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Spawning cars in Photomode (3 issues)


Issue 1
90% of the time, spawning extra cars into the scene works fine. They line up and you can move them about etc. (This probably only applies to Canyon map, since its the only map that you can “fly” on)
However, three or four times already only trying multi car scenes for like the 10th time I’ll spawn a car and it just wont be selectable. Usually you can fix this by “tabbing” with the tab key, but this doesn’t actually select the car still, it just goes around all the others you spawned. So great, I can’t move this car because I can’t select it and I can’t delete it either. So I delete the other cars that are spawned till i’m left with just this car that doesn’t work. I press tab to “forcefully” select it. I have selected the car, however I still cannot move it, obviously I cannot delete it because its the last car. Resetting the car position does nothing.
Teleporting to the car moves the camera a million miles into the air facing some random direction. Nice. Restarting photo mode gets you out of that.

Issue 2
(also canyon scene)
When you’ve finished taking pictures of your multi car photo scene and you go to change scenes, I’ve noticed that sometimes it will spawn the other cars miles in the air, while the car you selected while changing scenes is spawned correctly.

Issue 3
this isn’t such a big issue, but when placing cars (quite a few like 5-30+) i’ve had the game just freeze on me. I would be trying to select a car to spawn, or in the process of spawning it. It isn’t my computer being bad / slow, Its not, ive had 45fps and its frozen. What Task Manager says is that Automation has no GPU usage, but its still running and using CPU and RAM as it would normally. I can’t tab back to the game, the only option is to kill it in task manager, bit anoyying, only happened twice for seemingly no reason. First time was with 30+ cars and i was running at about 15fps which was fine, second time was spawning a 7th car and it crashes.

Would be awesome if these were all addressed :smile:


There’s something weird going on with selecting cars in photo mode after the latest update.

I can click where indicated in the picture and the second car from the left gets selected. If I try to select that car it sometimes selects it and sometimes the rightmost car. Like there’s a very large offset where cars can be selected and when there are several cars close to each other, clicking on one may or may not select a completely different one from close by.


Understood, but tabbing skips to all cars automatically so you dont have to click it. I couldn’t get to the car anyway because it was missing it out. But thanks for the tips :slight_smile: Weird how some people dont have issues.


How was that a tip, I just added my own problem with the photo scene to the list :smiley:


Well maybe I had the same problem, but didn’t realise :wink:


We’ll be looking into that :slight_smile: noticed it myself, gets real wonky selecting and placing cars.