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So... I oredered com-poo-tour parts


Yeah… I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m playing on a dinosaur, so I kinda had it with a Core 2 quad.
Just ordered

Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H
Intel® Core™ i5-8400 2.80
Crucial 8GB 2400MHz DDR4
Kingston SSDNow UV400 120GB
and a lot of other things to make them work together, which aren’t too important.
There’s a video card missing, and I’m planning to run my old GTX 660ti for the time being, just waiting on the bitcoin to crash, and probably getting a used one, thinking 1060.
Any thoughts on how to get a good video card, or if a used one is a viable option, since it mined for half a year or so…


I have an AMD Radeon 7700 series. It’s an older one, only 1 GB, but it handles this game easily.


I’m more of in a… let’s handle Forza Horizon etc etc kind of mindset at the moment…


I just got my new computer the other day with the 6gb 1060 and it will handle just about anything. That’s probably overkill for what you want, but the 3gb version is still more than enough to run Forza. Used cards are usually fine, but try to look for ones that can be returned or still have a warranty in case it has been overclocked/run into the ground.


I’d honestly not be too concerned about if any used card had been a mining or heavily overclocked, as modern cards have plenty of safety cut-offs built in. Usually if it was pushed too hard you’ll know. It’ll not like anything beyond stock clocks or show other signs of being unstable at stock settings.

Personally, I’d be just fine using an ex-mining card as long as it had the original Bios on it. That’s the one thing you should look for. Make sure any used card you plan to get has the Original Bios on it.

Especially if its an rx480/470. Don’t mess with any rx 480/470 that had an rx500 series bios flashed onto it or any other bios mods


So, that my computer illiterate (like, really, I know how to deal with software, I am clueless in hardware) brain can comprehend - I want one not overclocked and stock. Pretty much like I want my used car, untuned and as close to stock as possible.


You want one with a stock bios (much like a motherboard has a bios to hold the settings, a gpu has a bios that tells windows what it is and the clocks it can run)

You would be just fine getting any card even if it was “factory overclocked” (Example: EVGA GTX 970 SSC)
and let it run on the clocks it was shipped with. When I said stock clocks I really meant the clocks the card shipped with. That EVGA 970 SSC shipped with a 1190 Mhz base clock and 1342 Mhz boost clock. So it was designed to run at those clocks for its entire life.

An analogy comparing factory overclocked gpus to cars would be the sport trim of any car. It usually has better performance than the regular trim and was designed that way from the factory.


Allright… I’ll have to equip myself with a computer buddy of mine who’ll check the thing for me for a couple of beers and a pizza