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Scale model building


Do we have any model builders in here? Sadly I haven’t finished much this year but I have been building lots through the years…

Some of my work from the last years:

Mercedes-Benz Actros

VW Beetle

Ford Galaxie (replica of my fathers 1:1 car)

VW Karmann Ghia

VW Golf

Chrysler Imperial

VW Scirocco

Ford Sierra XR4i

VW Caravelle

Ford Thunderbird

Chevrolet G30 Van


Nice work. IMO, the best one there is the Galaxie. Haven’t built a model myself in… wait, what year is it?.. A Looooooong time.


Yeah, I tried to build it as true to the 1:1 as I could…and I think that it went quite well, maybe the blue should have been a little bit brighter…

Also, I leave this thread open to other peoples builds too, so feel free to post. :slight_smile:


I’ve stopped building a long time ago. Too expensive of a hobby to maintain together with restoring a real car. I’ll gather some pics of my old models.



I’ve managed to find some photos of my models on an old forum. Most of those were already sold or dismantled for parts.


It’s really some lovely work there…


My current project…Volvo FH12, yellow metallic and black metallic, with gold metalflake over everything…


Started on a 48 Chevy today… Slammed on spoke wheels can never be wrong on a Chevy this age, huh?