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Skyline's Cars (2009 Mazdaspeed 3, 1994 Honda Civic EX)


I’ve been in need of a proper new beater for a while. I bought a clean 1996 Honda Accord a few weeks ago to use for it, but it got totaled 2 days after I bought it. Rear ended by a lady in an Explorer.

Not much, but I got it for $400. And they gave me $1300 for totaling it out.

So after some looking, I bought a more battered, but still somehow (mostly) rust-free Honda. A 1994 Civic EX coupe.

Got it for $250. Like I said, it’s rough. It has a rebuilt title and 273,000 miles. Has some body damage as well. But nothing major. And it’s a very good runner. It drives just fine. The clutch and trans are both in great shape. The engine runs strong and doesn’t burn a noticeable amount of oil.

So why bother with it? I needed a beater that got better MPG than the Camry did. I’m more than handy enough to buy something like this that needs some TLC. Although the only part it really needs is the brake master cylinder (about $60 on Rock auto for an ABS equipped model). Plus I like 90s econoboxes. As those of you who know my car history know, I used to own a 1993 Civic EX. That car was super fun for very little money. And with all the driving I do, I’m not gonna pay for a clean example when it’s gonna get battered and bruised from Maryland/DC traffic.

I’m mostly just gonna put miles on this car, although I will inevitably mod it somewhat.


But what I’m wondering: What’s going on with the Geo, Neon & the 88’s accord? You likely mentioned it on Discord but I don’t go on discord very often, more so for the official automation discord or whatever discord you mentioned before in the thread.


Had to sell them due to some financial trouble I found myself in. Real shame. Especially the Neon. Took me a year of looking to find that one. But I don’t mind looking again. My troubles are behind me now. But I’ll probably wait until after I buy a more different project 1st.


Made a quick walkaround video of the Civic. A few things have been done since.

It got a new O2 sensor and valve cover gasket as well as fresh trans fluid. Also pounded out the driver’s side fender enough to fit a new marker light. Also pulled some of the other dent out. Probably not gonna go further than that unless I feel like using it for practice for another car.


Shingo is reborn


Cool Vibrations


Nice car (EJ1)! Just checked & cheapest Civic local to me is a 1998 EJ6 (LX Sedan) for $400 Canadian (about $302.08 US) with 246255km (153015.763 mi) on it, engine light is on, was for crank sensor but was replaced with a new one however there’s ticking from the engine, power outlet is broken but might just need a new fuse, muffler fell off & needs to be replaced, front & back shocks are shot & need to be replaced, still has winter tires on it as it has been sitting in the driveway but got 4 all seasons also.


Still making little improvements to the Civic. Found another oil leak from the Vtec solenoid valve. Ordered new gaskets for that. $15 for both. And the solenoid itself wad bad anyway (limits to 6k RPM and hurts MPG. But I still average 27.1 doing lots of stop and go while also cruising at 95 whenever possible). Also put in a new fuel filter.

My next upgrade is 4 tires. I’ll order those this friday once I get paid. And although it’s not performance related, I ordered a Myogi Night Kids sticker (I can already feel my inner Shingo shrieking with excitement).

But even without VTEC, it drives fantastic. Corners like an old Honda should. Trans is 100%. The synchros still have tons of life in them. And this sunroof doesn’t leak! Fuel gauge is still broken though. Hopefully not anymore come next week.


Update #2. Still haven’t fixed the fuel gauge. I just refill once the trip odometer hits 200 miles. Speaking of MPG, I’ve gotten rough average numbers for it. Gets about 29 city (lots of stop and go) and 37 highway (cruising at 85+ mph). Burns a bit of oil. Not enough to make it a major issue, but enough to irk me. Also the power steering in this car is acting up. But there is a manual steering rack available, which I’m just gonna swap in. I’ve just opted to cut the power steering until then anyway.


Update #3. Got a set of 4 fresh tires on the Civic (Falken Sincera SN250 A/S in the stock 185/60R14 size). Also replaced the left CV axle and replaced the trans fluid once more. I will likely replace both the front brake callipers soon. Also ditched the donut spare for a full-size one. Beyond that, just little things. Replaced the rear speakers (front ones and the head unit will follow suit soon), did an alignment, started a multi-stage coolant flush, and stopped caring about the bad fuel gauge.