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Specific Marketing Campaign Boost Idea


Do I recall that marketing campaigns will play a part in the final game?

If so, I was watching one of Killrob’s videos where he is explaining the n-dimensional Pythagoras method of calculating the engineering time.

It got me to thinking - a marketing boost could work the same way. Because a marketing campaign is about highlighting all the strengths and not the weaknesses, if the game were to compare the stats between your car and the best competitor in that stat it might work in the following way.

Any category in which your competitor outperforms you, you leave off the ad; so the negative measurement is limited to zero.

However, let’s say the only two things your car is better at than a competitor is 0-60 time and fuel economy and the competitor trounces you in every other category, you could still plaster those figures over your ad campaign and win over a few buyers who care about those things.

If it was only one thing your car does better, let’s say just the 0-60, at least you have something to base the campaign on and leave a snappy impression.

Using Pythagoras would give diminishing returns that wouldn’t explode the number absolutely if your car is better all-round, but also it would reward one thing being a LOT better and other things being average or even worse than the competitor - just like a good old sneaky ad campaign in real life.

But specialising too hard in one attribute would leave you comparatively open to another competing car taking your 0-60 crown and stealing your hard-earned buyers.

In fact if you imagine one car which is an all-rounder, the ad campaign will be more resilient because even when a competitor exceeds one of those categories, it makes very little difference to the overall advertising boost score. What you would be terrified of is another very slightly better or otherwise closely matched all-rounder coming along and eating into your orthogonal magnitudes. That would be the way to do it!

The upshot would be that the marketing boost system would reward cars with more extrene but variable stats for shorter production runs, but would reward all-rounders for cars that will have a longer life cycle. This could be an interesting dynamic I think.

Come to think of it, something like this with a degree of randomisation might be a good way to model which cars certain customers buy, but that would certainly be a different subject for a different day!



The way it will be implemented is a lot simpler than this, to cut down complexity while not cutting down gameplay too much. Marketing will be on a sub-brand level only (if you only have one company then that is your sub-brand too). What you are targeting is car stats, for instance saying how sporty your cars are. The effect of that is to give you increased awareness in all demographics that value sportiness, weighed by how much they value sportiness.

This system has more or less the same effect as many more complex solutions, but is very easy to grasp and manage for the player, and basically cuts micro-management to an absolute minimum.

You’d be able to run campaigns in many countries at the same time, and several stats targeted at the same time (for more costs).


Great! Sounds like an interesting system, I can’t wait to see how it works :slight_smile:


I like how many complex aspects are made simple in Automation while still being realistic enough and not crude :slight_smile:


“Your cars have no interior, are extraordinarily unsafe, not particularly clean or efficient, fall apart when you look at them funny and are gratuitously impractical!” -Public
“We have super sporty cars though.” -Ad Campaign

And that’s (hopefully) going to be my saving grace in the campaign.


Lotus? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lotuses (Loti?) are at least put together well, and I assume have some modicum of safety.

I’m thinking more of a Lancia-vibe here: It’ll probably break down as soon as you leave the dealership, and the chassis will fold up if you so much as look at an accident, but it’ll be fairly quick until then!