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Scoring for laden weight and performance on slopes?


Just copying an idea I posted in CSR… has scoring for performance at some laden weight and on slopes ever been considered? I.e. acceleration, cornering and braking with a simulated load such as:

a. all seats filled with an average adult and cargo space filled with a market-appropriate density mass
b. a towed weight based on vehicle characteristics
c. both

And performance on slopes at kerb and laden weights (esp. ability to stop the vehicle with brakes and tires moving forward and backward, brake fade, maximum climb/descent angle, tip-over angle).

The only scoring that seems to be aimed at this is the ‘brake reserves’ and ‘brake fade’ in Utility and Offroad (in UE4).

Both this sort of scoring would help grade heavier duty vehicles that carry a lot of people, a lot of cargo, tow, or go off-road a lot more realistically.


The suspension design and tuning will have more depth with the next big update as we’re currently working on revamping that aspect. The utility stat will be more fleshed out.
We don’t plan on slope / ramp tests though.