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Skyline's Cars (1997 Toyota Camry CE V6, 1997 Toyota Tercel CE, 2009 Mazdaspeed 3)


First one of this generation I’ve seen. Saw a couple manual Camrys at the auction before, but they all had the 5S-FE. But maybe more passed by. I usually don’t bid on Toyotas due to their high resale value making them prohibitively expensive for a beater. The car I was plannig on buying the day I got it was a late model Saturn SC2, but I got impatient. Guess it worked out in the end. Also worth mentioning that this is my 1st Toyota.


Just took some new pictures.


That rust hole is impressive! Cool car though.


Just patched it earlier today (even if I made it look worse). Gonna let the bondo cure overnight and sand it down.


Finally patched the rust hole in the Camry. I also may have bought another car.


So mysterious. :stuck_out_tongue: Pics please.


Got a bit buay, so I wasn’t quite able to post them immediately.


Holy shit, that’s a Tercel and that’s not any Tercel.

Was that the green Tercel from Craiglist? Manual and I believe '96? I swear I’ve seen that exact Tercel lol


I did find it on Craigslist. Was it listed near Baltimore? It is a 5 speed, and it’s a 97.


Yup :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve looked at that exact car then!
I was trying to get a friend to go and see that exact car but he insisted he didn’t want a ‘boring’ Toyota


Bit of an update.

The Mazda: I’m in the middle of trying to sell it. I want to go back to a fleet of beaters

The Tercel: Waiting on its permanent tags. Also has some body rot that I’ll be addressing in the future.

The Camry: Gonna be doing a good amount of work to bring it to its former glory. I’ll be changing the Timing belt, Valve cover gaskets, sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, coolant, radiator hoses, and serpentine belt. One of the temperature senders is cracked. Waiting on the replacement to show up for that, but that’ll take 5 minutes to install. Already replaced the ignition coils, oil pan gasket, and rear brake rotors.


How’s the Camry to drive? Is it fast?


It’s definitely slow car fast. That 5 speed makes a world of difference. Handles decently well, although the rear shocks are blown, giving it lots of body roll. One of these days, I’m gonna take it to a dragstrip for the fuck of it.