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SBA (South Bangkok Autoworks) Inc


Welcome to my first car company in the community, SBA or stands for South Bangkok Autoworks Inc.
SBA Inc. was founded by (bored) auto technicians and Air force engineers who seeks something unique, fueled my nationalism after suffered from massive importing regulation and from Fuel crisis in 50’s.
Although it was late comer especially in fuel economy car hampered by government’s support, the company was founded in South of the Bangkok so closed by the river seeking in balance of technology and reliability.

(sorry for medium graphic settings as I need some performance from my old Laptop)

[size=150]1962 SBA - Kesa - 1300 DX[/size]

The first product from SBA after 2 years of research and outsourcing for the very first product on launch. The mindset of this car is for middle class Metropolitan who seeks style yet affordable compared to imports from very famous European brands.
After relieved from recent Fuel crisis in 50’s, seeking for economy was less then before. But the rising of middle classes and blue workers in Bangkok were looking for independent transportation apart from using public transport.

Market research revealed that people seeks more comfort and good ground clearances from lack of asphalt paved road, the road was rougher than engineer’s expectation.
However, individuals were looking for style than comfort as main customers are Metropolitan who looking for some road adventures on weekends.
Utility was based on average usage, 4 passengers with medium size luggage with adequate head room and leg room. Although it would be slightly cramp for Westerners whose body much bigger than Asian average.

Engineering wise was based on affordable yet reliable enough resources. Ladder structure with McPherson Struts and Solid axle with leaf spring on the rear to accommodate with harsh road surface but still tame to drive. Engine tuned with economy and reliability in mind.
Creature comforts were on basic needs; Vinyl seats with optional as cloth seat cover, AM/FM Radio set, Standard safety features. Planned having A/C units in future.

The adventure is waiting, jump in Kesa from SBA Inc.!

MSRP $5400


2nd and 3rd Design (well not actually, since I have one for the challenge “Archa” but I’ll post later)

Kesa “2nd Series”

After long period of struggle from major factories and lack of productivity; SBA decided to launch another series of “Kesa”.
As the market grows for more passenger side, SBA decided to produce both 4 doors and classy 2 doors.

SBA Kesa “4 doors”

SBA Kesa “2 doors”


Skip to current on competition; Strom Feather the 2 Liters of Efficiency



It’s been quite a long time in hiatus that no updates from SBA.
Now with a much better and powerful PC, we’re back!

1966, Bangkok, Thailand a new daring approach from South Bangkok Autoworks after received request from Royal Thai Forestry seeking a “Patrol Vehicle” for both law enforcing in National Parks and Military purpose in 1963 with a research from Imports.

It’s been a year after official release to Government release and has been revised for Civillian, SBA Jungler has born to storm the jungles of the world.

Design for tough terrain, high ground clearance, off road capable with quite decent fuel consumption. The previous feedback from Royal Thai Forestry showed us that “Jungler” is extremely capable in muddy terrain even it can be use a a rice plowing machine (which we do not recommend)

The performance comes from small 1.4 Litres same as government version for simplicity but the civillian version has been optimized for better fuel consumption, especially in remote areas.

There are speculation that SBA will send this “Jungler” to '66 Great Archanian Trek? Who knows…


Another update line up! (very much influence from Citroen Cx)

1974, Bangkok
In Bangkok Motor Show held in Suan Ambhorn Palace, SBA revealed the new car model with stunning design and new technology from famous French company, aimed for rising premium and luxury market of Southeast Asia with pure comfort and technology.

Introducing the new SBA Cd 2.2 and Cd-35x Prestige

SBA Cd 2.2

SBA Cd series designed by Thai artist with philosophy “Beauty and Simplicity” who had previously work with famous Italian coachbuilder and engineered with brilliant minds both from French and Thai engineer.
The Cd was from “Breeze” study concept car which aimed for archiving low aerodynamic coefficient with possibility of using production parts.

After SBA had invested in Hydropneumatic Suspension and acquired the license from French manufacturer in beginning of 70s (with help from Thai government technological assist program), SBA received technical supports from researcher and engineer from French counterparts which result being use for the first time in Cd series.

With newly developed heart, all aluminum 2.2 inline SOHC developed for smoothness and drivability mated with 3 speed Automatic gearbox for effortless cruising.
The interior is full of leather seats, premium 8 track FM/AM for maximum comfort.

Apart from revealing Cd series, SBA provied test drive and demonstration in front of guests, many were mesmerized of the smoothness from hydropneumatic suspension.
“I can’t believed that this is the car on such a harsh road surface. Compared to usual car from its period, it seems like I’m on a flying carpet!” - Famous car journalist in Thailand
“Despite the rough road condition, this car is so smooth that I can put on my makeup while I’m sitting in this car” - Senior editor from lifestyle magazine
“It’s quite unusual to see a car with such a technology, and it’s not import too!” Editoral in charge for car magazine

Despite of the high asking price which aimed for premium and luxury markets both in Thailand and overseas, SBA had future study plan for Cd series in family class as well.

