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Since Maximum Speed Now Determines Tire Type


I just started playing with the new open Beta after watching the Little Dev Update from Dec 21st. From what I understand, tire cost now is affected by the car’s maximum speed, which is a great idea. However, I think this mechanic change means that we now need an electronically limited speed option. I would suggest this go in the transmission tab. One would choose the two gear ratio sliders, but then would have an Electronic Speed Limit Slider. Why would one need this?

Several Raesons:

  1. Tires
    Lets assume that we’re going to use the following speed ratings system:
    Lets say I’m making an economy car. If my car with my current gearing can go 195KPH, it forces me to have U grade tires. I have the gear ratios as such for fuel economy, so I don’t want to change those. But I only want to pay for R grade Tires, so I want to Limit my car to 170KPH. This type of limiter will allow me to do so. Furthermore, higher speed rated tires tend to have a shorter life, more grip, and less comfort. Not sure exactly how much of this would translate directly into speed rating in Automation, but such is how it is in reality.

  2. Insurance
    In today’s world, insurance rates are partly calculated by how fast a car can go. Limiting a car to a lower speed electronically allows a powerful to cost less in insurance. If this mechanic were to be implemented in game, it would change insurance costs with higher speed ratings, which could then be limited to put a car in a lower insurance bracket.

Just some thoughts about the mechanics of this new system.


A speed limiter will come in one of the next patches! :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear, thanks Killrob!


It never ceases to amaze me that by the time we notice something to ask for, you guys always seem to have outperformed us and have it already planned. :relaxed: