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Scrap Mechanic


Anyone playing Scrap Mechanic? Show cool stuff you’ve made!

Here’s mine:

Single piston powered car. It’s not as fancy as some of them out there, but I like it. The engine can idle and it has a sort of starter “motor” and brakes. It works well enough (it’s just slow) and doesn’t use any mods or glitches or that stupid thing some people do where pistons or suspensions go magically through other parts.

Logic bots: Bullybot minds his own business until you enter his field of view. Then he will follow you and poke you with his fingers and make annoying noises. Maze solver bot solves mazes by following the right hand wall.

Formula 1 car: It has pushrod suspension in the front and a weird offset suspension in the rear. Started as an experiment on how to make pushrod suspension and the rest of it is just one of my first tries to make something that looks nice and not just functional.


Are these on the Workshop?


Bullybot is in the workshop. I’ll put the others too.

(If anyone’s gonna add me on Steam, you better have a recognizable nick there or tell me about it here, I don’t accept total strangers’ friend requests)


See this looks a lot better than I expected, I was half tempted to pick it up a while ago but I’d heard it was crap/mega annoying so didn’t bother. That wrong I take it?


I think it’s one of the better ones of its genre. It wasn’t a while ago, though. Early versions tended to crash a lot and didn’t have the welding tool. My only gripe is the lack of aerodynamics simulation so any flying vehicles will have to work using thrusters to provide lift. And there’s no water (except mods that can make a map sort of look like it has water) so any boats people build are actually flying or driving on the ground.


Trying some detailed things. A muscle car and the front half of an MR sports car here. That big engine turned out well enough, I guess, concidering only vanilla parts were used. The actual functional motor for that car is gonna have to be in the front, though, because there’s not going to be enough room in the back.


The wheels of these cars are the only mod I’m likely to ever use. The game has wheels with a diameter of 3 blocks which are too small and 5 blocks which are too big, so I got a mod that adds size 4 wheels.

I wish they’d add a block that defines where the player character spawns when exiting a seat. It would be an invisible block that can be connected to a seat and it’s size would be the minimum space required for the character model. Then you could for example make a car that when you exit the driver’s seat, you’d appear at the side of the car instead of standing on top of the seat. With this muscle car you get stuck inside the roof when you exit the seat and you have to crouch and jump to get out. Making openable roofs for cars is stupid.


Well, that’s extremely cool. Did you build that whole thing? If so, how long did it take? Makes me very tempted to buy the game.


All of that was done last night. And here’s tonight’s stuff:

The rest of the sports car. Sort of Ferrari-ish look but with gullwing doors. It’s even more difficult to get out of than the muscle car, you just get stuck in the roof/door. Helps a bit if the door is open but still a pain in the butt.

And some sort of… mobile… bat person… transport vehicle?




I updated the Batmobile; changed the shape slightly and added a grappling hook feature.

It’s now in the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1099543858

Okay so it’s not super accurate to the movie but I didn’t use any reference except how I remembered it.The turbine thing in front needs to extend further forward and the canopy needs to be narrower and the rear wings should be placed a bit inwards and/or the wheel arches extended even more outwards


New version with a lot more movie accurate shape, next to another iconic shiny black car. I like doing cool vehicles in this scale, what car should I do next?