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Shelton Automotives


Hi guys! Some of you may or may not remember me back in the days in this forum but most of you probably don’t. So yeah, i came up with my own car company simply called Shelton Automotives. So sit back and enjoy my car designs. Expecting low quality Automation pictures since i’m running the game on my potato PC lmao.

History of Shetlon Automotives.

Shelton Automotives was created by Damion Shelton who was a racer back in the late 50’s especially joining NASCAR. He knew alot of car parts and stuff so he decided to make his own car company in the year of 1958 simply called Shelton Automotives. The company itself didn’t made any cars in like first 10 years but they made car parts for other car company at the time. After years and years and alots of money, they finally made their first car which is…

1968 Shelton Striker Sport - Derived from a NASCAR driver.

Behold! Shelton’s first car that is sharing the same platform as Plymouth GTX at the time properly named the Striker Sport. It was a step up from it’s brother. Mr.Shelton originally wanted to do a fast, 4-door and luxury sedan at first but one of the employee came up and suggesting this instead. Luckily enough, the concept of the car that Mr.Shelton mentioned earlier was done but another time, alright?

So, it has a brand new engine which is called Big V8 (i know that’s a very creative name) producing up to 400hp coming from 6.5L V8. The car’s running on Double Wishbone at the front and classic Leaf spring at the back like other muscle cars at the time. Inside, it has comfy premium interior with standard radio but you can order optional premium radio that is derived from quality GM goods.

Mr. Shelton also mentioned that they will make lower-spec version of Striker with inline-6 in it and a more family-oriented car that will be produced in the future.


If it looks like a muscle car, feels like a muscle car and drives like a muscle car, then surely it is a muscle car, right? Fortunately all three are true of the Striker. And I bet its engine bay can accommodate even larger engines than the 6.5L V8 found in the top-spec trim.


Well, it is a muscle car and yes i know it can fit bigger engine displacement in it but that didn’t come into my mind earlier :stuck_out_tongue:



1983 Shelton Starlight (3 trims offered}

The company noticed the rise of Japanese car that was occuring in the United States and they came up with this boxy sedan, Starlight. Sure, it may look like your typical 80’s sedan but there’s something special about this car. Something unordinary and unheard of or not, Longitudinal FWD. Shelton Automotives knew Transverse layout can provide more cabin space room and cheaper to produce but they wanted to do something special than other cars at the time.

Starlight comes in 3 models which is Sedan, 2-door Wagon and Coupe Sport which we will cover it after this. All 3 of the models are cheap but reliable cars with exception rust issue especially people who bring it to cold weathers. Also, all of the 3 models also has the same engine which is 1.6L I4 that is capable producing up to 100hp. But other than that, the car sold pretty good albeit they can’t beat their Japanese’s counterpart but it was still a successful car, thanks to weird quirkyness.

Shelton Starlight Sedan

Starlight Sedan offers customers the most cheap, reliable and comfortable ride that is comparable with Toyota and Honda. Offered with either 3-speed auto or 5-speed manual, both transmission provides customer a good fuel-mileage and a reliable gearbox that you don’t have to worry about.

Inside, Starlight Sedan offered 4-seat standard yet comfortable interior with standard radio, perfect for those people who want to save their money.


  • 1.6L Inline 4 - 102hp
  • 3-speed auto or 5-speed manual
  • Top Speed - 113mph
  • 0-60mph - 13.3s
  • MacPherson Strut (front) Leaf Spring (rear)

Starlight Wagon 2dr

What if you take Starlight Sedan, remove 2 rear door and make it into a 2 door wagon? Because that’s what the car it is, Starlight Wagon 2dr. Unlike the sedan version, this car has foldable rear seat that provides you more cargo space for your huge cargo! But if you don’t want the rear seats, you can remove it for $200! Other than that, the rear suspension has been tuned to handle all the cargos that you carried.


