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Skyline's Cars (2009 Mazdaspeed 3, 2013 Honda Accord, 2002 Subaru Outback)


An update on the Subaru: The shipping got delayed by about a week, so it just got here last Wednesday. Today was the first day I had to tinker with it. I went ahead and replaced the dead battery. The electronics all work, including the fuel pump and starter. And contrary to the auction report, it does run (and go into gear). But they were correct about it being a timing issue. My scanner read a misfire on cylinders 1, 3, and 5. The right cylinder bank. I was planning on having to go into the timing cover anyway, so it’s about what I expected. I’ll be ordering a new water pump and idler, as well as guides and tensioners. Because the water pump is in there, I’m gonna do a complete cooling system flush, and change the hoses and thermostat. The timing cover seal is leaky, so that will be redone. It also needs a new power steering hose and fresh fluid before I move it since I don’t feel like changing a pump.

The list of problems thus far:

Timing on bank 1 is out of sync

Timing cover leaks

The power steering system leaks

One of the keys is stuck in the ignition

The tires are mismatched (Big no on AWD cars) and one of them is flat


Finally had the time to get some clips of the Subaru.


Update on the Subaru. I’m finished disassembling the timing assembly. I’ve also set the parts cannon to full auto and am
replacing a bunch of stuff for the hell of it.

I ordered the following parts (In addition to all the timing components, water pump, and other cooling system parts):

Transmission filter/pan gasket

Trans cooler lines

Power steering pump (It was bad after all)

Power steering pressure hose (I’m gonna replace all the regular rubber hoses too)

Fuel filter

Air filter

Fresh timing cover bolts

A/C gaskets (I don’t really use air conditioning, but I decided to get some practice for fixing up more cars to sell by refurbishing the system in this car. The system was evacuated properly. I’m EPA Section 609 certified, meaning I’m legally allowed to service automotive A/C systems, which I have done, but not in a while beyond simple evacuation and recharging)

It’s also gonna get new inner and outer tie rods and 4 brand new tires within the next couple weeks. I’m leaning towards getting BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sports, but I’m not firm in my choice yet. I also plan on getting a set of Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3s for the Mazda within a few months. I also may or may not need rear CVs for the Subaru, but I’ll cross that bridge later. I’ll also be replacing the oil cooler lines and the washer fluid pump soon.


The new chain, guides, and tensioners are all in. I’m gonna finish cleaning the sludge off of the timing cover, then bolt it back together.

I could’ve done this in a couple days, but I did it while working 2 full time jobs and having to delay myself to grab parts. Plus I went overkill and decided to replace a bunch of stuff.


The Subaru is finally in driving condition. And I drove it for half of today and put about 50 miles on it. Handled its first day pretty well.

Brakes feel good (although I will be flushing out all the old fluid), trans feels good, engine doesn’t miss or hesitate at all anymore, although it did develop a lean code on bank 1. Also has an airbag light on. But I work as an auto mechanic, so I have access to one of the high end scan tools. I can use it to clear the airbag code and diagnose my lean code (probably a bad O2 sensor. It is on the same bank that was misfiring). I also have 2 or 3 more drain and fills to get all the old trans fluid out (I’ll be dropping the pan and changing the filter on the last one).

My main focus now is just fixing a bunch of little general maintenance items and knocking out the stuff I’ll need to pass state inspection. I think the only thing I’ll need for that is new tie rods (which I already ordered). Also got new rear sway bar links since the current ones are shot. I’ll also be stopping off at a junkyard tomorrow to grab a few things. I know I need a new trans dipstick (the old one was stuck in and had to be mangled to remove it), a new passenger mirror, new washer fluid pumps (both are busted),and I’ll grab a new roof rack bar since one of mine is bent pretty badly. Maybe a new grille for the passenger fog light too.

I also have a few little things to change, like the wiper blades, gauge cluster bulbs, and rear running and stop lights. I also like to replace my reverse light bulbs with LEDs to make for easier nighttime vision. Same thing with the dome light bulb.