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Silver-York Posting



Always love your your creations dude, keep it up!


Finally we get to see the immediate predecessor of the seminal '65 Sovereign. The '61 model is an absolute stunner, just like its successors - and as with those, the four-door version will be joined by two-door trims in due course.


@abg7 annoyingly there is no two door on this body.
And I do need to make the '63 model which is currently a old WIP


Just one piece of art-work for the 1961 Sovereign series. Colours have been restored and have been processed to bring out the planned design from Silver-York


S-Y probably has my favorite logo from a car manufacturer, real or automationverse. Really good looking!


Ahh thank you! It’s one thing I do like to make sure is perfect are the logos tbh


These are the current logos that we have made. The first is a special edition '35 logo made for the release of the Teleiótita, the second is the late '50s early '60s and the final is the 80s logo. Many more do need to be made.