  • 1.6L Inline 4 - 102hp
  • 3-speed auto or 5-speed manual
  • Top Speed - 110mph
  • 0-60mph - 13.8s
  • MacPherson Strut (front) Leaf Spring (rear)

Starlight Coupe Sport

Now, this is the real deal. Starlight Coupe, the car that is tuned for sport driving style with stiffer suspension that can take the around the corner easily, thanks to sporty Leaf Spring at the back and sporty MacPherson Strut at the front.

Inside, the dashboard was now facing towards the driver side, giving easier and safer task towards the driver. The engine also was upgraded from 102hp to 120hp towards the front-wheel to give it more sportier and faster ride on the wavy roads.


  • 1.6L Inline 4 - 120hp
  • 3-speed auto or 5-speed manual
  • Top Speed - 124mph
  • 0-60mph - 12.9s
  • MacPherson Strut (front) Leaf Spring (rear)


2011 Shelton Striker (2 trims offered)

Back in the early 80’s, Shelton had to cease the production of Striker due to the decreasing sale of the car after Japanese car floods into the US car scene. Nothing was heard until 2010 Detroit Auto Show that Shelton revealed their iconic car which is Striker in much more horsepower and faster than ever before.

Critics and the public loved the car when it was first revealed at the auto show. All of the pre-order was sold out. Shelton revived the Sport trim and their brand new trim which is Wagon for a family who wants to be fast and comfortable on their trip.

Striker Sport

Inspired by the first gen of Striker Sport, Striker’s styling cue is retro-styled muscle car instead of modern styling cue. The car designer on this car was originally going to make a modern, up-to-date styling but since the CEO of the Shelton didn’t liked it, this is their final design.

The 2011 Striker is sharing the same platform as S-197 Ford Mustang, just like the original Striker. Under the long performance hood was 5.5L V8 that is capable producing up to 415hp with 494 pound feet of torque that is only offered to Striker Sport trim model.

Inside, the car’s cabin is decorated with quality premium interior with a gearbox either 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto. The infotainment also is premium quality as it was sharing the same components as the S-197 Mustang. Other than that, it’s only available for RWD drivetrain.


  • 5.5L “Firehawk V8” SOHC - 415hp @5800rpm, 494nm.
  • MacPherson Strut [F] MultiLink [R]
  • Weight - 2027kg [54/46]
  • 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto
  • Top Speed - 180mph
  • 0-60mph - 5.11s
  • Only available in RWD drivetrain.

Striker Wagon

This is unusual for an American car scene or haven’t heard for a long time, a 2-door wagon. Originally, it was going to be a coupe like the Striker Sport but lower trim. Furthermore, the CEO of Shelton saw '64 Chevrolet Chevelle 2-door wagon on the road and was inspired by it.

Powered by 3.2L V6 that is capable producing up to 202hp with 252nm, it was designed for towing trailers and hauling stuff like every Americans do. The suspension was tuned to be more softer and more comfortable for a long road trip. Other than that, it has a huge volume of cargo space to hold more luggage than the Striker Sport or putting equipment material inside Striker Wagon.


  • 3.2L “Cheetah V6” SOHC - 202hp @ 6600rpm, 252nm.
  • MacPherson Strut [F] MultiLink [R]
  • Weight - 1954kg (due to smaller engine displacement) [50/50]
  • 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto
  • Top Speed - 141mph
  • 0-60mph - 10.7s
  • Only available in RWD drivetrain


1981 Shelton Vagabond 4WD Sedan Concept

Shelton Automotives attempted to enter the luxury car market in the early 80’s with this concept car that they have brought up, 1981 Shelton Vagabond 4WD Sedan Concept. First shown at 1981 New York International Auto Show, it was a quite different car. It has 4WD drivetrain system unlike your traditional RWD drivetrain system.

The CEO of Shelton Automotives, Damion Shelton said a luxury sedan with 4WD drivetrain is the future of the car scene that can be seen in 10 years or so. He also stated that Vagabond is running on a truck ladder-frame to support the 4WD drivetrain as a normal sedan ladder-frame can’t put the huge center differential.

The Vagabond is running on 6.5L V8 producing up to 224hp, 354nm of torque that comes with 3-speed auto. Inside, it has bench seat in the front and at the rear that is covered by sheep’s wool to provide maximum comfort to the passengers.

