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Speed Limiter Bug


It seems like it is possible to gain the abilty to limit you speed in the gearbox tab when mechanical Fuel Injection is selected.

I am not quite sure if this is a feature or a bug


Isn’t that what it always does? Limited speed means lower tyre level, high gearing means low cruising RPM.


I think the question is more along the lines of “there’s no computer, shouldn’t this be impossible?”.


Why not? There were cars with cruise control appearing around the early 1960s, why should a hard speed limiter using the same tech not be possible.


Mechanical fuel injectors are used in race cars with computers, I don’t think mechanical fuel injection should invalidate it.


Were those systems tied to fuel delivery? And if you use that angle, why have speed limit only available with injection, as opposed to simply unlocking by year? I’m not saying I’m right and you’re wrong, it’s just my interpretation of the O.P.


I guess so. Modern Cruise Control and Speed limiters are integrated into the Engine management system, but since these old (usually american) engines had mechanical fuel delivery the cruise control ran off the speedometer and adjusted throttle as needed using electric motors or vacuum. And I too don’t know why this is always coupled to fuel injection.


Most mechanical fuel injectors didnt ran on Vaccum tubes and pressure changes.
Even a lot of cars with SPI or MPI in the 80’s and 90’s didnt had any computer system in their cars.

Also Cruise control is something diffrent from Speed limiting.

You can build a cruise control by just keeping the throttle in place.


Indeed it does seem a little odd to have a speed limiter with MFI, we’ll discuss it in the office and fix it if need be. :slight_smile: