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Some User Interface and Photo Mode suggestions


Hi, I will repost some UI suggestions that I and several other members mentioned in the Discord but drowned. Hopefully no one has already made this thread in the forum yet.

  • A button to Hide/Collapse the Fixtures toolbar. I know there is a ‘Hide all UI’ button in the designer, but sometimes I want to maximize my working field to finely place several small fixtures, not just for viewing the car.

  • A ‘Lock Camera Angle’ button in the car designer. (Unlikely to be useful since its usage is very specific but just putting it here)

  • More tips on how to read the graphs like the Power v Traction and Flow Bench tool. (A dedicated tutorial too, if necessary)

  • Manual fixture scale input.

  • Service costs and Reliability subcategory in the Detail stats menu. So far both values have been a guesswork on what works and what doesn’t.

  • A text prompt to input character badges instead of having to arrange them one by one (I know it’s a pain in the butt to implement, but just putting that here)

  • Adding the “<” and “>” button function as a tip in the loading screen.

  • Sandbox mode car labeling/tagging, or parent categories so that they can be sorted out easily.

  • Photo grids in Photo Mode. Dear gods, I didn’t realize how I have missed this feature until I took a photo in BeamNG.

  • Aspect ratio selection, so that for example a 4K pic can be taken at 4:3 or 1:1 right away without having to go to PS and manually crop the unneeded space.

  • A ‘Reset’ button in the Photo Mode. I always forget the default values for camera settings and filters, and can’t seem to find a way to reset them back without exiting the game first.

That’s everything for now, I think. Thank you for your attention.


A button to spawn a human sized mannequin to help figure out the size of the car would be a nice touch.

A button that create 3 view blueprint with stats as export instead a photo would be awesome for showing the cars in the interwebz.