As Vagabond’s ride height is pretty high, there’s a button on the door handle that can provide a mini-stair into the Vagabond to provide easier access especially elderly people.

But the concept never saw the production line as using the truck-ladder frame is not suitable for the car and can cause the safety rating to be lower and need a lot of money to re-design the chassis. Other than that, using sheep’s wool as bench seat’s material is not a good idea at the first place as it can take a lot money and not common in luxury American cars. Now, Shelton Vagabond now sits in Shelton Auto Museum as part of the exhibition.


2018 Shelton Atlantic (2 trims)

So, the late 2010’s is where everyone in the world went nuts on crossovers cars due to human’s population is getting bigger or something similar. And… it was some sort of golden age of V6 or not as most of the car company atleast have their turbocharged V6 or non-turbocharged V6 in their lineup.

And then Shelton Automotives hopped onto Crossover bandwagon and came up with this, Shelton Atlantic V6 and Shelton Atlantic S which is sport version of the normal one. It was an attempt to rival with other crossover in the market like Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet Equinox and so on.

Shelton Atlantic V6

The base model of Atlantic which consist of turbocharged V6, a premium interior with luxury Infotainment system. Atlantic is running on Active Comfort suspension system to give the maximum comfort and safety towards the passengers and the driver. Other than that, it has ESC with Electric Viable power steering and 8-seater configuration or 5-seater.


  • 3.6L turbocharged V6 “PerfBoost” - 434HP @ 6900RPM / 421lb-ft @ 4000RPM
  • Double Wishbone [F/R]
  • Weight - 2390kg [54/46]
  • 9-speed auto or 7-speed dual clutch transmission
  • Top Speed - 175mph
  • 0-60mph - 6.07s
  • Available in RWD or AWD drivetrain

Shelton Atlantic S

A much more sport-oriented version of Atlantic. The engine is same as the Atlantic V6 but it has bigger turbocharger and the engine was tuned for sport driving style. The suspension also given a sport treatment to handle around the corner much better.

Inside, Atlantic S can offer either premium interior or sport interior and the tire width has been increased to give more stability on the road.


  • 3.6L turbocharged V6 “PerfBoost” - 509HP @ 7700rpm / 415lb-ft @ 4800RPM
  • Double Wishbone [F/R]
  • Weight - 2378kg [54/46]
  • 9-speed auto or 7-speed dual clutch transmission
  • Top Speed - 185mph
  • 0-60mph - 5.59s
  • Only available in AWD drivetrain.


1993 Shelton XM-8 Coupe

What if you take a japanese Honda NSX and Americanized it? And you got Shelton XM-8, a car that is perfect on a race track with a nice big V8 displacement. The XM-8 name stands for “eXperimental Middle V8”.

And oh, it’s kinda more advanced than the Honda NSX if you’re counting like cooling flaps and semi-auto transmission included as an option. But hey, it can do well on the track, right? The lap time around Airfield track is about 1:24:27. The NSX’s laptime around the Airfield is 1:31:50 which is an improvement towards XM-8.


  • 5.0L “Fahrenheit-8” DOHC 2V - 394hp @ 6600RPM / 336lb-ft @ 4100RPM
  • Double Wishbone [F/R]
  • Weight - 1688kg
  • 6-speed manual or 5-speed semi auto transmission.
  • Top Speed - 188mph
  • 0-60mph - 5.82s
  • Only available in RWD drivetrain.


Not sure if the upper grille is neccessary, and a DOHC engine works best with 32 valves, not 16. But it’s still more powerful than an NSX, and in the lucrative supercar segment, that counts for a lot.


1983 Shelton Elysion Group B

In 1983, Shelton Automotives were interested to join a rally especially Group B. It was like a new territory for them as they never joined the rally scene although the founder of this company used to race NASCAR but that’s entirely different story.

They asked some help from Cosworth company to help build their engine in their upcoming rally car. They spent a lot of money on the engine and the chassis to increase the chance of their winning in the Group B rallies. At then end they came up with this, Shelton Elysion Group B. A lightweight mid-engined V8-powered car that is ready for rally.

