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Silver Stone Motors, Sophisticated Mobility

               Silver Stone Motors, Marlborough, England, Est. 1950

Archibald Stone founded Stone Motors in 1921 in Marlborough, England for servicing airplanes and motorcycles. Several years later he purchased the tooling to begin building his own engines. He was fascinated by automobiles and hoped to someday make his own.

  • 1925: Archibald built his first ICE prototype, a 345cc Straight-3. Stone Motors went on to produce and continuously improve on that engine for the next 20 years successfully. Local builders praised their strength and durability which made them suitable for race modifications.

  • 1946: A fellow countryman by the name of Roderick Silver came to his shed with an old jeep like car which he’d transplanted one his his SM3’s into and it needed servicing. At first, old Archie was skeptical. But, upon further inspection and seeing how the talented young man who came with the project had built it all, Mr. Stone offered him a job in his factory helping redesign his next big project.

  • 1950: After years of research and development Archibald and Roderick began production of their first jointly developed ICE, a 4-cylinder unit called the SSF, to be employed in their first production automobile, the Valor. The company was renamed Silver Stone Motors.

This thread is dedicated the cars and history of Silver Stone Motors, a work of fiction inspired by real history and events. It is one of a few Automation car companies I’ve created in my time with the game. My original thread was dedicated to Bronx Motor Co. as an engine supplier to various other carmakers in that universe, but I decided to reboot that thread and spinoff each company with their own dedicated thread inhabiting the same universe.

I hope you all enjoy my creations!


The Valor was a refined automobile, an experience in class and luxury, for was plush, practical, and quite pretty. Even though it was only available in one color, the interior options were overwhelming. Various wood finishes for the dashboard, suede headliner, contrast stitching and piping for the seats, even tweed upholstery to match your business suit.

It featured SSM’s first 4-cylinder engine, the SSF-14A, which produced 85% of peak torque at 1500RPM and had a red line of 5000. It wasn’t the most powerful car of its time but had ample oomph to zip around and across town with a svelte finesse akin to most British light touring cars of the era.

Sportiness was far from the focus with this vehicle - its low production volume was owed to its space frame chassis construction - as it was intended for a higher class demographic.

The vehicle was an instant success and the company struggled to keep up with demand for the first few years. Although the extra cash income allowed them to grow very fast and early, guaranteeing we would see more from the British outfit for years to come.

(Gasmea + Fruinia)
Premium: 140/83%

Silver_Stone_CS1_-_Valor__50.car (34.4 KB)


Not the fastest car of its time, but comfortable and stylish enough to serve its purpose with, erm, valor.