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Serperior98's Design Studio


Akira-Solana One

In 2018, Akira showcased the Concept GT500 as a luxurious GT car. A luxurious, 2 door GT car that would sport a naturally aspirated V8. It would serve as a preview of the flagship model of the revived Solana range of vehicles. The design of the car started off in a partnership with SMC and their Eterea GTS. However, both companies had decided to split off the partnership, as they couldn’t agree on the direction each company wanted to take. The final agreement would allow both cars to keep their original exterior designs and the shared chassis design, but would no longer share drivetrains and technology or be built in the same factory.

2018 Akira-Solana Concept GT 500

Two years had passed since, and Akira has finally unveiled the complete production model. Some changes were made to the styling, but the car would remain largely faithful to the concept showcased years earlier. The car would also be renamed from “GT500” to the “One”, to denote the car’s position at the top of the range.

2021 Akira-Solana One

Featuring a naturally aspirated 5 liter V8, producing 312kw, and rear wheel drive.

The car has an 9 speed automatic transmission, with electronic limited slip differential at the rear.

While it does go fast, the car is meant to be a comfortable long distance cruiser.

Although, if you do want to go faster, rumour has it that Akira is still in talks with SMC to license the 480kw twin turbo V10 as seen in the Eterea GTS.