to see great result in just first 6 months of year 2016, we will continue to uphold our quality and services to our valued customers in the long future” said Mike Banner , General Sales Manager for Saminda UK division


2015 Airborne Xy GT - 280 hp RWD hot hatch. But Luna Sportivo is better one in this choice I guess lol


#Saminda say it will launch second video to defend it lap time against S340D1 Blitz .

The man who led development of the Saminda hot-hatch C2000R chief engineer, Dave Kamper, says the lap record car is a regular production C2000R except for removed entertainment system and a roll cage.

“Testing a car with specialized parts such as unique tires or suspension has no meaning for us. The C2000R was designed from the start to be a sport car that could be driven anywhere, anytime and by anyone. For us, testing the car in standard production specification is far more relevant than creating a one-off vehicle that our customers cannot buy," Kamper says.

As stated , Saminda say to be a fair play against the S340D1 Blitz , we will launch another laptime with a semi-slick tyres.


and this is why no one loves you anymore Saminda :expressionless: we want the goddamn car, not another video for it


Saminda , losing it mojo since 2010.


It’s a pickup truck, Saminda. You’re racing a pickup truck. It’s not the GT-R vs 911 Turbo nurburgring debacle, it’s a hot hatch vs a diesel pickup truck. No matter the lap times in the future, you can not come back from this, sorry, you’ve acknowledged a challenge by a truck. You’ve lost :smiley:


We don’t underestimate pick-ups trucks , they can still be fast when it is heavily modified , the C2000R is a well balanced car and it’s one of the fastest around Nurburgring when it comes to bhp outputs.

Since Monolith and KHT took a challenge against the C2000R , why not let the fun continues ? :slight_smile:

I don’t take it just a “pick-up” truck , it’s tuned like a sport car.

(Please don’t be misunderstood as a personal argument , this is manufacturers argument :smile:)

#YEAR 2016

#The new CR1/CRossy , Be bold , be revolutionary.

#Japan Market

Saminda CRossy 1.1T X FWD

Engine : RB Series , RB15F2

Saminda CRossy 1.1T XS AWD

Engine : RB Series , RB15F2

Saminda CRossy X HYBRID FWD

Engine : REA Series (Atkinson) , REA15A (110BHP) with electric motors (28BHP)

Saminda CRossy XS HYBRID AWD

Engine : REA Series (Atkinson) , REA15A (110BHP) with electric motors (28BHP)

#US Market

Saminda CR1 XE 1.1T FWD

Engine : RE Series , RE11F2

Saminda CR1 XE-L 1.1T AWD

Engine : RE Series , RE11F2

#Europe Market (Also in Australia)
The new CR1 takes bold to new heights with a 1.1-liter ProAIR™ Technology i-VIC® engine to power your drive through the city. Equipped with Idle-stop System and stylish LED headlights, it will revolutionise SUVs all over again, the new CR1 branded as CRossy in Japan, gives you greater peace of mind every time you drive.

Saminda CR1 Standard 1.1T FWD

Engine : RE Series , RE11F2

Saminda CR1 Premium 1.1T AWD

Engine : RE Series , RE11F2

[quote] With the success of the CR3 in the mid nineties, it is expected that Saminda would again deliver something similar for the masses. Except this time, it comes in a smaller package with the new CR1 or CRossy as it is known in the Japanese market. Saminda’s latest compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) based off the C1, and one of the hottest contenders in its segment.

Hybrid Powertrain
In Japan, Saminda CRossy will be available either a gasoline or hybrid powertrain.

The hybrid model will be equipped with Saminda’s Hybrid i-SRU that combines a 1.5-liter direct injection engine with a high-output electric motor while the gasoline model will be equipped with a 1.1-liter turbocharged direct injection engine.

Saminda declared that by adopting new-generation powertrain technologies, the CRossy delivers both a dynamic driving character and excellent fuel economy for both models.

CR1 in Europe
The latest CR1 was a big hit in Europe , helping Saminda gain more than 30% of it total sales with over 30k sold in just 6 months , making it the best selling model in Europe for the Japanese Automaker.


##Sales figure 2016 : More Than 200,000 units sold , was no.1 best selling car in Singapore by parallel imports from Japan
##Availability :
##Designer :
Mitsuoka Kokashiga

##Assembly :
Okazaki, Japan
Swindon , United Kingdom
Mauá, Brazil
Karawang, Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Guangzhou, China

CRossy X 1.1T FWD : $20,600
CRossy XS 1.1T AWD : $23,550
CRossy X Hybrid FWD : $23,850
CRossy XS Hybrid AWD : $25,800

CR1 XE 1.1T FWD : $21,000
CR1 XE-L 1.1T AWD : $24,200

CR1 Standard 1.1T FWD: $20,999
CR1 Premium 1.1T AWD: $24,450


No doubt the CR1 is a big seller along with CR3 , but why do U.S version look so dull …

While others have full LED , the U.S has only traditional taillamps and halogen headlights , poor Americans…


Really love the strip-style headlight/grille design, very clean and smart.


assuming it’s based on reality, our headlight laws still holds relations to the original ones drafted up in the 1930’s (though much has been changed luckily) but as a result, some cool headlight tech the rest of the world gets the US doesn’t have


I quite like the EU CR1’s headlights, they give the front a bit more character. Maybe the 2017 CRossy can have those… :smile:


Woah , that suck when i just done some research about that , and they literally banned Audi Matrix LED

Okay Saminda is too realistic and it is becoming boring ( but i still love their way of it )


yep, in fact, aerodynamic headlights were banned until around 1984 when Ford lobbied the Government to remove the restrictions on sealed beam bulbs required (so yes, Ford was the first company to have aerodynamic headlights, back in the 80’s they were called “euro style”)


Nah, don’t worry, It’s all in good fun.


#Saminda to cut down production of V6 engine has been confirmed.

DETRIOT , US - The Japanese car maker Saminda announced that it will cut down production of it V6 engine in a favour for 4 cylinder turbocharge engine.

Saminda JA Series V6 is the oldest engine and were in production since 1996 , it’s also the only V6 engine currently offered in US and is also manufactured in US at American Saminda of Manufacturing INC. in Detroit.

The plant eventually make roughly around 105,000 V6 engine per year will cut down to at least 30℅

Saminda also say that it will not cut down jobs in it Detroit engine plant but instead some staffs will be transferred.

“The move to cut down production of V6 engine can help us increase the production of our 4 cylinder engine , with implement of harsh emmision rules , it’s a right decision” said Matthew Roy, Managing Director of American Saminda Motor Co.


“enters to see new post”


Uh, Saminda?


Good. V6s suck. Follow Dimension and begin re-introducing the Inline 6.