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Skyline's Cars (2009 Mazdaspeed 3, 2002 Subaru Outback H6, 1999 Land Rover Discovery II)


Lock it in a concrete bunker so it isn’t t-boned by an '03 Accord.


I haven’t updated on the Civic in a while, even though I should’ve. The new PCM is running like new, and I’ve continued to put an obscene number of miles on it. The only thing that’s happened since then is that the front brakes gave out. That was my fault since I kept holding off on changing the pads.

And of course, it has to rain on my day off. That was fun. Although it’s not as bad as flushing a transmission in the rain.


I’ve been driving the Mazda for the past 2 weeks to give the Civic a break, and not only am I loving driving stick again, I’m loving the 3 itself. Especially it’s practicality

I’ve been helping out my dad at his plumbing businesa, and this thing hauls pipes surprisingly well (you can’t see it from here, but the backseat is full of connectors). Too bad Virginia has some of, if not the most draconian speed limits and enforcement in the country, otherwise, I’d have enjoyed myself on the way back home. Oh well.


The Mazda looks nice, I hope you didn’t get into accidents lately.


Have you done any modding to that beautiful Mazdaspeed 3?

I guess this makes us car brothers. I too have a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3, which I bought new in March 2009. It’s been my baby ever since, and I doubt I’ll be getting rid of it any time soon. I’d been keeping it stock (Except Stereo), but starting earlier this year, I started modding it. Here’s where I’m at so far:

Performance Upgrades
3" JBR SRI (Upgraded Intake)
ETS TMIC (Upgraded Intercooler)
Test Pipe (2nd Cat Removal)
Autotek HPFP Internals (Cam Driven Fuel Pump Upgrade)
Accessport V3 (Tuning Computer)
Custom Tune by Freektune (Finishing up 93oct now, Ethanol Blend next!)
StopTech Slotted Rotors all around
EBC Redstuff Pads
Damond Rear Motor Mount

Stereo Upgrades
Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Receiver
Phoenix Gold 6.5" Components up Front
Focal 6.5" Coaxials in Rear
Home made 12" Sub & Amp Box in trunk Floor, Replaces Spare Tire, loses no truck space
12" Polk Marine Grade Sub
PPI 125 Watt RMS x4 Amplifier (Powers Fronts & Sub)

Just recently bought a Random Orbital Buffer, so I’ll be cleaning her up and her big Sister, my wife’s 2014 CX-5, very soon!


I’m not doing any mods (the intake and exhaust were changed by the previous owner, I don’t know what kinds they used). And it did kinda get into one accident. I was out dropping something off, and someone backed into it. Thankfully, all it damaged was the trim that holds the front plate on. I was able to touch up the rest of it, and I’m going tomorrow to pick up a replacement for the damaged trim.

And that red one is certainly a beauty. Have you tracked yours? I haven’t gotten the chance to do any events in a while (this is also my first properly fast car, so I wanted to give myself time to adjust).


They did intake and exhaust? I wonder if they did fuel pump donwpipe or any tuning. Anyways, great cars! It seems like people run into you a lot. I do have a scrape on the right side of my rear bumper where a lady slowly scrapped me while parked. Just surface scrapes, been years, haven’t fixed it, lol.

No, I’ve never tracked my car. I had an 06 Mazda 3 5-door 2.3L MT that I autocrossed once. I do eventually hope to track my car some day. I live just over an hour from Sebring, but you have to join a club to get on the track. Plus, it’s pricey and I’m close to needing a new clutch.


I’ve lost 3 cars to other drivers. My old Mitsubishi Galant (the first car I mention in this thread if I remember correctly), my 1st Honda Odyssey, and my old Ford Taurus wagon. The Galant was also one of only 2 cars I’ve ever autocrossed (I had a Chevy SIlverado before the Galant, which they let me take around as a joke). I’m saving to buy a project car next year, and I might mod that for light racing (that or a budget offroader. Still deciding which).




The Civic: The coolant leak is finally fixed thanks to a new radiator. I’m also finally gonna do the A/C delete once the weather goes back above freezing. Also gonna source a strut bar and a few other things to make it more resistant to the after winter potholes, and will also prep it for my getting back into autocross.

The Mazda: I’ve put about 7,500 miles on it now, although I’m gonna have it prepped for selling once I finish up the last few things on the Civic.


so soon? I thought you were keeping it for a year? :frowning:


I like the Mazda3, but I want a cheaper version. Preferably a 3s hatch, but I’d be happy with any lower end model with a 5 speed (weight reduction, bro).


Finishing up the Civic

The Mazda makes a great support vehicle if need be.


The Civic is (mostly) finished now. The cooling system is all new, and it’s back in working order. I’m still going to do a few more things:
-Strut bar
-New wheels and tires
-Finish up the A/C delete (the condenser is out, I just need to remove the lines and compressor. I already have the new serpentine belt)

Many thanks to @AfroSaab for his assistance with the repairs


It was quite a fun afternoon @SkylineFTW97 :slight_smile:


Sold the Civic not too long ago. Apparently the head gasket was bad (it had a coolant issue ever since I bought it). Didn’t find out until after I sold it, but I just didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore.

Also took the time to record this.


Took a bit of a hiatus from the forums. And in that time, I bought 2 cars (and sold 1). A Blue 2000 Chevy Lumina which I fixed up as a bit of a project (the main reason I sold it was because I got bored of driving auto again)

and a light brown 1997 Toyota Camry CE V6

(this pic was taken the day I picked the car up, roughly a month and a half ago. I’ll post some more recent pics soon)

Got the Lumina for $325 (sold it for $600) and the Camry for $400. The Camry is special for 2 reasons. 1: It was a running, driving Toyota for well under $1000 and 2: It has the V6 and the 5 speed. It’s definitely faster than it looks. All I’ve done to it so far is replace the battery, alternator, and power steering pump. And it runs strong. I’m gonna do some mods eventually, as well as some repairs (the hood has a rust hole in it, the exhaust has a noticeable leak, and the alignment is a bit out). My only issue with it thus far is that the clutch is a bit soft for my taste. But nonetheless, I’ve been driving it for the past couple weeks without issue (already put almost 1000 miles on it) and it’s going to be my new daily driver.


Wow that Camry is very nice.

Did I miss you buying these or something


Other than the aforementioned soft clutch, I love driving it. Can’t wait to find some new parts to make this car a mild sleeper in the turns as well as the straights. Gonna start autocrossing it as soon as I get the alignment and exhaust sorted.


Wow! What a find! Any idea how many V6 5-speed Camrys of that generation there are? Good luck with the new daily!