Also, they went totally overboard with the budget on this car, just to win the rally races and they did… sorta? They won 3 rally races and that’s it after Elysion had some suspension issues while in the rally stages.

Homologation version was also produced with the huge wing at the back removed and the exhaust was changed. It was not really practical and reliable car per say but at least you own a rally car to show off to your neighbours.


  • 3.9L “Lizard 8” V8 DOHC 4V - 438hp @ 7900RPM / 300 lb-ft @ 7400RPM
  • Double Wishbone [F] MacPherson Strut [R]
  • Weight - 1106kg
  • 5-speed manual
  • Top Speed - 167 mph
  • 0-60mph - 4.6s
  • Only available in RWD drivetrain.

Elysion - Rally.car (29.6 KB)
If you guys wanted to check out the car for closer look or something, feel free to download it! I’m also appreciate if you guys give me some feedback on this car, thanks. :smile:


1976 Shelton Ulysses Coupe

What happened in the 70’s? Gas crisis. What car manufacturers do? Putting better gas mileage on their cars and that’s what Shelton Automotives did and they came up with this, 1976 Shelton Ulysses Coupe. You might wondering “What’s so special about this car?”. Well Jimmy, it’s a really special car than other cars in the market.

First of all, it has flat-6 engine which produce much more better gas mileage than your hungry big V8 engines. Second, it has a long trunk to put all your belongings in a wide and big trunk space*. Third, Toyota helped tuning the suspension to make the ride more comfortable and can absorb potholes easily. Lastly, it’s a coupe.

  • *Only available if you ordered foldable rear bench seats.


  • 4.0L “Nikita-6” Flat-6 OHV 2V - 208hp @ 4800RPM / 253lb-ft @ 3200RPM
  • Double Wishbone [F] Solid Axle Leaf [R]
  • Weight - 1434kg
  • 5-speed manual or 3-speed auto
  • Top Speed - 133mph
  • 0-60mph - 7.62s
  • Only available in RWD drivetrain.

Ulysses - Coupe.car (27.6 KB)

1996 Shelton Ulysses

Yep, they bring the Ulysses nameplate again in 1996. Why? Marketing stunt i suppose. First reveal at 1995 Detroit Auto Show, it got like an good enough amount of attention. It was like other generic American sedan at the time but this Ulysses got flat-4 underneath the hood.

Flat-4 in an American sedan? That’s weird. Anyways, this Ulysses is running on RWD drivetrain and was originally to use FWD layout but they ditched it as it wasn’t perfect combo for Flat-4 engine.


  • 2.5L “Thor 4” Flat-4 SOHC 3V - 160HP @ 6000RPM / 161lb-ft @ 3600RPM
  • MacPherson Strut [F] Solid Axle Leaf [R]
  • Weight - 1504kg
  • 4-speed auto
  • Top Speed - 135mph
  • 0-60mph - 103.s
  • Only available in RWD drivetrain.

Ulysses - Sedan.car (26.1 KB)


Not bad! Nice to see you’ve already started experimenting with modern design. I’ll keep an eye on you :wink:


Hehe, thanks man. I’m not usually good at modern designs but i’ll try to experiment it in the future :smile:


2018 Shelton Bureau

A solid nice and comfort sedan from Shelton Automotives is now here. Competing with other luxury sedans in the market, this Shelton Bureau is perfect for people who wants to be fast and comfortable along the road trip.

Bureau is running on 2.5L turbocharged Inline-5 that is powerful and smooth engine that is perfect for comfy ride. Inside, it has quality luxury interior that comes with luxury infotainment to get maximum comfort and fun in the Bureau.


  • 2.5L “Thinker 5” Inline-5 DOHC 5V - 306HP @ 6000RPM / 290lb-ft @ 4900RPM
  • MacPherson Strut [F] MultiLink [R]
  • Weight - 2245kg
  • 9-speed auto
  • Top Speed - 167mph
  • 0-60mph - 8.10s
  • RWD / AWD drivetrain

Bureau - Sedan.car (23.2 KB)