SBA Cd-35x Prestige
Another top of the line and declared as the flagship of SBA, aimed for exclusive customers and elites.

SBA had announced of flagship model, the Cd-35x Prestige with 3.5 SOHC V8 for pure smoothness.
Apart from same structure and technology, Cd-35x Prestige packed with premium leather seats with custom handmade luxury seat and wooden trims and also special package of long wheel base version for royal family as well.

  • Long wheel base is exclusive option, available at SBA special vehicle deparment only, non state official or non royal customer must agreed for background check and must comply to special request conditions appeared in request form *


No question, the SBA Cd looks a bit odd, to say the least - its headlights are far too modern and would be more appropriate on a car from the 90s or even the early 00s - but you have done a surprisingly good job updating this thread for UE4 after a few years on hiatus.

Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS]

Another Historical lore to be added,

In 1950 a team of Aeronautical from Royal Thai Airforce with Japanese expats (rumoured to be aeronautical engineers) formed together creating a prototype sport car with in limited resources to compete the famous Corso di Fruinia.

A fruit of 2 years labor has shine, Bangkok Aeronautical Factory (as forerunner of South Bangkok Autoworks before merging with Siam Steel Company) has born with the car named “Romulus” as the name sake for Prince Bira (HHP Birabong Bhanudej Bhanubhandh) 's famouse racing car that won the Grandprix.

Its heart beat comes from small yet powerful inline 4 SOHC 8v 1395 cc. “Starlet” with double barrel caburettors, produces 85 hp @ 5400 rpm. / 118 Nm @ 4600 rpm.

Wrapped in its aluminum skin for best power to weight ratio with steel monocoque chassis.
Suspension and dynamic are MacPherson Struts front and 4 links axle at rear, with almost 50/50 weight distribution aimed for sharp handling which may suitable with trecherous curves in Fruinia.

“As I was driving this car, its sharp hadling might spook the driver how nimble it is, but you have to be careful not to make any sudden steering or else you will spun quite easily” HHP Bira made a statement after his testdrive at Suan Ambhorn Palace, Bangkok.

(As I do not have BeamNG Drive at time of submission, I’ll release in BeamNG version after I have the game which will be the same as submission)


Look at some Peugeots and Citroens from the 70s, and the headlights aren’t too far off actually…


’68 SBA Jungler, "Bull"

After two years of release for official fleet market and civilian SUV release, due to high demand and financial support for rural resident customers, SBA announces the pickup version of the Jungler in new trim “Bull”.

With newly reinforced truck bed and reinforced frame for towing use, you may use “Bull” to do some rice plowing as well.

Reaching in '70s

1971 SBA Gracelet 1.4 Sedan and 1.4 Swift

South Bangkok Autoworks strifes for new emerging markets as new working class are more dominant in buying demand.
As after effect from 1953 Suez Crisis, most European motor companies emphazised on small and economical cars in which became new uncharted territory.

While SBA having success in “Kesa” series, most of the feedbacks are calling more affordable car for younger generations just only means of transportation not for social status like used to be.
Our market reseachers and our engineers made a new breakthrough, the new SBA Gracelet!

All new Gracelet 1.4 Swift is aimed for affordable yet fun city commuter.
Power comes from the reliable yet torquey 1.4 litres inline 4 SOHC straight from SBA Jungler for ease of maintenance. You can find any engine parts from any SBA Jungler in case of repair or vice versa!

However, in 1.4 Swift is tuned for more perfomance matching 5 speed gearbox and sport suspension, many auto jounalists parised for nimbleness like the famous “Romulus” from Bangkok Aeronautical Factory (which became South Bangkok Autoworks)

Driving Gracelet is supported by vinyl seats, affordable yet rugged for everyday use, with FM/AM radio as standard for daily or long commute.

The Gracelet is not only for young generations, we provide another body style for grownups as well.
Entering SBA Gracelet 1.4 Sedan

Our 1.4 Sedan provides much more comfort for driver and passengers, with more room for luggages in the trunk.
Power comes from the same 1.4 unit, as the same unit using in our SBA Jungler.
For the first time, SBA provides the new 3 speed automatic gearbox named “Silkmatic” aimed for comfort and smoothness in between city commuting and highway commuting.

Our initial test drive shown many sastifactions from auto journalists.

“This Gracelet 1.4 Sedan is very practical car, I can’t wait going to the bank and write down the cheque buying this immediately.” - Siamese Auto Magazine’s Editoral in chief.
“Actually I’m very afraid driving a car with manual transmission, especially during hill stop acceleration. But with new 1.4 Sedan, I have no worries driving the car anymore.” - Former '67 Miss Thailand as honoured guest during test drive.

Are you looking for the new car that makes you alive? Come and test drive our new Gracelets at SBA Motor Plazas or authorized dealers.