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Singficant Prefromance Decrease Since Huge Update Unplayable


After the Newest update, the Menu That used to max out at 40 fps is maxing out at 6 fps, Same For Car and Engine Designer. Also, Epic Settings at 150% scaling Gives me the same Fps. Did the game rendering Change?


The same happened to me but right after a Nvidia graphics updated last week. My fps got nerfed from an average of 60 to somewhere between 30 and 40 (I use a GTX 1060)


Nothing happened to me, I have 1050ti (not latest drivers tho)


I have the same issue with my Omen by HP Laptop. 6 GB on the GPU shouldn’t slow down to a crawl. I used to be able to play 40 FPS with the top setting and now, my best result is on low and/or medium, and FPS is about 12 or less…Wassup with that?


This will be fixed with today’s hotfix.


Mine doesn’t have lag but gets blocked and suddenly closes sometimes since the last update. I hope it get fix with that hotfix. Thanks for your quick work.


With the hotfix seems to be stable i have been playing a couple of hours without having any problem.


Ok, update. I was initially encouraged with the hotfix from 4 days ago, but now, not so much fun. I can begin using Epic settings with 40fps. When I open one of my models, fps drops to 12. Moving to the High setting, changes the fps to about 17. Moving to Medium changes the fps to 20. Only going to the Low setting begins to go near 30fps. The game is becoming unplayable as is. Help Please!!!


Please attach your .car file of the car that does that :slight_smile: if it isn’t a vanilla car and / or fixtures, please note that.
Edit: The reason for why we’re asking is that even on an Intel HD graphics potato, we don’t get big performance drops when loading in a car.


Thanks for looking into this for me…This is not a vanilla car and has fixtures. Ontronse B - 5STR Luxe Sedan.car (40.3 KB)


The most likely reason is that either some of the mod fixtures or the mod body are very heavy performance hits for some reason. In case you see that happen for vanilla stuff let us know! :slight_smile:
Could you try to open vanilla cars that don’t use any modded stuff to see if that has the same impact?


Thanks @Killrob. Will get back to you.


@Killrob DM’d you with additional info. Thanks!