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Signs you have been playing Automation too long


Was taking a shower this morning, mostly asleep, and I realized that I was humming the Automation theme under my breath.

Then (and I swear I’m not making this up) I was shaving my face in the shower, and felt disappointed that when I shaved one side, the other side wasn’t shaved too.

I’m probably lucky I didn’t accidentally wind up with a big stripe up into my hair.


Not so much playing, but creating assets. I spend a lot of time looking at car bodies and imagining them without their fixtures and where to put morphs


I often have the music in my head at work… maybe doesn’t help that I have the sound files on my onedrive.


When you have most of the major version/ game-play changes bookmarked, making a rough history of the games development.

When you laugh at the other car game’s “upgrade system”.

When you begin to describe an IRL car to someone by relating it to one of your Automation builds, only to backtrack, leaving them even more confused.


When you celebrate the removal of aero fixture limits by putting 50 wings and lips on the car expecting it to behave like it did in build 1392 only to discover your tyres blow as soon as it hits 100km/h…


When you try to estimate how many quality points real world manufacturers put into their cars


When you actually start taking the game seriously, and stop making unnecessarily overpowered and deadly 5000hp Frankenstein-esque creations.


When you’ve been playing UE4 for a while and then go back to Kee build for a challenge:


When you see this…

…and want to exclaim: “No BARTH bodies!”


See, I just see that and want to exclaim: "NO"


Well, that would have been my 3rd thought after the 1. Barth thing and 2. the urge to ask the devs if they couldn’t stretch the displacemant cap to allow for a 27L V12.


I see that and want to scream “YES!” because someone was crazy enough to build such a wild, useless, amazing vehicle, against every sensible notion, and all the people who said it couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be done.


When you consider, even just for five seconds that retarding the ignition will prevent your project car to knock. :t


When you try to estimate how many quality points real world manufacturers put into EVERYTHING.


When you are rebuilding the engine for your '67 Cougar and wish you could move the slider for your cam up a couple notches…


Nope I have NEVER done that :expressionless: (trying to keep a straight face)


When you start putting sensible engines into 1960s Gasmean cars and stop building them exclusively with RWD.


Heyyyy! What’s wrong with big RWD V8’s? You’re getting kind of personal, here now!



Okay, here’s another one: When you see a feature on a car, or come up with a new idea - and then spend 8 hours going back through all your previous designs and adding that change…


When the game crashes because it has enough of it :stuck_out_tongue: