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Skyline's Cars (2009 Mazdaspeed 3, 2002 Subaru Outback H6, 1999 Land Rover Discovery II)


First one of this generation I’ve seen. Saw a couple manual Camrys at the auction before, but they all had the 5S-FE. But maybe more passed by. I usually don’t bid on Toyotas due to their high resale value making them prohibitively expensive for a beater. The car I was plannig on buying the day I got it was a late model Saturn SC2, but I got impatient. Guess it worked out in the end. Also worth mentioning that this is my 1st Toyota.


Just took some new pictures.


That rust hole is impressive! Cool car though.


Just patched it earlier today (even if I made it look worse). Gonna let the bondo cure overnight and sand it down.


Finally patched the rust hole in the Camry. I also may have bought another car.


So mysterious. :stuck_out_tongue: Pics please.


Got a bit buay, so I wasn’t quite able to post them immediately.


Holy shit, that’s a Tercel and that’s not any Tercel.

Was that the green Tercel from Craiglist? Manual and I believe '96? I swear I’ve seen that exact Tercel lol


I did find it on Craigslist. Was it listed near Baltimore? It is a 5 speed, and it’s a 97.


Yup :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve looked at that exact car then!
I was trying to get a friend to go and see that exact car but he insisted he didn’t want a ‘boring’ Toyota


Bit of an update.

The Mazda: I’m in the middle of trying to sell it. I want to go back to a fleet of beaters

The Tercel: Waiting on its permanent tags. Also has some body rot that I’ll be addressing in the future.

The Camry: Gonna be doing a good amount of work to bring it to its former glory. I’ll be changing the Timing belt, Valve cover gaskets, sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, coolant, radiator hoses, and serpentine belt. One of the temperature senders is cracked. Waiting on the replacement to show up for that, but that’ll take 5 minutes to install. Already replaced the ignition coils, oil pan gasket, and rear brake rotors.


How’s the Camry to drive? Is it fast?


It’s definitely slow car fast. That 5 speed makes a world of difference. Handles decently well, although the rear shocks are blown, giving it lots of body roll. One of these days, I’m gonna take it to a dragstrip for the fuck of it.


I decided to part out the Tercel. The underbody was beyond salvation. I initially thought it just had some minor body rot. And just as I was really starting to enjoy it.
Also the rack and pinion in the Camry is busted. It’s still driveable though (if you don’t mind making every day arm day). I’m more concerned by my newfound lack of a more fuel efficient beater to use. Which is why I’ll be paying another visit to the local public auction tomorrow. They have something “special” that I’ve been trying to find for the past year or so. It’s gonna take my love of old shitboxes to another level.


Another update: Bought another car to replace the Tercel. A 1998 Dodge Neon R/T Coupe. Just picked it up from the auction yesterday. I’m the 2nd owner, it has 68,000 miles, and I got it for $225. The only major problem is that something within the shifter is bad, so it won’t go into gear right now very easily. According to a Neon enthusiast on r/Cars, my linkage bushings are bad. I already ordered a set of new ones to see if that fixes it. Either way, I’m happy with it. I’ve always had a soft spot for this car. Plus, I want this one to stay on the road for as long as possible. Very few people took care of them back in the day.


Update: I fixed the Neon yesterday. The problem was indeed the bushings. The ones under the shifter had disintegrated. No wonder it wouldn’t go into gear. It now has polyeurethane ones. And it finally moves under its own power.


Been dealing with little things on the Neon. The immobilizer has given me some trouble, but it’s pretty easy to reset. I also had an issue of water soaking the passenger footwell. Turns out I just needed to clean the area under the wiper shroud. Did that 3 days ago. It’s been raining once a day all this week and the pooling hasn’t come back since.


I feel like this is going to be quite an active thread over time due to the Neon


Maybe. I just haven’t done much to the Camry since it’s currently my daily. But once I get the Neon tagged, I’ll be driving that so I can take the Camry off the road for a bit until the timing belt and steering rack are replaced.


Did some work on the Camry instead these past couple days. Cleaned it out a bit, changed the oil, bled the clutch and replaced the fluid.

Also built a cheap homemade battery tie down. Now it should finally pass the tech inspection at an autocross event or dragstrip.